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At GHOST, we believe quality is a virtue that is evident in everything we do. Our company was founded in 2015 by 3 lifelong friends with 90+ years combined experience in manufacturing, marketing, technology, e-commerce, IP and a proven ability to succeed in business. We were soon joined by a unique team of like-minded individuals with one simple objective – to build the best vaporizer in the world. We started out by reverse engineering the top selling products in the market, interviewing countless retailers & consumers and developing a complete insight into pre-existing technologies and the aspirations of our users. We focused on what people were unhappy about and then eliminated these design faults from our product using our own advanced engineering techniques. This in turn led to the development of an entirely new and ground-breaking technology.
MV1 Vaporizer
Avg. Rating 4.72/5 (3 reviews)
A space age vaporizer with futuristic performance, the Ghost MV1 has everything a connoisseur could dream of. The near instant, on-demand heat-up time and powerful convection heater coupled with an intricate cooling system leads to incredible performance that... Read more
Avg. Rating 0/5 (0 reviews)
The Ghost MV1 is one of the most powerful vaporizer on the market. Whether you’re vaping wax or herb, the MV1 will give you massive, high-quality clouds of vapor. For a powerhouse vaporizer like the Ghost MV1, the size of this unit is pretty compact. It basi... Read more