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2019 Dry Herb Vaporizers

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MV1 Vaporizer
Avg. Rating 4.72/5 (3 reviews)
A space age vaporizer with futuristic performance, the Ghost MV1 has everything a connoisseur could dream of. The near instant, on-demand heat-up time and powerful convection heater coupled with an intricate cooling system leads to incredible performance thatâ... Read more
Mighty Vaporizer
Storz & Bickel
Avg. Rating 4.04/5 (4 reviews)
The Mighty Vaporizer has been dubbed by many as the reigning king of portable vaporizers because of its massive vapor production, precise temperature control, long battery life and minimal draw resistance. It uses a combination of full hot air convection and a... Read more
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PAX 3 Vaporizer
Pax Labs, Inc.
Avg. Rating 4.06/5 (3 reviews)
The Pax 3 is the newest dry herb vaporizer by Read more
DaVinci IQ
Avg. Rating 3.63/5 (5 reviews)
The DaVinci IQ is an awesome ultraportable vaporizer with a surprising amount of tech bundled into such a small package. With a swappable battery, flavor chamber and full temperature control, you get a ton of versatility with it. The Smartphone app can let... Read more

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FireFly 2
Avg. Rating 4.21/5 (4 reviews)
The Firefly 2 is a vape that features true convection heating - also known as heating on demand. This means that the oven only cooks the herb when the user draws on the vape. Convection heating has many advantages such as herb and battery efficiency. This vape... Read more
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Vicod 5G 2nd Generation
Avg. Rating 3.96/5 (4 reviews)
The Vidcod 5G 2nd Generation by Atmos is a portable Vaporizer that supports both dry herb and wax. It comes equipped with an advanced temperature control system which allows the user to adjust his/her temperature to their desired setting which ranges between... Read more

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AirVape Xs
Apollo (AirVape)
Avg. Rating 3.75/5 (4 reviews)
The thinnest vaporizer ever to have hit the market, the Airvape XS is a lightweight, sleek device with terrific performance and matching visual appeal. A gorgeous design, full temperature control and hybrid heating oven accompany this portable vaporizer. A... Read more

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Atmos Jump
Avg. Rating 4.83/5 (3 reviews)
One of the least expensive dry herb vaporizers on the market, the Atmos Jump is an attractive beginner’s choice. Through its durable design, awesome portability and simple operation, the Jump makes its mark in the low cost market. If you value stealth and... Read more

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Pulsar APX
Avg. Rating 3.92/5 (4 reviews)
The Pulsar is lightweight, affordable and stealthy which supports dry herb, wax, and oil. Its crafted for people on the go who are looking for a device that heats up rapidly as well as easy to use. It produces a high quality consistent thick vapor packed with... Read more

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Avg. Rating 4.62/5 (4 reviews)
One of the most affordable battery-powered vaporizers around, the Herb-E is an ultraportable, pocket friendly companion. Able to hide away entirely in the hand and hardly larger than a couple of lighters, it’s one of the smallest low-cost portables around.... Read more

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