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Kandypens is back at their magic yet again, and this time they’ve delivered something truly special. The Rubi is basically an alternative to the Juul that gives you a lot more freedom. The size and shape of the Rubi are almost identical to those of the Juul, and they’re not very different in terms of functionality either. They’re both small, pod-based, draw-activated vaporizers. That’s right, just like the Juul, the Rubi doesn’t have any buttons to mess with. You just fill it up and draw. It doesn’t get much easier. The best thing about the Rubi is its open-system pod design. You can use any e-liquid with the Rubi’s pod, unlike the Juul’s proprietary pods.

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The Rubi is here to give you the portability that you want and the options that you love. Like all Kandypens products, the Rubi performs like a champ, and it looks great while doing so. Its curved edges actually make it a lot more pleasant to hold than the Juul, and it even (debatably) manages to look a lot better.

In the box:

  • Kandypens Rubi Vaporizer
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • Refillable 1ml Pod Cartridge

Additional Information

  • Warranty:

    Lifetime warranty

  • Display:


  • Heating Time:


  • Temperature control:


  • Temperature range:


  • Charge Time:

    1 hour 20 minutes

  • Automatic Shut-off:


  • Dimensions:

    4 x .7 x .3 in. / 10 x 17 x 8.5 cm.

  • Chamber:

    Pod with OCELL ceramic coils

  • Weight:

    .3 pounds / 163 grams

  • Bluetooth:



  • Can you use the Rubi with concentrates?

    Yes, but the concentrates need to be very thin. If you’re having trouble with your concentrates, use some wax liquidizer to change the consistency.

  • How do you turn the Kandypens Rubi on?

    The Rubi is on when you’re using it, and it turns off when you’re not. The 8-second shut-off function does a great job preserving your battery life, and it seamlessly starts working again as soon as you take a draw.

  • Can you use the Rubi with Nic Salt?

    Of course! In fact, we highly recommend using nicotine salt e-liquids if you want your Rubi’s vapor to be as potent as that of the Juul’s.

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