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Top 10 Best Desktop Herb Vaporizers of 2021

Picking the Best Desktop Vaporizer for you. Though many companies have focused on portable vaporizer tech recently, it’s hard to replace a full plug-in desktop unit. At-home smokers with no concern about discretion or portability will find that desktop units far outperform portables at the same price bracket. Of course that comes at the cost of convenience – but you knew that already.

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Best balloon vaporizer

Storz & Bickel: Volcano

  • Powerful

  • Reliable

  • Terrific quality

9.8Overall Best
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Best balloon vaporizer

  • Full temperature control
  • Great balloon system
  • Outstanding durability
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NewVape: FlowerPot with Showerhead

  • Amazing Flavor

  • Herb & wax hits at same time

  • Extremely powerful

9.6Heaviest hitter

Heaviest hitting desktop vaporizer

  • Unique design
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Insanely hard hits
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Arizer: Extreme Q

  • Reliable

  • Versatile

  • Remote control

9.4Best Value Vaporizer

Best Value Desktop Vaporizer

  • Variable fan speed
  • Full temperature control
  • Inexpensive
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The Herbalizer

  • Intuitive design

  • Amazing performance

  • Great function

9.1Best multi-function vaporizer

Best multi-function vaporizer

  • Extremely fast heat-up time
  • Incredible flavor
  • Versatile (whip, bubbler, direct draw, balloons)
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Storz & Bickel: Plenty

  • Durable

  • Huge filling chamber

  • Extremely Powerful

8.7Most compact

Most compact desktop vaporizer

  • Smooth vapor
  • Good with concentrates
  • Great for sharing
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VapeXhale: Cloud Evo

  • Powerful heater

  • Huge hits

  • Durable


Fast extracting desktop vaporizer

  • Fun to use
  • Good with concentrates
  • Great for sharing
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Eds TnT: Woodscents

  • Beautiful design

  • Extremely efficient

  • 2 vaporizers for 1!


Best log vaporizer

  • Powerful hits
  • Modular and versatile stems
  • Good bang for buck
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Vapir Rise 2.0

  • Build quality

  • Multiple whips

  • Competitive price

8.6Best Group Vaporizer

Best Group Vaporizer

  • Variable fan speed
  • Large chamber
  • Smooth vapor
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7th Floor: Silver Surfer

  • Great design

  • Terrific flavor

  • Hand-blown glass

8.5Very Good

Good value desktop vaporizer

  • Powerful hits
  • Reliable construction
  • Strong convection heater
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Sticky Brick Labs

  • Handmade

  • Heavy hitter

  • Fantastic flavor

8.5Hydrobrick Maxx

Most powerful desktop butane vaporizer

  • Gorgeous design
  • No batteries
  • Fast extraction
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With desktops the sky is the limit! Keep in mind the amount of desk or table space your vape will be occupying, as well as cost and if you like to use a bubbler. Some desktops allow you to use a whip or balloons, while some only allow for direct draw, while some use tiny amount of herb and others use over a gram per session! Weigh in your priorities when choosing. Here’s our list of the 10 best desktop vaporizers to help you with finding the perfect one for you!

What is a Vaporizer and Why You Should Start!

The difference between smoking and vaporizing is quite significant. A vaporizer will bring the temperature of your herbs to right below the point of combustion, but won’t burn the material. This provides a bunch of benefits in comparison to standard smoking in a number of ways.

By vaporizing, you avoid the vast majority of harmful carcinogens such as benzene which is released by burning. By vaporizing you’re saving your lungs from a handful of toxic chemicals. If you have particularly sensitive lungs and cough after each toke, a vaporizer might help you out a ton!

Not only is vaporizing safer for your lungs, it’s also safer for your wallet! In the long run, you’ll save much more money as vaporizing a much more efficient. While smoking, the high heat from burning destroys THC – the active part of herb that gets you to feel high. You’ll end up using less bud over time with a vaporizer, offsetting the initial cost of investment in no time!

Storz & Bickel: Volcano – Best balloon vaporizer


Volcano Classic by Storz & Bickel

Over the years, the Volcano has developed a cult following and for a good reason. Perhaps the most iconic vape of all time, it comes in two formats – the Volcano Classic and the Volcano Digit. Not much separates the two aside from precise temperature control, aesthetic, and price. Easy to use while delivering concrete results, there’s a good reason it’s such a well-known unit.

The Volcano excels at group sessions and for medical patients with the large chamber and easy to operate balloon system. Delivering top of the line vapor quality that’s silky smooth, not many can match the Volcano. Not to mention unreal reliability, Storz & Bickel has thorough quality control checks and it’s not uncommon to hear of Volcanoes lasting for over 10 years!

Not to mention a solid warranty coming from an overall terrific company with a rock solid reputation. If you have the cash and want to splurge on one of the best vaporizers around, the Volcano might be your best choice.

Do get the Volcano if: You want the cream of the crop for balloon vaporizers.

Don’t get the Volcano if: You’re on a budget or want to use a whip/direct draw/bubbler.

NewVape: FlowerPot with Showerhead  – Heaviest hitter


FlowerPot with Showerhead box

As the new kid on the block with a lot of stiff competition out there, NewVape had their work cut out for them. Being able to take flower hits at the same time as a dab was unheard of until recently, and the FlowerPot certainly does it with style. If you’re someone who loves to use concentrates and dry herb, there is no better vaporizer on the market for both purposes.

The FlowerPot also has terrific flavor and of course the hits are silky smooth through a bubbler. The extremely powerful heater makes quick work of any material, allowing you to clean an entire load in no time at all. Not to mention a fascinating build quality and aesthetic, it’s a pretty charming piece!

On the other hand it’s expensive and not the easiest to use. This is designed for the serious enthusiasts or those who want the best of the best. If you have a high tolerance and want those knockout hits, it’ll definitely do that! Keep in mind this is exclusively for use with a bubbler so you can use your own piece or the included one.

Do get the FlowerPot if: You want the heaviest hitter for flower and wax imaginable.

Don’t get the Flowerpot if: You’re on a budget or beginner user.

Arizer: Extreme Q – Best Value Vaporizer


Extreme Q by Arizer

A vaporizer by the well-respected Canadian manufacturer Arizer, the Extreme Q is a large part of their strong reputation, also for good reason. It offers features from more expensive units at a fraction of the cost while not sacrificing much in terms of build or vapor quality.

With the ability to use it with a whip, balloons, direct-draw or water bubbler, the EQ really gives you the best of all worlds while not being mediocre in any aspect. For those who like to customize and modify, there DDave Arizer EQ mod set also exists to take it to the next level.

Though it’s not the prettiest unit around, you definitely won’t care once you take a few hits from it and melt into the couch. For those who don’t need balloon or remote control functionality and want to save a little more, the Arizer V Tower offers a very similar experience to the Extreme Q, just with a smaller price tag.

Do get the Arizer EQ if: You want versatility and performance at a low cost

Don’t get the Arizer EQ if: You want an aesthetic centerpiece for your table.

The Herbalizer – Best multi-function vaporizer


Herbalizer Vaporizer

Sure, it was designed by ex-NASA engineers – but is it any good? Of course it is if it’s on this list, but what makes it so? To start, it has plenty of versatility to change up the experience. While the Arizer EQ has the same in terms of versatility, the Herbalizer just does it all better.

Faster heat-up time, better temperature control, nice design, simple to use, amazing flavor, and so forth! It’s like someone took the Arizer EQ but sent it to space for some serious overhauls. Evidently, all that engineering and effort costs money, and the Herbalizer is among the most expensive units out there.

NOTE: Unfortunately, Herbalizer as a company has shut its doors and no longer produces them, so act fast if you’re looking to buy one!

Do get the Herbalizer if: You want the best of the best multi-function vaporizer for whip, direct draw and bags.

Don’t get the Herbalizer if: Budget is a concern

Storz & Bickel: Plenty – Most compact


Plenty by Storz & Bickel

Another top notch vaporizer by the German giants Storz & Bickel, the Plenty is a bit different than the rest in a variety of ways. Not only does it look something like an industrial mosquito fogger, but it could probably knock out an elephant too. The party sized filling chamber can fill about 1.5 grams worth of herb, which is far more than most units on the market.

That basically means it’s ready for large groups in a single fill, and a second one will certainly knock someone out. On the other hand, it’s not exactly ideal for personal sessions unless you use an optional chamber reducer, unless you have a really high tolerance.

Do get the Plenty if: You want huge & heavy hits or for group sessions in a compact package.

Don’t get the Plenty if: You care about aesthetics or require easy maintenance.

VapeXhale: Cloud Evo



Built in America, the Cloud Evo is a powerful unit with a name that fits it well. With a powerful convection heater, durable design and proven track record, it’s every bit as good as the price suggests. The bubblers are all top notch and absolutely gorgeous pieces! Definitely a pleasure to use and will leave any guests blown away.

Though there’s no precise temperature control, the dial works very well at setting your ideal heat setting once you get over the initial learning curve. Beyond that, it’s extremely straightforward and a good choice for a beginner who wants top shelf vapor quality and is willing to splurge a bit on a piece that’ll be their main workhorse.

Do get the Cloud Evo if: You have extended outings or group sessions, and want terrific vapor quality in a small package.

Don’t get the Cloud Evo if: You’re on a budget or don’t have much desk space.

Eds TnT: Woodscents – Best log vaporizer


One of many log vaporizers around, the Woodscents is the best of the bunch. Available in a selection of domestic and exotic woods, you’ll find something to tickle your fancies for sure. Being quite compact, it’s good for the frequent traveller who wants a good desktop setup as well. The all glass vapor-path gives incredible flavor while fully extracting small loads in just a few draws.

The included accessories are also unbelievable and will leave you more than satisfied. You practically get a custom wood-matched Dynavap Vapcap Ti with any Woodscents purchase, which is a hundred dollars on its own.

Not to mention that each Woodscents is handmade by an enthusiast like me and you, it really makes the entire experience a treat in itself. Amazing customer service, a homegrown reputation, and terrific product all make it the best log vaporizer around.

Do get the Woodscents if: Efficiency, aesthetic and flavor are priorities for you.

Don’t get the Woodscents if: You have frequent group sessions or are on a tight budget.

Vapir Rise 2.0 – Best Group Vaporizer


Rise by Vapir

While balloon vaporizers are commonly used for large group sessions, the Vapir Rise 2.0 switches it up and allows you to connect up to 4 whips at the same time, allowing for the most seamless group vaporizer experience possible. Not only is this the first vaporizer to even do this, it works quite well too thanks to the relatively large chamber.

While it works well with small loads, it performs much better when the chamber is nearly fully filled. The full temperature control and variable fan speed let you finely tune the experience to however you like most. It’s quite simple to use, making it a good candidate for medical patients or those with mobility issues.

Do get the Vapir Rise if: You have group sessions frequently or don’t like whips/balloons.

Don’t get the Vapir Rise if: You’re mostly a solo user.

7th Floor: Silver Surfer


Silver Surfer by 7th Floor

While not quite as feature-rich as its bigger brother – the 7th Floor Super Surfer, the Silver Surfer is still a beast on its own. Handmade out of Colorado, each unit is unique and both feels & looks stunning. With the ability to also be used as an e-nail alongside normal herb vaporizer function, you get a solid 2-in-1 at a good price.

The all-glass vapor path when used with a wand gives an extremely pure and tasty flavor while being silky smooth to the lungs. We’ve seen many reports of some peoples units lasting years and years of hard use without even breaking a sweat. There’s a lot to love about the Silver Surfer, giving it a spot on our list!

Do get the Silver Surfer if: You want a 3-in-1 to replace all your current devices!

Don’t get the Silver Surfer if: You want top notch performance in each category.

Sticky Brick Labs – Hydrobrick Maxx


Sticky Brick Labs

One of the most unique vaporizers around, the Sticky Brick lineup are a set of butane torch powered units unlike any other. Not geared for beginners, the Sticky Bricks all have a draw and heating technique that needs practice in order to get the best results. Once you nail the technique though, not much else compares!

Able to vaporize an entire chamber in one to two big hits, it’s a heavy hitter that only few others can match. With the Hydrobrick Maxx, you get a few more features than the average brick. With the ability to use most bubblers, a whip or direct-draw mouthpiece, you get a healthy amount of versatility.

Using it is akin to driving a manual compared to an automatic car – your draw and heating technique makes a big difference, but it’s incredibly satisfying when you do it right! Not to mention each one is beautifully handcrafted with quality woods, making it a nice centerpiece or addition to your table. Definitely a worthwhile unit to get.

Do get the Hydrobrick Maxx if: You want an entry-level, pocket friendly vaporizer with great performance.

Don’t get the Hydrobrick Maxx if: Relatively short battery life is a concern.

Benefits of a Desktop Vape

  • Smoke without stress: Desktop Vapes are made so that you can vape in a comfortable environment solo or with friends. Due to their size, desktop vapes are made for in home use. There’s no need to find a good place to vape because it’s your space!
  • Powerful Hits: Unlike a portable vape, desktop vapes need to be plugged in to work. Battery powered vapes are often times not as powerful, because of the electric current 
  • Vape with friends: Unlike pen or portable vapes, desktop vapes are easier to share with friends. This is a social experience, a memory, an activity. This form of vaping brings people together that you can’t get with other devices. 
  • High quality devices: The craftsmanship in a desktop vape is dissimilar to any other vape you will encounter. There are no limitations on battery and has a significantly more even heating regulation, this creates a better quality vape. 

Elevated Party Games:

Tired of parties having the same old drinking games? We have found some exciting new vape games to play with a big group of people. 

  • Ganja Jenga: This game is great for a big group of people who are up for a little spontaneity! Before you play write challenges on each jenga block, they can be anything you like, but here are some examples:
    – Take two big hits
    – Puff puff pass to someone you have a crush on
    – Try to make the biggest cloud you can 
  • Bong Pong: This game is similar to beer pong. Set up a table of your favorite beverage (alcoholic or not)! If you make your shot the opposing team has to take a rip from your desktop vape. If you prefer to change the rules you can also have it so that if you make your shot you can take a hit from your vape as an alternative. 
  • Fruit Pipes: This game doesn’t require a desktop vape but is still a great time at a party! Everyone is broken up into teams of 2-3 people, then your team is given a fruit in which they must create a functioning pipe in a certain amount of time. Winner gets use the pipe the rest of the party! All you need is:
    – Fruits (pears, carrots, lemons, or apples will do)
    – Pens or knives (to carve your pipe)
    – Aluminum foil 
  • Medusa: This is a good game for a more lowkey party vibe. Have everyone sit in a circle centered around your desktop vape. Everyone will have their heads down and on the count of three everyone looks up and stares at another player. Whoever is staring at each other must scream “MEDUSA” before the other player to stay in the game, if you don’t scream “MEDUSA” you have to take a hit from the vape and are out of the game. 

Desktop Vaporizer Terminology

There’s plenty of slang and lingo when it comes to vaporizers that may leave you confused at first. Compiled below is some common terminology used to describe vaporizers.

  • Session vaporizer – Typically has a timer between 5-10 minutes. The oven is constantly heated throughout the session. Less efficient than on-demand. Similar to smoking a joint.
  • On-demand vaporizer – Very fast heat up times, perfect for taking one or two hits and then putting it down. The most efficient. Similar to a pipe or bong.
  • WPA – Water pipe adapter. Necessary for most vaporizers for compatibility with glass pieces and bongs. Different sizes are available.
  • Conduction heating – Applies heat to the herb through conductive heat. The herb is in direct contact with a heating element – often ceramic or stainless steel.
  • Convection heating – Applies heat to the herb via convection. The herb gets heated by air that passes through the herb. Much more efficient and flavorful than conduction. Typically seen on mostly high-end vaporizers.
  • Hybrid heating – A blend between both conduction and convection heating styles. Seen on mid-high end units. Has benefits from both types of heating.
  • Whip – A hose that is used as the mouthpiece and vapor path instead of conventional options. Typically seen on hookah setups.
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    some of these vapes look like they came from outer space, lol

    August 9, 2018

    the volcano will always be a classic XD

    August 25, 2018

    lots of super helpful information, pretty awesome stuff

    September 10, 2018

    is the 7th floor elev8r any good? Been eyeing it for a bit I’m stuck between that and the Sticky Brick.

    September 10, 2018

    I recently moved to California and am looking for a desktop vape that I can use in a group setting and by myself. Is there a vape that is good for both?

    June 20, 2019
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