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2019 Oil Vaporizers
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Vapir Rise
Avg. Rating 3.72/5 (3 reviews)
Designed to work with both dry herb and waxy oils, the Vapir Rise is a must-have. Your herb is cooked evenly because it utilizes forced air technology. The Vapir Rise comes equipped with dual-functionality, you can either enjoy the vapor through a whip system... Read more

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Haze V3
Haze Technologies
Avg. Rating 3.67/5 (3 reviews)
The Haze V3 is the first vaporizer that has a dual chamber system. It allows the user to vaporize marijuana in any form such as concentrates, oils, liquids, and wax within the same session. Four different temperature settings are displayed on the front with L... Read more

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G Pen
Grenco Science
Avg. Rating 3.72/5 (3 reviews)
The G Pen from Grenco Science is a pen vape designed for use with both wax and oil concentrates. Simply activated by 5 quick click of the power button and within just a few seconds.

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Pax Labs, Inc.
Avg. Rating 4.44/5 (3 reviews)
The Pax Era is designed to work with disposable pods that are pre-filled with a variety of oils and extracts. It is sleek and lightweight thanks to its anodized aluminum shell. Gestural movements, as well as Bluetooth, operate the device, and it is activated u... Read more