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Why Vaporizing is Better for your Health


Everybody knows how harmful smoking cigarettes is for the body. Frankly, burning anything and inhaling it is going to introduce many harmful carcinogens, free radicals, and soot into the lungs. Over time these compounds build up in the body and ultimately cause irreversible damage. But just because cigarettes get a bad reputation doesn’t mean that smoking marijuana is off the hook.  In case you didn’t know, joints can burn at over 2200 degrees Fahrenheit!

In fact, according to the Weed Blog, more than 80% of the smoke coming from a joint or bong hit contains no cannabinoid elements.

So, most of what you’re smoking isn’t getting you high, it’s only hurting your lungs! The risks associated with long-term smoking are clear and proven to include various forms of cancer, stoke, heart disease, and more. So, if you want to live a healthy, long life then smoking should not be a constant habit.

However, vaporizers emit smoke that is 95% smoke and carcinogen free and has become the staple choice for enthusiasts who wish to protect their health in the long run.

The main reason that vaping marijuana is healthier for the body is because vaporizers operate at a lower temperature (approximately 338 degrees Fahrenheit/170 degrees Celcius) than the marijuana plant begins to combust (approximately 392 degrees Fahrenheit/200 degrees Celcius). So, instead of combusting the entire plant, vaporizers simply heat the plant enough to extract the psychoactive components. What you end up with is a smooth vapor that doesn’t cause any significant strain on your respiratory system.

With vaporizing, all you’re getting with each hit is the full flavor and purity of the marijuana plant. You’ll avoid the harmful respiratory toxins, avoid staining your teeth from plumes of smoke, decrease the smell that sticks to your clothes, and enjoy a much smoother experience every time.

But the benefits aren’t only for you – vaping is safer for everyone around you as well. Second-hand smoke is also extremely harmful to people and can lead to many of the same diseases that personal smoking causes. Some studies have even shown that second-hand smoking can be more harmful, so it’s best to ere on the safe side.

Another benefit of vaporizers is that you can specifically control the temperature of your device and limit the amount of vapor that gets released with each hit. This makes it much easier to take smaller hits and you may be surprised to find that even a small hit of a vaporizer can have the same effect as a bong hit.

Traditional smoking has been causing major health issues for people around the world for decades. It’s clear that we’ve been in need of a change for quite some time and the vaporizer market is providing the answer. So why not do your lungs and your body a favor and stop inhaling those toxic carcinogens?

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    Great article. I agree that vaping is the answer.

    February 20, 2018

      Definitely the answer to every user who wants to keep his health 🙌

      June 21, 2018

        It is always a pleasure to help with relevant information 🙏

        June 21, 2018

    if you consume cannabis often and want to continue to, you definitely need to make the switch. not only saving your health but also your money.

    July 24, 2018

    live love vape, my friends

    July 26, 2018

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