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Analog vs. Digital Vaporizers

Analog vs. Digital Vaporizers

When it comes to vaping, especially if for a medical purpose, one critical element that you need to consider when choosing a vaporizer is how the device deals with temperature. For instance, while a lighter works at a constant temperature a digital or an analog thermometer contained within the vaporizer allows the vaper to fine-tune his/her vaping experience.
There is a huge difference between a digital vaporizer and an analog one. Let’s take a look at these two different types so that you can choose the vaporizer that will suit your individual needs.

Digital Vaporizers

A digital vaporizer gives the vaper the opportunity to select the exact temperature of the heat source. The science behind this is extremely intricate. For vapers who are using medicinal herbs, this is a smart aspect as they usually seek very precise quantities of the herb that they are vaping. Certain temperatures are good for finding the complete potency of particular buds.
Usually, these vaporizers are not very portable. If you want to vape on the go, you might prefer an analog vaporizer. Fortunately, a majority of vaporizer manufacturers are realizing that the market prefers hand-held digital vaporizers.

Analog Vaporizers

With analog vaporizers, a dial is used to change the temperature without the help of any digital readout. Users can find their personal desired setting. The advantage of analog vaporizers is that they are easy to use and very simple. If you love vaping, these devices will get the job done. For those vapers who love to vape often, they are an excellent choice as they are much more portable.

The Advantages of Digital Vaporizers over Analog Vaporizers

If you are transitioning from analog vaporizers to digital vaporizers, you will be able to adjust the temperature settings across a wide range of options with pin-point exact readouts.

With a digital display, you can change the temperatures for a broad range of ingredients and get the best vapor potency and quality.

A digital dry herb vaporizer normally comes with a sizeable display (depending upon whether it is a portable vape or a desktop vape) and with buttons for temperature settings. Analog vaporizers generally come with a simple LED display or a knob.
Consequently, a digital screen allows you to set your temperature levels with more exactness and flexibility. Digital vaporizers can be set to the next 1.5 degrees Celsius, unlike the analog vaporizers which have a big error margin (+/- 8 degrees Celsius). With a digital vaporizer, you will only have to switch it on, and then dial it using the -/+ or the up/down buttons, to the temperature of your liking.

Should I get a Dry Herb Vaporizer with a Digital Screen or Without one?

With a digital display, you can easily set precise temperatures with smaller increments that allow for real-time measurements and less error. For the mindful herb consumers, using an adjustable temperature vape can help you achieve customized effects from the active compounds by vaporizing them at a specific heat level.
Having limited temperature options and increment differences of up to 12 degrees has made analog vaporizers less attractive to users who are sensitive to temperature. The new generation of vaporizers like the Crafty from Storz and Bickel allow you to control temperature via an app on your smartphone.
Analog models that come with knobs will likely continue getting phased-out until they have completely faded from the picture. However, because of their durability, discounted price, and smooth operations, digital vaporizers have not completely pushed them out of the market.

What is The Difference between a Digital and an Analog Display?

With analog vaporizers, you can control the temperature with the aid of a console or knob/LED. An indicator light will be displayed when the heat of the device increases, clicks off, or changes color to show the temperature that you want. Thus, they provide smooth and seamless operations. However, they do not match the accuracy that digital vaporizers offer.
If you do not need the exact temperature precision characteristic of digital vaporizers, you can use analog models since they are still efficient vaporizers. Some of the vaporizers have oversize screens that  show pre-set and current operating temperatures. This can be seen with the Arizer Extreme Q. Other vaporizer screens display an approximation of warm-up time, as well as the exact time when the unit was last shut off. You can find this with the Ald Amaze Portable Digital Vape.
The display settings have a wide range of selections with maximum and minimum temperature gauge. The units use (up/down or +/-) button to set the temperatures accurately once it is switched on, instead of a one-button mechanism or a rotary knob. Set your preferred temperature with the on-board switch by pressing the thermostat button or the turn-on button to activate the heating element. Then, set the temperature that you want using the +/- buttons. A majority of digital vaporizers allow you to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. This type of vaporizer has become essential for vapers who want precise and ultra-accurate temperature.


When it comes to picking between a digital vaporizer and an analog vaporizer, your choice will largely depend on your personal tastes and how much you want to control temperature.


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