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Top 10 Best Wax Vaporizers

As is usual, weigh in your priorities before buying any vape – do you value portability and stealth or vapor quality more? Are you in need of a desktop or portable, or maybe one of each? Make a quick checklist and see how you stack up before investing the cash on a unit you’ll have for a while. Without further ado, here’s the Top 10 Dry Herb Vaporizers of 2020 (in our opinion)!

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Overall best portable


  • Full convection

  • Cool vapor with great flavor

  • Great with concentrates

9.7Overall Best
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Overall best portable vaporizer

  • Changeable battery
  • Space age design
  • Bluetooth app
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NewVape: FlowerPot with Showerhead

  • Amazing Flavor

  • Herb & wax hits at same time

  • Extremely powerful

9.6Heaviest hitter

Heaviest hitting desktop wax vaporizer

  • Unique design
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Insanely hard hits
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Firefly 2

  • Amazing flavor

  • On-demand sessions

  • Convection Heater


Best vapor quality wax vaporizer

  • 5 second heat-up
  • Incredible vapor quality
  • Silky smooth hits
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HumboldtVapeTech: Saionara

  • 510 threaded

  • Extremely powerful

  • Customizable

9.2Best atomizer

Best wax atomizer                                  

  • Interchangeable coils
  • Made in the USA
  • Reliable
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The Herbalizer

  • Intuitive design

  • Amazing performance

  • Great function

9.1Best multi-function

Best multi-function wax vaporizer

  • Extremely fast heat-up time
  • Incredible flavor
  • Versatile (whip, bubbler, direct draw, balloons)
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Haze Square Pro

  • Quad-chamber design

  • Fast heat-up

  • Compact

9.0Most innovative

Most innovative   

  • Great for group sessions
  • Powerful convection heater
  • Great with concentrates
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Airvape Om

  • Tiny

  • Attractive

  • Powerful

9.0Best ultraportable

Best ultraportable wax vaporizer

  • Fits on a key ring
  • Removable atomizer
  • Compatible with oil cartridges
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Boundless CF-710

  • Durable

  • Powerful

  • Convenient

9.0Best Nectar Collector

Best Nectar Collector                 

  • Strong battery life
  • Solid brand reputation
  • Smooth vapor
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White Rhino: Trifecta 2.0

  • Small size

  • Variable voltage

  • Strong battery life

9.0Great value wax vaporizer

Great value wax vaporizer

  • Strong battery
  • Dual-quartz and dual-ceramic coils
  • Strong hits
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Yocan Evolve Plus

  • Inexpensive

  • Built-in storage

  • Powerful atomizer

8.6Best Beginner Wax

Best beginner wax vaporizer   

  • Strong battery
  • Dual-quartz coils
  • Fast heat-up time
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Ghost MV1 – Most powerful portable vaporizer

Though it’s originally designed as a dry herb vaporizer, the Ghost MV1 work extremely well with concentrates and deservingly earns a top spot on our list of best wax vaporizers. Though you pay a pretty penny, you get great versatility allowing you to do both wax and dry herb hits with great power.

The powerful convection heating element delivers face-melting hits while the intricate cooling system smooth’s the vapor out perfectly allowing for little lung irritation. The strong battery life lets you get nearly a dozen chambers out before needing to be charged up again, and is swappable if you’re willing to splurge on a second battery.

The crucibles can be swapped out in a pinch if you pick up some spares and pre-load them before going out. Not the mention an adjustable airflow further allowing you to fine tune your experience, as well as a smartphone app to really take it to the next level, the MV1 is a dream device for a lot of enthusiasts out there.

Do get the Ghost MV1 if: You want the best possible vapor quality out of a portable unit.

Don’t get the Ghost MV1 if: You are looking for a pocket-friendly, stealthy device.

Firefly 2 – Best vapor quality


FireFly 2 Black Wood Metallic

Like the MV1, the Firefly 2 is originally designed as a dry herb vaporizer, however it performs very well with waxes and other concentrates too. It’s a very unique vaporizer and needs a certain draw technique in order to get the best results. It’s not quite the best ultraportable, however the flavor and vapor quality is next to none, and it’s really best suited for serious enthusiasts. If you like to sit down and really focus on the flavor of the specific strain, the Firefly 2 is practically unmatched.

The Firefly 2 has a powerful convection heater which heats up within seconds. The vapor path is almost entirely made of glass and cools down the hits perfectly, making it feel as though you’re inhaling practically nothing at all. The interchangeable battery lets you change within seconds using the included spare battery, ensuring you’re not left to dry when out and about.

The unique and attractive design makes it a pleasure to use all around, and once you master the draw technique, very few devices even come close to its performance. It’s one of our favorite devices for a good reason.

Do get the Firefly 2 if: You want the tastiest, smoothest vapor possible and great use with concentrates.

Don’t get the Firefly 2 if: You share with groups or value ease of use.

Yocan Evolve Plus 


Yocan Evolve Plus

The Evolve Plus by Yocan is one of the most commonly recommended beginner vaporizers for a good reason. The powerful battery will give you plenty of time without even needing to think of recharging. The built-in storage cubby is a hugely useful addition, allowing you to reduce your total carry size to just the unit itself.

The 510 threaded compatibility gives you plenty of versatility if you want to change things up in the future, allowing you to get plenty of bang for your buck. The durable design won’t leave you worried about scratches, scuffs or even falls. A convenient feature if you’re particularly clumsy.

The vapor quality from the dual quartz atomizer is steps above most budget wax vaporizers, leaving you with strong performance from a low price. This is ideal for those wanting to get big hits out of a small budget!

Do get the Yocan Evolve Plus if: Want a powerful, entry level wax vaporizer!

Don’t get the Yocan Evolve Plus if: You want the smoothest hits with the best flavor.

Airvape Om


AirVape OM

One of the smallest vaporizers to ever hit the market, the American company Apollo has designed a product so tiny that it works perfectly as a keychain ornament! If you like to carry all your devices everywhere you go, the Om really takes it to the next level.

Though it may be too small for some, it packs an impressive amount of vapor quality in its discreet package. It uses a dual quartz atomizer and is also compatible with disposable cartridges thanks to the included interchangeable cover caps. While the Airvape Om is compatible with oil and waxes, it is not compatible with dry herb, so keep that in mind!

It does have a relatively small chamber and the battery life is a bit trimmed down, but we personally love the performance out of something the size of a tube of lip balm. The vapor quality is also rather surprising, with good flavor coming out of it, though the short vapor path is a little harsh for sensitive lungs however.

Do get the Airvape Om if: You want the smallest wax vaporizer possible with good performance.

Don’t get the Airvape Om if: You’re willing to compromise size for a little better performance.

Boundless CF-710


CF-710 by Boundless

Going by the name of a nectar collector or honey straw, the Boundless CF-710 yields a different experience than typical wax vaporizers. Using it in a similar way to a straw, you begin to draw from the device while touching the hot tip to your concentrated material. This can be very convenient and quick as you forego the need to load the chamber for each session.

The CF-710 is made by the reputable American company Boundless, which have blessed us with high performance units like the Boundless CFX and Boundless CFV. With a strong reputation on their belt and quality products, there’s no doubt the CF-710 continues that legacy.

The strong battery life, powerful heater and smooth hits all leads to an overall high quality experience. With the nectar collector design the vapor travels a longer distance before reaching your lungs, allowing it to cool down significantly and giving you a smoother hit than traditional wax vaporizers. The CF-710 is ideal for the dab enthusiast on the go who values flavor and smooth hits.

Do get the Boundless CF-710 if: You want a well-priced electronic nectar collector.

Don’t get the Boundless CF-710 if: You’re clumsy or have shaky hands.

Haze: Square Pro


Haze Square Pro Vaporizer

As with the Firefly 2 and Ghost MV1, the Haze Square was designed for dry herb, however it’s well compatible with waxes and concentrates. Through the use of the 4 pre-fillable bowls, you can load up a couple of wax chambers and a couple with dry herb, allowing you to have complete and total versatility when out and about.

The Haze Square uses an on-demand, powerful convection heater for that delivers near instant vapor. The bowls are quite large and help to deliver large, powerful hits which also work well in group settings. Of course, the 4 chambers is the main selling point of the device, making it perfect for extended outings where reloading isn’t an optimal situation.

Additional bowls can be pre-loaded for swapping on the go, but reassembly of the device is quite challenging to do discreetly and quickly. There’s a bit of a learning curve to using the unit, so keep that in mind if you want a unit that prioritizes ease of use.

Do get the Haze Square if: You have extended outing or group sessions, and want terrific vapor quality in a small package.

Don’t get the Haze Square if you want simplicity and easy cleaning.

Don’t get the Mighty if: You are looking for an ultra-portable, stealthy vaporizer.

HumboldtVapeTech: Saionara


HumboldtVapeTech: Saionara

If you already have an e-juice box mod, or want to get a fully customizable and versatile unit, the Saionara atomizer is among the best of the best, only matched by few. With so many different options for different coils and setups, you can really tailor your experience to your exact preferences.

The different coils you use will produce different effects, flavors, cloud production, and efficiency. Considering many budget vaporizers only offer you a few heat settings to choose from, this really takes it to the next level in comparison.

If you’re an enthusiast for flavor or a big cloud chaser, the Saionara is among the best choices. Durable, made in America, and powerful, it offers everything you need for a good price. It is only compatible with resins and waxes, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for something to use with dry herb or oils.

Do get the Saionara if: You want the most versatile and powerful box-mod wax vaporizer around.

Don’t get the Saionara if: You use dry herb or oils more often than waxes and resins.

NewVape: FlowerPot with Showerhead 


FlowerPot with Showerhead box

Also appearing on our Top 10 Desktop Vaporizers list, the FlowerPot with ShowerHead attachement is one insane unit deserving of a spot on our Top 10 Wax Vaporizers list. Being able to take flower hits at the same time as a dab was a thing of the future, until now. If you’re someone who loves to use concentrates and dry herb, there is no better vaporizer on the market for that purpose.

The FlowerPot delivers huge, extremely flavorful and potent clouds of vapor with ease. The extremely powerful heater makes quick work of any material, allowing you to clear an entire load in no time at all. Not to mention a unique build quality and aesthetic which makes it a pretty charming piece! Compatible with almost every bubbler around, it’s a terrific unit with plenty of versatility, able to attach onto high end luxury rigs as well as your standard ones.

On the other hand it’s expensive and not the easiest to use. This is designed for the serious enthusiasts or those who want the best of the best. If you have a high tolerance and want those knockout hits, it’ll definitely do that! Keep in mind this is exclusively for use with a bubbler so you can use your own piece or the included one.

Do get the FlowerPot if: You want the heaviest hitter for flower and wax imaginable.

Don’t get the Flowerpot if: You’re on a budget or beginner user.

The Herbalizer


Herbalizer Vaporizer

The Herbalizer is also meant to be best with dry herb, however it also performs very well with concentrates. It boasts an incredibly fast heat-up time thanks to its unique halogen heating element and intuitive temperature control system; it really takes the entire experience to the next level.

Ideal for those who like a versatile unit, the Herbalizer is able to use a bubbler, a whip, balloons, and direct draw. The fan is even able to direct vapor directly into your lungs without you even needing to expend energy inhaling! The intuitive design makes it simple to use while delivery potent clouds of vapor faster than you can drink a glass of water.

Evidently, all that engineering and effort costs money, and the Herbalizer is among the most expensive units out there. Many people consider the Herbalize and end-game device, and we’re inclined to agree with them.

NOTE: Unfortunately, Herbalizer as a company has shut its doors and no longer produces them, so act fast if you’re looking to buy one!

Do get the Herbalizer if: You want the best of the best multi-function vaporizer for whip, direct draw and bags.

Don’t get the Herbalizer if: Budget is a concern

Why use a Wax Vaporizer over other vapes?

  • Higher concentrate of herb: What is great about wax is that the majority of the plant material has been removed, leaving you the most concentrated and powerful form of your herb 
  • Discreet: Typically wax pens are known for producing less visible vapor as well as not having the strongest odor 
  • Portability: Nothing is better than being able to vape on the go! With a wax vape you can have access to your favorite activity wherever and whenever you want. 
  • Lasts longer: Because wax is more heavily concentrated it typically lasts longer than other forms of herb. Wax vapes are a money and time saver! 
  • Rechargable: These vapes are easily recharged, all you need is an outlet. No more messing with changing a battery, charge it like you charge your phone!

What to fill your wax pen with?

Now, that you’ve decided that you want a wax pen, figuring out what you want to vape is the next step you need to take. Hopefully this information will help you find exactly what you want to vape!

  • Indica Wax: This type of wax is great if you want a relaxing vape experience. Indica is perfect for a chill night in with yourself or friends either watching a movie or munching on some snacks, this blend will be best for a lowkey end to the day. 
  • Sativa Wax: Vaping this will give you a more energetic effect. Sativa is best used when going out to social events involving people, projects, or celebrations. This wax has a productive and creative outcome rather than a relaxed one. 
  • Hybrid of Sativa & Indica Wax: Typically the wax will say which strain is more dominant in the hybrid (like indica-dom or sativa-dom). Based off of that it will change how your reaction is, if it is indica-dom it will most likely give a more relaxed effect vs. a sativa-dom wax. What’s unique about a hybrid is that it gives both calming and productive effects from both herbs. 
  • CBD: The newest trend of wax is vaping CBD. This type of wax is not psychoactive and does not contain THC. There are various forms of CBD helping a range of issues from anxiety to pain management. The effect of CBD all depends on which specific wax you buy and its purpose.

Wax Vaporizer: Maintenance Tips 

When should I clean my wax vaporizer? 

  • When you begin to realize that your vape isn’t hitting as well as it used to. Usually a new vape will not have a problem with this until a few months in, depending on how often you use it.
  • You should be cleaning your vape at least once a month. 

How do I clean my wax vaporizer?

  • You should soak your vape’s atomizer in alcohol for at least 30 minutes. After this soak you can easily wipe the excess wax from your product. 
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