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Top 10 Best Portable Vaporizers

In 2020, there are now many great dry herb vaporizers for sale on the market today. Picking the best one for you can be a struggle, as there may be many that meet the same criteria you’re after. It’s a good idea to make a small chart on the priorities you have. Do you value portability more, or are you looking to get the heaviest hits possible? Check out our comprehensive list below to see some of the best dry herb vaporizers of 2020!

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Overall best portable


  • Full convection

  • Cool vapor with great flavor

  • Great with concentrates

9.7Overall Best
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Overall best portable vaporizer

  • Changeable battery
  • Space age design
  • Bluetooth app
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Storz & Bickel: Mighty

  • Powerful

  • Reliable

  • Great flavor


Most powerful portable vaporizer

  • Smooth vapor
  • Dosing capsule compatibility
  • Easy to use and share
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Firefly 2

  • Amazing flavor

  • On-demand sessions

  • Convection Heater


Best vapor quality portable vaporizer

  • 5 second heat-up
  • Incredible vapor quality
  • Silky smooth hits
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DaVinci: IQ

  • Compact

  • Bluetooth app

  • Flavor Chamber


Smartest Vaporizer

  • Smart-path heating settings
  • Large chamber
  • Large cloud production
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Pax Labs: Pax 3

  • Bluetooth app

  • Tiny

  • Battery life

9.0Most discreet

Most discreet

  • Large chamber
  • Easy to use
  • Attractive design
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Haze Square Pro

  • Quad-chamber design

  • Fast heat-up

  • Compact

9.0Most innovative

Most innovative   

  • Great for group sessions
  • Powerful convection heater
  • Great with concentrates
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Save 15%


The Grasshopper

  • Looks like a pen

  • Fast heat-up

  • Powerful

8.9Best Pen

Best Pen Vaporizer

  • Changeable batteries
  • Great flavor
  • 14mm water pipe compatible
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Tubo: Evic

  • Highly customizable

  • Handmade

  • Incredibly Powerful

8.6Heaviest hitter

Heaviest hitter  

  • Powerful convection heater
  • Handmade design
  • Fully customizable
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Dynavap: Vapcap M

  • Build quality

  • Ultraportable

  • Inexpensive

8.3Best Butane

Best Butane Vaporizer

  • Fun to use
  • Heavy hits
  • Efficient
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Grizzly: Guru

  • Swappable pods

  • Intuitive design

  • Best multi-purpose

8.2Best 3-in-1

Best 3-in-1: Hash Oil, Concentrates, Dry Herb.     

  • Large battery
  • Fully temperature control
  • Sturdy consctruction
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Healthy Rips: Fury 2

  • Ultraportable

  • Efficient

  • Inexpensive

8.0Best Budget

Best Budget Portable Vaporizer         

  • Powerful hybrid heater
  • Dosing capsule compatible
  • Full temperature control
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Here at Get-Vape we rank vaporizers by comparing each one to the competition in a variety of categories. We take an in-depth look of the vapor quality, battery life, portability, ease of use, build quality and so forth. Points are added or deducted based on other factors like price-point, innovative features, and how it stacks up to the competition. Each vaporizer is used and tried over multiple sessions, to really get a deeper understanding of how they operate, so we can give you the best advice possible. It’s not exactly feasible for most people to try every vaporizer on the market, so we do all the heavy lifting for you!

Picking the best one for you can be a struggle, as there may be many that meet the same criteria you’re after. It’s a good idea to make a small chart with the priorities you have. Do you value portability more, or are you looking to get the heaviest hits possible? If you’re someone who is out and about more often, going for walks or hikes, festivals or clubs, or anything else, it’s best to go after an ultraportable dry herb vaporizer. If you’re primarily an at-home consumer or with small friend groups, a larger session-friendly vaporizer may be the right choice instead.

Ghost MV1 – Most powerful portable vaporizer

The Ghost MV1 is a relatively new device, and the first device made by Ghost Vapes. It has a unique yet attractive design housing some fascinating technology. Though it’s larger than most portable units, it’s best used a household portable or for stowing away into a bag or protective pouch when on the go.

The powerful convection heating system delivers mind-blowing hits while the very elaborate and effective cooling system smooth’s the vapor out perfectly allowing for little lung irritation. The strong battery life lets you get nearly a dozen chambers out before needing to be charged up again, and is swappable if you’re willing to splurge on a second battery.

The MV1 also works very well with concentrates, and the crucibles can be swapped out in a pinch if you pick up some spares and pre-load them before going out. The smartphone app allows for plenty of versatility in terms of temperature settings and so forth, allowing you to dial in your ideal experience.

Do get the Ghost MV1 if: You want the best possible vapor quality out of a portable unit.

Don’t get the Ghost MV1 if: You are looking for a pocket-friendly, stealthy device.

Storz & Bickel: Mighty – Overall best


Mighty by Storz & Bickel

No top 10 is complete without mentioning The Mighty – a powerful dry herb vaporizer with a big following for good reason! Though it’s larger than average, it more than makes up for it in terms of vapor quality and ease of use. One of the best of all time, there’s no mistake to be made with buying the Mighty.

The powerful hybrid heating system delivers heavy hits while the intricate cooling unit smooth’s it out to allow for silky smooth vapor. The strong battery life lets you get nearly a dozen sessions out before needing to top up, while the durable design ensures you won’t be left with a dead unit anytime soon, even if dropped.

The Mighty is also compatible with dosing capsules and concentrates, and third party WPA’s do exist. You get a lot of versatility with guaranteed results with the Mighty. It uses an efficient, hybrid heating system for a session-style experience.

Do get the Mighty if: You want powerful, consistent results in an easy to use package with a proven track record.

Don’t get the Mighty if: You are looking for an ultra-portable, stealthy vaporizer.


Firefly 2 – Best vapor quality


FireFly 2 Black Wood Metallic

The Firefly 2 is a very unique vaporizer. It needs a certain draw technique in order to get the best results and it’s not the best ultraportable, however the flavor and vapor quality is next to none, and it’s really best suited for the cannasseurs. If you like to have a nice sit down and really focus on the flavor of the specific strain, the Firefly 2 is practically unmatched.

The Firefly 2 has a powerful convection heater which heats up within seconds. The all-glass vapor path cools down the hit perfectly, making it feel as though you’re inhaling nothing at all. The swappable battery lets you change within seconds using the included spare battery, ensuring you’re not left to dry when out and about.

It’s also compatible with concentrates however is not compatible with a water pipe. The Firefly 2 does have a notable learning curve, and will definitely take some time to master the draw packing technique. If you can look beyond that, it’s one of the best dry herb vaporizers made so far.

Do get the Firefly 2 if: You want the tastiest, smoothest vapor possible and great use with concentrates.

Don’t get the Firefly 2 if: You share with groups or value ease of use.

DaVinci: IQ – Smartest Vaporizer


IQ Dark Gray Metallic by DaVinci

Another unique and intuitive vaporizer, the Davinci IQ brings a lot to the table. In such a compact package you get great vapor quality and plenty of neat tech features to give you a great experience. To top it off, there’s a ‘flavor chamber’ built in that you can load up with other botanicals to really add to the experience.

With swappable 18650 batteries, you’ll always be full of juice if you carry just a couple of spares. The clever LED display and heating profiles allow you to dial in the perfect experience, while the impressive vapor path leaves you with a surprisingly smooth vapor from something remarkably small.

The IQ uses a conduction oven in a session style, and also has a built-in 10mm WPA with okay performance with concentrates. The large bowl helps deliver heavy, powerful hits and the integrated ‘Smart Paths’ are terrific! After the short learning curve, using the IQ is like second nature, and it’s ideal for beginners.

Do get the DaVinci IQ if: You want an ultraportable, unique vaporizer with great performance.

Don’t get the DaVinci IQ if: You want the best efficiency and heaviest hits possible.

Pax Labs: Pax 3 – Most discreet


PAX 3 Black Metallic

The widely successful Pax is a great discreet vaporizer. Dubbed the ‘iPhone of vapes’, the Pax has excellent form and function. Though it does sacrifice some vapor quality in the quest for being tiny, there are few that can match the size and style.

To add to that, it also has a Bluetooth app and an astonishing 3500mAh battery life which will leave everyone impressed. The petite size is among the smallest units ever made, making it the perfect as an everyday carry. Not to mention a chamber that can fit enough herb for group sessions 2-3 people.

The Pax 3 uses a conduction oven in a session style, though the relatively large chamber helps produce strong effects and decent clouds. The Pax 3 does emit a considerable amount of odor while in use though, so keep that in mind if you’re trying to be discreet.

Do get the Pax 3 if: You want a stylish, ultraportable vaporizer with terrific battery life.

Don’t get the Pax 3 if: You want above average vapor quality or use with a water pipe.

Haze: Square Pro


Haze Square Pro Vaporizer

The wildly innovative Haze Square has a few key features that make it so incredible. With fast, on-demand convection vapor and four chambers you can pre-load, the Square is the adventurers dream. You can have four fresh sessions ready to go without the need to repack, making it great for group outings or extended trips.

The Haze Square uses an on-demand, powerful convection heater for that delivers near instant vapor. The bowls are quite large and help to deliver large, powerful hits which also work well in group settings. Of course, the 4 chambers is the main selling point of the device, making it perfect for extended outings where reloading isn’t an optimal situation.

Additional bowls can be pre-loaded for swapping on the go, but reassembly of the device is quite challenging to do discreetly and quickly. There’s a bit of a learning curve to using the unit, so keep that in mind if you want a unit that prioritizes ease of use.

Do get the Haze Square if: You have extended outing or group sessions, and want terrific vapor quality in a small package.

Don’t get the Haze Square if you want simplicity and easy cleaning.

Grasshopper Labs: The Grasshopper


The Grasshopper Vaporizer

Though the company has faced great adversity with reliability and customer service, the Grasshopper is a truly remarkable device. With an extremely powerful on-demand, convection heater, the hopper is capable of putting out massive hits in a tiny package. To add to that, it looks practically identical to a normal pen, making it hands down the most discreet vaporizer on the market.

The Grasshopper uses an extremely powerful convection heater allowing for large, lung busting rips, especially with a water piece. The default tip works as a native 14mm WPA. The Grasshopper performs okay with concentrates, though it’s recommended to use degummed hemp fiber or to ‘sandwich’ your wax in between layers of herb.

Do get the Grasshopper if: You want the stealthiest vaporizer around with huge, powerful hits! A water pipe is incredible with the Grasshopper.

Don’t get the Grasshopper if: You worry about reliability or have sensitive lungs! The vapor is hot!

Tubo: Evic


Tubo: Evic

Though relatively unknown, the Tubo Evic is hands down the most powerful dry herb vaporizer on the market today. Using a custom crafted box-mod setup, the Evic is widely versatile. With the ability to be used as an on-demand or session vaporizer, as well as with a whip or numerous mouthpieces, the Tubo Evic is the dream vaporizer for someone who likes to tinker.

Using swappable 18650 batteries, you’ll be able to swap on the fly in case you run low at some point. The insanely powerful convection heater can extract an entire load in a mere 1-2 draws, while delivering terrific flavor and smooth vapor with the long glass stems.

The Tubo Evic uses an incredibly powerful convection heater that can be used in either on-demand or cruise control mode. It works great with concentrates or a water pipe as well, making it an extremely versatile unit above all others.

Do get the Tubo Evic if: You want an extremely powerful vaporizer with unreal vapor quality.

Don’t get the Tubo Evic if: You want a pocket friendly, portable vaporizer. The battery life also does suffer.

Dynavap: Vapcap M


8) Dynavap: Vapcap M

Another vaporizer with a cult-like following, the Vapcap M is another legendary vaporizer for a few reasons. Using a butane lighter instead of a battery to heat up the herb, the Vapcap is the perfect choice for those aiming to emulate the experience of smoking a joint. For one looking to dip their toes into the water of the vaporizer world, the Vapcap M is one of the best budget vaporizers available now!

The Vapcap uses a unique hybrid heating system that allows for an on-demand experience, courtesy of the butane heating method. The Vapcap is also compatible with 10mm water pieces by default. Excellent at microdosing, the small bowl is able to get a lot out of a small bit of material, making it even better for those on a budget.

This is by far one of my favorite vaporizers to lend to someone transitioning from smoking, though make sure you give some thoughtful advice when lending it out – it’s definitely possible to combust and scorch an entire load!

Do get the Dynavap Vapcap M if: You want to transition from smoking or want a very tiny, heavy hitter!

Don’t get the Dynavap Vapcap M if: You are hesitant on using a butane lighter as a heat source!

Grizzly: Guru


Grizzly: Guru vaporizer

While many 3-in-1 vaporizers sacrifice performance on all fronts to be a jack of all trades, the Guru does a great job at doing all three quite well. Though it’s a bit bulkier than most, it works great for those who like to finish off their herb sessions with some classic e-juice hits too. If you’re aiming to bundle all your devices into one, then the Guru may be the right one for you.

The Guru uses a hybrid heating system in a session style. It of course is compatible with concentrates and a WPA is available.

Do get the Grizzly Guru if: You want a 3-in-1 to replace all your current devices!

Don’t get the Grizzly Guru if: You want top notch performance in each category.

Healthy Rips: Fury 2 – Best Budget Vaporizer


Healthy Rips: Fury 2 vaporizer

The Fury 2 is a bite-sized pocket vape with big performance. At a pretty low price, you’re given a powerful hybrid heater bundled into a cute package with an OLED display to dial in the perfect temperature. The Fury 2 is just solid performance in a small package at a reasonable cost, making it a widely successful and popular unit!

The Fury 2 uses a strong hybrid heating system which delivers powerful yet flavorful hits. The glass WPA takes the Fury 2 to the next level, giving even bigger and smoother hits with ease.. The Fury also performs reasonably well with concentrates, and is a strong all-rounder for those who want a solid performer without breaking the bank.

Do get the Fury 2 if: You want an entry-level, pocket friendly vaporizer with great performance.

Don’t get the Fury 2 if: Relatively short battery life is a concern.

What’s the difference between dry herb and concentrates?

  • There are plenty of different types of way to consume our favorite plant! The most common way is with dry, ground up herb, though in the past few years concentrates are becoming more common.
  • Concentrates are much more potent by weight than regular ground herb. Kief, hash, wax, rosin, live resin and so forth are all forms of concentrates, each with slightly different characteristics. For the best experience with this type of material, we recommend a dedicated wax vaporizer.
  • While a dry herb vaporizer may work great with ground herbs, not very many are ideal for use with concentrates. If you do like to use both types of material, it’s a good idea to make sure the vaporizer you’re looking at performs well with both.
  • There is also e-juice/hash oil, which is a wax or resin that’s dissolved and mixed in with propylene glycol or different carrier oil. This is also available in pre-filled cartridges in legal states. E-juice/oil should never be used on a typical wax or dry herb vaporizer, and instead require a special oil vaporizer.

What are the Different Types of Vaporizer?

  • Over the years, a huge amount of innovation and creativity has taken place in the market, with a large array of vaporizers to choose from. There’s a lot of difference in the user experience, and finding the one that best suits you is important! We’ll break it down into a few categories to make it simple.

Conduction, convection and hybrid vaporizers.

  • A conduction based vaporizer applies heat to the herb via direct contact, typically with an oven made of stainless steel or ceramic. Conduction heating is typically seen on budget vaporizers, and isn’t as efficient or as flavorful as convection.
  • Convection on the other hand applies to the herb by passing very hot air over the herb, boiling off the cannabinoids that way. Convection vaporizers are much harder to manufacture, though they’re much more efficient and flavorful. Oftentimes, convection vaporizers require a specific draw technique to get the best results, making convection vaporizers not the best choice for beginners.
  • Hybrid vaporizers use a blend of both heating technologies. Hybrid vaporizers pose the benefit of great performance while not sacrificing ease of use, efficiency and much flavor. This is quickly becoming the most common heating method in most vaporizers on the market today.

Session vs. on-demand vaporizers.

  • Oftentimes you’ll see these two terms pop up when a vaporizer is being described. Session vaporizers heat the material for a preset amount of time, typically 5-10 minutes in length. This may be more preferable for group sessions with multiple people or for sitting down and watching a movie.
  • On-demand vaporizers give the distinct benefit of being able to take a single hit and putting it down, with the ability to take another fresh hit in a few minutes or in an hour. On-demand vaporizers are also more efficient with your material, as your herb won’t be in contact with any heat while it’s off, which won’t cook off any cannabinoids. Oftentimes, on-demand vaporizers are convection-based with extremely powerful heaters.

Atomizers and e-nails.

Lastly, we come down to the heating elements mostly used for concentrates. Neither atomizers or e-nails should ever come into direct contact with dry herb, as they will combust dry herb almost immediately.

  • An atomizer is a tightly wrapped coil that heats up to high temperatures incredibly quickly, making quick work of any concentrated material, vaporizing them in mere seconds after engaging the heater. This type of heat source is most commonly seen on wax pen vaporizers or regular e-juice vaporizers.
  • An e-nail is similar to an atomizer in that it heats up to incredibly hot temperatures in order to vaporize concentrates. E-nails often are turned on for a longer amount of time though, helping to emulate the experience of hitting a dab rig. This is also better for group sessions, as atomizers are more likely to malfunction if continuously heated and cooled in a short of time.

Analog & digital vaporizers

  • In a world filled with battery powered heat sources, we often forget about the old-fashioned method – fire! The most common of which is by the use of a dedicated butane torch. Instead of using a battery to heat a coil or oven, using a good ol’ flame does the trick just as well. You also won’t be limited to comparatively small batteries, making this an effective option of extended outings.
  • It’s important to keep in mind that it’s very possible to combust when using a butane-powered device, and it takes some time to develop the proper heating technique. When done properly though, an analog vaporizer can hit just as well, if not, better than a battery powered device. Also keep in mind that a regular cigarette lighter will not do the trick.

What’s the Best Temperature to Vaporize at?

  • It’s hard to say exactly what the best temperature to vaporize at is. This largely comes down to everyone’s personal preference and of course the vaporizer they own. At different temperature settings, different terpenes and cannabinoids get boiled off the herb, producing different effects.
  • In general, lighter temperatures (below 170-180°C, or 338-356°F) will yield a lighter, more heady, energetic effect, while heavier heat settings (180-220°C, or 356-428°F) will generate a heavier, couch-lock body stone. When using concentrates in a wax pen or e-nail, these temperatures will be much higher and the above rules don’t apply.
  • Personally, We like to start my sessions on the lower end to get the great flavor. Towards the end of the session We bump it up to the middle, at around 185°C/365°F. At the end I’ll finish it off at near the max temperature of my given vaporizer, to extract all there is from the herb.
  • In terms of flavor, the most flavors are present at low temperatures, while going to the highest heat settings may results in a ‘roasted popcorn’ flavor. In the end, there are a lot of variables – the strain, humidity, potency, vaporizer type and so forth that can influence the best temperature for you. In the end, it’s best to experiment with a variety of heat settings to find out your personal preference.!
  • In terms of flavor, the most flavors are present at low temperatures, while going to the highest heat settings may results in a ‘roasted popcorn’ flavor. In the end, there are a lot of variables – the strain, humidity, potency, vaporizer type and so forth that can influence the best temperature for you. In the end, it’s best to experiment with a variety of heat settings to find out your personal preference.!

All the Types of Vaporizer Accessories.

  • There are a few key upgrades you can make to your vaporizer to take it to the next level. Below are listed some of the easiest, and relatively cost-effective solutions to get the most out of your sessions!
  • Upgraded mouthpiece. Some vaporizers have the ability to upgrade the mouthpiece to one that has a lighter draw resistance, while some have the ability to use a glass mouthpiece, oftentimes improving flavor and making cleaning easier.
  • Water pipe adapter (WPA). One of the best upgrades you can make if you already own a water pipe, a WPA can completely transform your experience. You can take huge, powerful, buttery smooth hits if you allow your vapor to be passed through some water. Do ensure the adapter will fit the female end properly, though many WPA’s today offer a 3-in-1, 10mm,14mm & 18mm design.
  • Water conditioning tools. No WPA is complete without a water pipe to use it with! There are a huge amount of great bubblers to choose from, and it largely comes down to personal preference. Mini-bubblers, hydrotubes, recycles, ice catches, etc. There’s a lot to choose from, but there’s one thing that’s for sure – it’ll definitely take your vape experience to the next level!
  • Battery. For those with an 18650 compatible vaporizer, a higher capacity battery might be a great idea. Ensure the battery you aim to use matches the output specs of the original, and keep in mind that using an aftermarket battery may void your warranty!
  • Protective case. It goes without saying that a protective case might be a great investment, especially for those with particularly fragile vaporizers with plenty of glass components. A shock and waterproof case might just save you a few hundred dollars in the long run, making it a smart investment.
  • Grinders. A high-quality grinder goes a long way! Depending on the vaporizer that you own, a fine grind may work better, while others prefer a coarse, loose grind. Compared to manually picking apart a bud or using whole nugs, a grinder will drastically improve the performance of your vaporizer.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • After a while, your vaporizer will need to be cleaned. Residue and gunk will slowly accumulate, likely impacting the performance, or at worst, breaking your vaporizer. The best solution is to buy a bulk of cotton swabs, a large bottle of 99% isopropyl alcohol and perhaps a few alcohol wipes. For all glass, ceramic and stainless steel pieces, simply submerging in iso and gently agitating them will make clean-up a simple process.
  • For plastic components, it’s important to lightly swab them with a cotton swab dipped in iso, careful to not cause corrosion to the plastic parts. Be careful to not get any alcohol on any o-rings, as they will deteriorate quickly.
  • Performing a quick burn-off session after gently rinsing any cleaned parts will make sure you’re not inhaling any nasty fumes afterwards. At this point, your vaporizer should be good as new! We personally clean my vaporizers after around 5-10 sessions, depending on the vaporizer.

Tips for vaping travelers

If you are someone who is always on the go, finding a way to vape can seem tricky. But don’t fret! We have plenty of tips to help you reach your fullest vape potential on your journeys: 

  • Consider something more discreet: Being out and about has its benefits but the majority of the time you won’t be able to vape without the fear of disturbing others. Try a vape that doesn’t involve multiple complex parts that need to be set up as well as something that doesn’t produce a lot of vapor. 
  • Don’t let your vape die: Long commutes can lead to dead vape batteries. Just like your phone or computer your vape needs the proper charge or battery to continue to function. This problem is a common one. Try looking for a vape that has a lasting battery life or a rechargeable battery. A portable charger can also help traveling vapers prevent their products from dying while out. 
  • Size Matters: Travelers are always looking for ways to lighten their load, so why be weighed down by a bigger vape? Look at pen or portable vaporizers; normally these are the most compact vapes, making it easy to use when considering space and weight as a factor.
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