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Top 10 Best Pen Vaporizers

If you’re looking for the absolute best in stealth and portability, a pen vaporizer is about as good as you can get. Often only slightly larger than your typical pen, they’re designed to fit in any pocket or bag and reduce your overall carry weight.

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Best Pen Vaporizer

Pax Era

  • Great design

  • Solid performance

  • Very small

9.5Most convenient
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Most convenient pen vaporizer         

  • Draw-to-activate heater
  • Reliable reputation
  • Bluetooth App control
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The Grasshopper

  • Super stealthy

  • Efficient

  • Extremely powerful

9.3Most discreet dry herb

Most discreet dry herb vaporizer                              

  • Interchangeable batteries
  • Great flavor
  • 14mm water pipe compatible
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  • 510 threaded

  • Extremely powerful

  • Customizable

9.2Best atomizer

Best wax atomizer                                  

  • Interchangeable coils
  • Made in the USA
  • Reliable
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Boundless CF-710

  • Durable

  • Powerful

  • Convenient

9.0Best Nectar Collector

Best Nectar Collector                 

  • Strong battery life
  • Solid brand reputation
  • Smooth vapor
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Airvape Om

  • Tiny

  • Attractive

  • Powerful

9.0Best ultraportable

Best ultraportable wax vaporizer

  • Fits on a key ring
  • Removable atomizer
  • Compatible with oil cartridges
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White Rhino Trifecta 2.0

  • Small size

  • Variable voltage

  • Strong battery life

9.0Great value wax

Great value wax vaporizer

  • Strong battery
  • Dual-quartz and dual-ceramic coils
  • Strong hits
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Yocan Evolve Plus

  • Inexpensive

  • Built-in storage

  • Powerful atomizer

8.6Best beginner wax

Best beginner wax vaporizer   

  • Strong battery
  • Dual-quartz coils
  • Fast heat-up time
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V2 Pro Series 7

  • Changeable pod system

  • Convenient

  • Easy to use

8.5Overall best 3-in-1

Overall best 3-in-1 pen vaporizer.                 

  • Tiny form factor
  • Intuitive design
  • Solid performance
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White Rhino: Dube Air

  • Tiny size

  • Inexpensive

  • Solid performance

8.5Best budget ultraportable

Best budget ultraportable vaporizer

  • Good ergonomics
  • Quartz rod atomizer
  • Strong hits
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Save 15%


Kandypens Rubi

  • Ultraportable

  • Refillable pods

  • Inexpensive

8.2Best refillable oil vaporizer

Best refillable oil vaporizer

  • Draw-to-activate heater
  • Simple to use
  • Quality results
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When choosing a pen vaporizer, make sure you have one that’ll fit your usage habits. While some pen vaporizers can use both dry herb and concentrates, certain units specialize in just using only one. Using dry herb in a wax vaporizer will lead to combustion which is definitely not what you want! Weigh out the pros and cons when choosing a device and try to find one that fits best for you! 

Pax Era – Most convenient 


Era by Pax Labs, Inc.

Starting at only $20, the Era is a very inexpensive entry with surprisingly good performance. The Bluetooth app gives you a ton of versatility and control, which is an unexpected feature in such a tiny package. Compatible only with pre-filled pods designed for the Era, you’re unfortunately unable to use dry herb and wax concentrates with the Era.

The vapor quality and performance varies greatly depending on the cartridge used, and it’s always a good idea to spend that little bit extra and get something higher quality. With the Era, you can manually adjust the temperature using the mobile app, while also being able to change other options like flavor output and even security to lock it from unwanted use

Though the unit itself is inexpensive, the cartridges do typically cost a little more than others – this still of course depends on the brand of cartridges used. Definitely a worthwhile investment though if you’re looking for an ultra-convenient vaporizer for use with oil pods.

Do get the Pax Era if: You want a convenient, easy to use cartridge based oil vaporizer.

Don’t get the Pax Era if: You want to use other waxes, resins or dry herb,

 The Grasshopper – Most discreet dry herb vaporizer


The Grasshopper Vaporizer

The Grasshopper has a controversial history. It’s worth mentioning that the Grasshopper has a high failure rate and notoriously slow turnaround for warrantied units. However, when the device works, it’s among the best of the best, punching way above its weight class.

The extremely powerful convection heater will have a session ready within seconds, allowing you to have stealthy, heavy hits in even the most difficult situations. Not to mention it’s incredibly efficient with herb, giving you a lot of bang for your buck in the long term.

Of course, we can’t suggest the Grasshopper without mentioning the size. It looks almost identical to a normal pen, and we’d guess 90% of people would be none the wiser if they saw it. It feels incredibly nice in the hand too, and fits any 14mm water pipe with the default tip for insanely smooth and big hits. Size, changeable batteries, power, efficiency and stealth, the Grasshopper has it all – except for reliability.

Do get the Grasshopper if: You want the most powerful and stealthy dry herb vaporizer made so far.

Don’t get the Grasshopper if: You are concerned about reliability and warranty servicing.

HumboldtVapeTech: Saionara – Best atomizer


Saionara Humboldt Vape Tech Saionara

If you already have an e-juice box mod, or want to get a fully customizable and versatile unit, the Saionara atomizer is among the best of the best, only matched by few. With so many different options for different coils and setups, you can really tailor your experience to your exact preferences.

The different coils you use will produce different effects, flavors, cloud production, and efficiency. Considering many budget vaporizers only offer you a few heat settings to choose from, this really takes it to the next level in comparison.

If you’re an enthusiast for flavor or a big cloud chaser, the Saionara is among the best choices. Durable, made in America, and powerful, it offers everything you need for a good price. It is only compatible with resins and waxes, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for something to use with dry herb or oils.

Do get the Saionara if: You want the most versatile and powerful box-mod wax vaporizer around.

Don’t get the Saionara if: You use dry herb or oils more often than waxes and resins.

Boundless CF-710 – Best Nectar Collector


CF-710 by Boundless

Going by the name of a nectar collector or honey straw, the Boundless CF-710 yields a different experience than typical wax vaporizers. Using it in a similar way to a straw, you begin to draw from the device while touching the hot tip to your concentrated material. This can be very convenient and quick as you forego the need to load the chamber for each session.

The CF-710 is made by the reputable American company Boundless, which have blessed us with high performance units like the Boundless CFX and Boundless CFV. With a strong reputation on their belt and quality products, there’s no doubt the CF-710 continues that legacy.

The strong battery life, powerful heater and smooth hits all leads to an overall high quality experience. With the nectar collector design the vapor travels a longer distance before reaching your lungs, allowing it to cool down significantly and giving you a smoother hit than traditional wax vaporizers. The CF-710 is ideal for the dab enthusiast on the go who values flavor and smooth hits.

Do get the Boundless CF-710 if: You want a well-priced electronic nectar collector.

Don’t get the Boundless CF-710 if: You’re clumsy or have shaky hands.

Airvape Om – Best ultraportable wax vaporizer


AirVape OM

One of the smallest vaporizers to ever hit the market, the American company Apollo has designed a product so tiny that it works perfectly as a keychain ornament! If you like to carry all your devices everywhere you go, the Om really takes it to the next level.

Though it may be too small for some, it packs an impressive amount of vapor quality in its discreet package. It uses a dual quartz atomizer and is also compatible with disposable cartridges thanks to the included interchangeable cover caps. While the Airvape Om is compatible with oil and waxes, it is not compatible with dry herb, so keep that in mind!

It does have a relatively small chamber and the battery life is a bit trimmed down, but we personally love the performance out of something the size of a tube of lip balm. The vapor quality is also rather surprising, with good flavor coming out of it, though the short vapor path is a little harsh for sensitive lungs however.

Do get the Airvape Om if: You want the smallest wax vaporizer possible with good performance.

Don’t get the Airvape Om if: You’re willing to compromise size for a little better performance.

White Rhino: Trifecta 2.0 – Great value wax vaporizer 



As one of the least expensive vaporizers with variable voltage, you get plenty of versatility in the type of hits you get without breaking the bank. This is ideal for those who sometimes like to get those light yet flavorful hits at times, and big, lung-busting clouds in other situations.

You get two different atomizers as well, one dual-quartz and one dual-ceramic wrapped coils. Changing each one out yields different results like bigger hits versus more flavorful draws. This adds another layer of customization in one package.

Around the size of a normal pen as well, it’s ultra-portable and super discreet. A solid choice for those who like to vape on the go without making your presence visible to everyone. It does come with a dry herb atomizer as well, however we at Get-Vape don’t recommend using the dry herb atomizer as it will combust.

Do get the Trifecta 2.0 if: You want a simple yet customizable pen vaporizer with good performance.

Don’t get the Trifecta 2.0 if: You’re a frequent consumer who might run down the battery quickly.

Yocan Evolve Plus – Best beginner wax vaporizer


The Evolve Plus by Yocan is one of the most commonly recommended beginner vaporizers for a good reason. The powerful battery will give you plenty of time without even needing to think of recharging. The built-in storage cubby is a hugely useful addition, allowing you to reduce your total carry size to just the unit itself.

The 510 threaded compatibility gives you plenty of versatility if you want to change things up in the future, allowing you to get plenty of bang for your buck. The durable design won’t leave you worried about scratches, scuffs or even falls. A convenient feature if you’re particularly clumsy.

The vapor quality from the dual quartz atomizer is steps above most budget wax vaporizers, leaving you with strong performance from a low price. This is ideal for those wanting to get big hits out of a small budget!

Do get the Yocan Evolve Plus if: Want a powerful, entry level wax vaporizer!

Don’t get the Yocan Evolve Plus if: You want the smoothest hits with the best flavor.

V2 Pro Series 7 – Overall best 3-in-1


Though it’s not quite as small as most pen vaporizers, we feel as though it deserves a spot on the list. If you want to consume dry herb, waxes and oil concentrates with one single device, the V2 Pro Series 7 is one of the only vaporizers able to do so.

The convenient magnetic pod system is extremely easy to use and very practical for day to day use. Pre-load your pods before a day out and you’ll be set – no need to clean, load and prepare different devices. It feels quite sturdy and holds well in the hand and pocket, making it a great everyday carry as well.

No device is without its drawbacks, and the Series 7 does have a couple. You don’t have precise temperature/wattage control over your hits, and the vapor production/power doesn’t keep up to dedicated devices.

Do get the V2 Pro Series 7 if: An all-in-1 device that can use all sorts of material.

Don’t get the V2 Pro Series 7 if: You want stronger performance.

White Rhino: Dube Air – Best budget ultraportable vaporizer


White Rhino: Dube Air


The Dube Air is incredibly affordable at hardly the cost of a fast food meal. You get quite a bang for your buck as well, as the atomizer is able to put out some pretty big hits from such a small unit. Roughly the size of a pencil, the Dube Air is able to go wherever you are while hardly adding any weight to your overall carry.

The Dube Air is one of the best beginner wax vaporizers for sure. The lack of precise temperature control may be a downside for more serious enthusiasts and experts, however it’s a perfect addition to anyones toolbelt.

The battery lasts surprisingly long, standing at an impressive 280mAh – more than we expected from such a tiny device. You can get through an entire day of constant vaporizing before needing to top up, and even more if you’re only a weekend toker!

Do get the Dube Air if: You want an extremely affordable, ultraportable wax vaporizer with surprising vapor quality.

Don’t get the Dube Air if: You’re a frequent user looking for big performance.

Kandypens Rubi – Best refillable oil vaporizer


KandyPens RUBI Red

Similar to the Pax Era, the Kandypens Rubi operates off a swappable, pod-based oil system. Unlike the pods designed for the Pax Era however, you can manually refill the cartridges designed for the Rubi quite easily. With an extremely simple method of operation, the Rubi will turn on with just a simple inhale from the mouthpiece.

For those looking for an extremely convenient yet versatile unit that you can fill your own pods with, there’s not much that competes with the Rubi. Unfortunately the compact nature of the device carries a short battery life, so keep that in mind if you’re a daily user.

Do get the Kandypens Rubi if: You want a refillable, pod-based system at a low cost.

Don’t get the Kandypens Rubi if: Short battery life is a concern or you want to use dry herb or waxes.


Benefits of a Pen Vaporizer

  • Portability: Nothing is better than being able to vape on the go! With a pen vape you can have access to your favorite activity wherever and whenever you want. 
  • Cost: Of course there is a variety of prices when it comes to pen vapes, but typically these are the least expensive vapes on the market. Perfect if you are on a budget but still want a quality vape. 
  • Versatility: If you decide you are bored with your cartridge you can always switch it up with a different cartridge easily while keeping the same pen. This can range from wax, oil, to even CBD; the possibilities are endless.

What to consider when checking battery life:

  • Capacity: The first thing that you should consider when it comes to choosing an ideal vaping device is its capacity. Battery capacity is usually measured in milliampere-hours (mAh.) This indicates the number of milliamps that can be drawn from your battery in a given period of time. The battery capacity listed only gives you a general idea of how long the battery lasts. Try to go for the batteries with larger capacities (as in the Hydrology9), as they allow you to enjoy a longer vaping experience over a single battery charge.
  • Higher Current Rating: Amperage refers to the amount of current that a cell/battery can produce at a time. This means that a battery with a rating of 2 amp-hour should continuously be able to supply a current of 4 amps for half an hour, or 2 amps for an hour. It is therefore crucial that you go for the batteries with higher current ratings, as this means higher wattage output. Trying to force your battery to produce more current than what it has been designed for can lead to overheating, and in some extreme cases, even explosions. Always let your battery choice be guided by your intended use.
  • High Voltage: If you are using a regulated vaporizer with high voltage, your battery won’t have to work as hard. This means that only a small current is going to be drawn from your battery. Results? A long vaping experience over a single battery charge. For unregulated devices, high voltage means that your battery will allow more current to flow through the coil. A hotter coil leads to more flavor and vapor, allowing you to enjoy the magical ‘throat hits’ that are so popular among cloud chasers.
  • Low Temperature: If you have been in the vaping industry for long, I am sure you have heard about exploding vape devices, which have given people a bad impression of vaping. It is essential that you choose a battery with a low operating temperature. This is because too much heat can interfere with your battery’s performance.

Great vapes for long battery life 

  • Boundless CF-710Has over an hour of nonstop vaping on a full charge.
    an be fully charged in two hours.
  • White Rhino TrifectaUses a variable voltage battery (a click based system) which allows users to control how heavy their hit is as well as how much battery they want to use on three settings: small, moderate, and huge hits.
    Can be fully charged in two hours.
  • Yocan Evolve PlusUses a 1100 mAh Li-ion Battery giving users 15 seconds of continued heat.
    3-4 hours are needed for a full charge.



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