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CF Vaporizer

CF Vaporizer

Avg. Rating 4.72/5 (3 reviews)
A step up from the Boundless CFC, the CF is an entry level, hybrid heated vaporizer with big performance out of a little unit. With 5 different temperature settings to choose from, large chamber and compatibility with concentrates, it’s a perfect beginner vaporizer for those who want big performance without the big price tag. Boundless has a terrific reputation, and CF has generated a lot of love amongst vapor enthusiasts all across the board. With smooth, potent vapor that packs a considerable punch, there’s no doubt the CF is one of the best performing budget portables around.

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CF Vaporizer REVIEW (3)

Overall Rating
4.72 / 5
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  • 94%Positive reviews
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Most positive review

Reviewed 9 months ago by jimmmy

awesome vape for beginners. it is a good size, easy to use and clean, a great price, and boy does it deliver. i love this thing


Most Negative Review

Reviewed 9 months ago by VapeGod

This product reminded me of the Crafty, but is significantly cheaper. It\’s a great product



The Boundless CF is a high performance budget vaporizer with a proven track record. A large chamber, powerful hybrid heater and sturdy construction makes the CF a great choice for a beginner or even experienced user! Check out what else we have to say about the CF here!

In the box:

  • Boundless CF
  • Wax/concentrates pod
  • Charging cable
  • Packing tool
  • Cleaning brush
  • Manual


Boundless CF

  • Warranty:

    3 Years

  • Display:

    Single LED temperature indicators

  • Heating Time:

    20 Seconds

  • Temperature control:

    5 Presets

  • Temperature range:

    355,370,385,400,415°F / 179,188,196,204,213°C.

  • Charge Time:

    2 Hours

  • Automatic Shut-off:


  • Dimensions:

    3.9 x 2.4 x 1.2 in. / 10 x 6 x 3cm.

  • Chamber:

    Ceramic, stainless steel, plastic.

  • Weight:

    0.5 lbs / 227 grams.

  • Bluetooth:



  • Can you use the Boundless CF with concentrates?

    Yes! However, the maximum temperature isn’t quite hot enough for ideal use with concentrates and something like the Boundless CFX would work better.

  • Is the vapor quality from the Boundless CF good?

    Definitely! Flavorful, good cloud production with smooth vapor, the CF is absolutely one of the better budget vaporizers right now!

  • Can you use the CF through a bubbler?

    With the Boundless WPA, you can combine your CF with a water pipe for huge, smooth hits. It really takes the performance up to the next level!

  • Does the Boundless CF have pass-through charging?

    Yes, however the battery will need to be partially charger in order for it to work while charging!


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