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Top Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Under $100

These days, picking a dry herb vaporizer doesn’t have to break your wallet. Thanks to the exponential growth of modern-day technology, vaporizers are getting cheaper every single day. Here is a look-up on the top ten best and cheap dry herb vaporizers in the industry;

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Overall Best Vaporizer

Herb E Micro - Mig Vapor

  • Small and Portable

  • Multiple vaping modes

  • Easy-to-use controls

9.7Overall Best
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Overall Best Vaporizer- Mig Vapor: Herb E Micro

The Herb E Micro is the stealthiest vaporizer on the market. It is made out of carbon fibers draped over a metal chassis. Despite its small build, its design material is sturdy and offers a solid touch.

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G Pen Pro Herbal Vaporizer

  • Faster heating

  • Portable

  • Preset temperatures


Best Value For Its Price- Grenco Science: G Pen Pro Herbal Vaporizer

Grenco Science’s new intuitively designed vaporizer is finally on the market. It is designed for use with dried herbs and features one simple button for heat and power control. This feature makes it very easy to use the device. It has three pre-set temperatures: -375F (Blue), 400F (Green) and 428F (Red). You can choose any of these temperatures depending on your personal preferences.

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Best Dry Herb Vaporizer under $100

Vaping is proving to be a much healthier way of consuming dry herbs in the market today. Thanks to modern-day research which has outlined the countless benefits of Vaping versus Smoking, vaping devices have surged in popularity. When you compare vaping to smoking, vaping is a far healthier method of consuming cannabis.

A dry herb vaporizer is designed in a way that it extracts all the goodness out of the cannabis flower without having to combust the flower (-+390 degrees Fahrenheit ) whereas smoking reaches temperatures in excess of 600 degrees Fahrenheit. When deciding on a vaporizer, one should consider the following:

  1. Desktop or Portable
  2. Oil/Dry Herb
  3. Temperature ranges
  4. Chamber size

These days, picking a dry herb vaporizer doesn’t have to break your wallet. Thanks to the exponential growth of modern-day technology, vaporizers are getting cheaper every single day. This is because the hardware used inside these devices is both robust and reliable.

Overall review

  1. Overall Best Dry Herb Vaporizer-  Herb E Micro
  2. Best Value For Its Price- G Pen Pro Herbal Vaporizer
  3. Best Herb Vaporizer- Pro 50 combustor
  4. Best Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizer- Vap Cap M
  5. Most Compact Vaporizer– Boundless CF
  6. Best Portable Vaporizer- Xvape Starry
  7. Best vaporizer for beginners- Arizer Air 1
  8. Best Fastest Heating Vaporizer- Ago G5
  9. Best Battery Life- Flowermate V5S
  10. Best Design Vaporizer- Pulsar AVX V2 Vaporizer

Here is a look-up on the top ten best and cheap dry herb vaporizers in the industry;

Overall Best Vaporizer – Migvapor: Herb-E Micro


Herb-e Vaporizer by Migvapor

  • Small and Portable
  • Multiple vaping modes
  • Easy-to-use controls

The Herb E Micro is the stealthiest vaporizer on the market. It is made out of carbon fibers draped over a metal chassis. Despite its small build, its design material is sturdy and offers a solid touch.

Simplicity is what defines this vaporizer. It does not contain a myriad of ‘useless’ features like some vaporizers do. Designed with only two modes as features, this vaporizer is easy-to-use and has a beautiful sleek design. Tip: If you looking for a stealthy vaping session, you should use the yellow mode as it produces less vapor.

Just like any other vaporizer, the quality or quantity of vape clouds depends on how you grind your herb as well as the temperature setting that you select. Despite its small size, the heating chamber does an excellent job in preventing herb combustion. This is one of the qualities that make this device a darling to most vapers.

Best Value For Its Price – Grenco Science: G Pen Pro Herbal

G Pen Pro by Grenco Science

  • Faster heating
  • Portable
  • Preset temperatures

Grenco Science’s new intuitively designed vaporizer is finally on the market. It is designed for use with dried herbs and features one simple button for heat and power control. This feature makes it very easy to use the device. It has three pre-set temperatures: -375F (Blue), 400F (Green) and 428F (Red). You can choose any of these temperatures depending on your personal preferences.

The interior design is also not left to chance. It is composed of a light aluminum casing. The internal ceramic chamber reaches vaping temperature within 30 seconds from the moment that you switch it on. It also has a capacity of 0.25kg.

Best Herb Vaporizer – Migvapor: Pro 50 combustor

  • 50-Watt power
  • A 1600mah battery
  • LED screen

The Pro 50 combustor is a complete quality vape-kit for vaping your dry herbs. It features a 50-watt power for a reliable vaping experience. This vaporizer comes in at a fair price and is suitable for experienced vapers who know what to look for in a vaporizer.

The buttons on the side of the unit are used to control the wattage units. Pressing a button on one side reduces the watts while pressing the other increases the watts. Its LED screen is also unique and reliable. The ideal wattage for this vaporizer is 29.5 watts and is enough to give you a ‘hit.’ To enjoy the hit, press the center button and inhale slowly for six seconds. Repeat this action immediately, and you’ll have that excellent feeling that you deserve so much

Best Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizer – Dynavap: VapCap M

  • Flavourful
  • Portable
  • Durable

The Vap Caps M is made of medical-grade stainless steel.  It’s the latest vaporizer manufactured by DynaVap, a USA company.  The vaporizers are surging in popularity due to their small size and great flavors.

Designed to last longer, Vap Cap is made using medical grade stainless steel which offers extra durability for its reasonable price. Unlike its previous versions, it has a signature temperature cap which indicates if it has heated fully. The cap produces a clicking sound after it reaches sufficient heating).

Most Compact Vaporizer – Boundless: CF

  • Powerful
  • Affordable
  • Faster heating time

If you are looking for a solid, powerful, portable and easy-to-use vaporizer then, the Boundless CF is the vaporizer for you. Its main advantage is that it works with both small and large loads, unlike some vaporizers which require a specific loading.  The device features 5 different temperature settings starting from 355F and increasing by 15F until it reaches 415F. These temperatures are ideal as it means that you can always meet your needs.

It’s also easy to use and doesn’t require specific skills. This makes it ideal for newbies. The high-capacity herb chamber ensures that you are covered during your more extended sessions. Its 80W provides faster heat times. The device is also controlled by a single button. Opening it requires you to press the button five times while adjusting its temperature requires you to hold the button down.

Best Portable Vaporizer – XMAX: Xvape Starry

  • Small size
  • Tight Grip
  • Sturdy design

XMAX Starry is manufactured by the XMAS Company which also produces the V2 pro vaporizers; one of the cheapest brands in the market. XMAX starry has a sturdy design and a small size which easily fits into small pockets.

The vaporizer is easy to grip and to conceal. This makes it suitable for hikers or bikers. It has a display and easy-to-use buttons. The heating specs of this product are admirable and heat in under 30 seconds providing a full spectrum. Its replaceable battery also lasts for 70-80 minutes on a full charge.

Best vaporizer for a beginner vaper – Arizer: Air 1

  • Light-Weight
  • Ultra-compact
  • High-quality interchangeable battery

Arizer air 1 vaporizer is an efficient, durable and easy-to-use vaporizer which requires no experience to use. The results you get from this device does not depend on the amount of material you use.  It features a hybrid heating system complete with a fully customizable settings. It takes about 1-2 minutes to achieve full heating.

The different air temperature levels ranging from 356F- 410F gives you the option to choose your favourite temperature. It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery which offers about an hour of vaping time. It can also be used while charging.

Best Fastest Heating Vaporizer – Ago G5

  • Less than 5 seconds vaporizing time
  • Elegant
  • Triple use

The Ago G5 is one of the latest triple-use vaporizers on the market featuring the latest portable vaporizer technology. You can use it to vaporize oils, dry herbs, concentrates, and wax.  It includes a LED display- all at a lower price.

So far it is the most advanced vape device on the market with an ability to reach temperature in less than 5 seconds. For this power, it utilizes a 900mAh battery which also displays the battery status. This device is customizable using the industry’s standard 510 threading.

The device’s LCD is used to display the hit count, and its battery monitoring technology helps saves your battery’s life and charge faster.

Best Battery Life – Flowermate: V5.OS Pro

  • Compact design
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Up to 3 hours of battery life

Flowermate V5.OS Pro offers increased comfort, increased airflow, and a solid design. The device produces pure and sustaining vapor through the efforts of its advanced conductive ceramic baking chamber and a diffused airflow.  It has high-capacity Li-on batteries that offer between 2-3 hours per a single charge. The device heats up in less than 30 seconds.

The unit has three pre-set temperature settings (Blue (385F), Purple (400F) and Red (415F) in the dry material vaporizing stage. This eliminates any chances of herb combustion and allows better control of your vaping experience.

Best Design Vaporizer – Pulsar: APX V2 

  • Ergonomic
  • Smaller size
  • Sturdy material construction

The Pulsar V2 vaporizer is an excellent vaporizer offering remarkable temperature control and optimum convection which heats your herbs for that great flavor. Its slimming technology has reduced it to four inches making it one of the most portable vaporizers in the market.

Its temperature control hosts five pre-sets with temperatures starting from 365F to 428F. These wide ranges of temperature offer you maximum flexibility to get your herbs vaped at the right temperature.  It also makes use of a fully-fledged convection oven which heats your herbs, giving out a flavourful and consistent vapor.

Why should you use a dry herb vaporizer?

As already mentioned, vaporizers are really useful when it comes to cannabis consumption as they offer a far better and healthier alternative to that of traditional smoking techniques.

Smoking cannabis exposes a person to various health risks. This is because during smoking, the herbs are combusted which causes a carcinogenic reaction. Carcinogens are known to cause many health issues.

Vaping offers a healthier alternative to this problem as it only involves heating the herbs to a desired temperature which releases all the necessary compounds contained in the cannabis plant.

During smoking, harmful carcinogens find their way into the lungs. These carcinogens pass into the bronchial tubes which leads to the lungs. The immediate effects of these carcinogens include lung irritation while long term effects include lung damage.

How does a dry herb vaporizer functions

A vaporizer’s purpose is to heat the dry herbs to their desired temperature. At these temperatures, the vaporizer dehydrates the herb forcing it to release its constituents without combusting.

This means that vaporizers initiate the release of gases in Cannabis without inducing smoke.

Carcinogens can be found even in seemingly harmless materials. The vaporizer works by preventing combustion which can lead to the release of these gases hence helping the respiratory system.

Types of vaping devices

In the vaping industry, there are different types of devices which are used. Each of these devices has its own set of unique features which distinguish it from the rest. Below are the different categories of dry herb vaporizers;

Complete systems and Al A Carte Systems

Most vaporizers on the market come with a complete system. A complete system comes with a complete vaping kit, and the input involves only adding oil to either a disposable atomizer or a replaceable coil.

In the alternative systems, most of its components are in individual parts. This allows you to create your own device based on your custom needs.

Pen Style devices

Pen style vaping are longer and have a clearomizer style tank with a large battery for improved battery life. The tank helps to minimize refilling. The devices are relatively cheap and are easy to use.

Pen style devices allow their users to modify the voltage for custom experiences. However, they use coils at high-end resistance which doesn’t offer great flavors.

VV/VW devices

These devices are currently the market’s most popular due to their effectiveness and high power outputs. Some of their models use internal batteries. Also, it’s not a surprise to find some models using more than one replaceable INR or IMR lithium batteries.

To adjust the power outputs in these devices, a user normally controls the voltage, wattage or both hence offering a wide range of power options and customization.

TC devices

TC stands for Temperature control. These devices work based on the change in the coil’s resistance during heating. It detects the coil’s resistance and uses it to limit the power and subsequently heat based on the custom setting.

Due to these automatic features, it is the safest and highly effective device on the market.

Mechanical devices

These devices have a very simple and rugged design. Their construction has no physical wires, circuits or moving parts. Moving parts are mostly affected in typical vape pens. The rugged design ensures durability.

Due to the absence of safety and protective features in these devices, they are potentially harmful in the hands of inexperienced users.

These devices are best suited for experienced vapers who understands more about vaping methods, battery life, and advanced electric concepts.

Benefits of using a dry herb vaporizer

  • Reduced respiratory problems
  • Reduced toxic odors
  • Enhanced nicotine-intake control
  • An endless number of flavors
  • Control over your vapor output
  • Faster satisfaction as compared to smoking
  • Flexibility in vaporizers prices
  • No prior experience needed to vape
  • Vaping products are easily accessible in the market

How to use a dry herb vaporizer

As small as they are, dry herb vaporizers are effective and offers an excellent way of consuming marijuana.

However, just like any other device, the efficiency of these devices not only depend on quality, but also on the skills and experience of the user.

In case you are stuck in understanding how to use a vaporizer, the following guide is meant for you;

  • Identify how your vaporizer works

The first step in understanding your vaporizer is by finding out the heating method it uses. Does it use convection, conduction or both methods to heat the dry herbs?

If you’re unsure, you can seek assistance from your dealer or search on Google. This should give you the information you require.

Conduction method involves direct heat contact with dry herbs while convection involves passing hot air in the chamber containing the herbs. The result of the convection method is an enhanced flavor.

  • Ensure you have all vaping accessories

The second step is using your grinder to break your herb into small buds. A quality grinder is used to ensure consistent and even buds.  

When grinding, always pay attention to ensure even buds. Please note that the evenness of your buds will not only determine the quality of your vapor but will also provide healthy and quality hits for your throat.

  • Choose your strain

The type of vape you get at the end primarily depends on the Cannabis strain that you use. As it is, Indica and Sativa strains have different types of flavors and hits.

In case you require help on the best type of strain, you can always check guides on picking the right strain based on your liking.

  • Load the herb chamber

First, open the cover to the vape pen chamber. Gently load the herb buds into the chamber using your fingers. Always take care not to overload the chamber as space is required for air passage.

Usually, the best packing is a medium pack, but it also depends on the heating method.

Some conduction method vaporizers such as the Pax 2 do well with a tighter pack while convection vaporizers such as the Grasshopper functions well with looser packs.

However, it is advisable that you experiment with different density packs and see how well each blends with your vaporizer. After packing the herb, replace the lid and proceed to close the pen chamber.

  • Heating the pen

The duration of heating depends on your vaporizer. While some vaporizers take less than ten seconds to heat, others take over a minute. It’s imperative that you allow the pen to fully heat before taking a hit. By doing so, you will fully benefit from the herb’s flavors.

Lower temperatures usually produce sweet hits with lesser vapor while higher temperatures produce strong hits with thicker vapors.

  • Take a hit

After heating is complete, take a hit from the mouthpiece. Before taking one, you should ensure that your vaporizer is at the ideal temperature. Additionally, to ensure outstanding performance, always charge the battery fully.

  • Clear the chamber

After taking a hit, the materials that remain in the chamber should be cleared. To do this, you can simply use your nails. However, for sticky substances, you should look for an appropriate tool.

Failing to clean your chamber impairs the pen’s performance. This happens when the accumulated material reduces the device’s capacity and restricts the air flow to the chamber.

Quality vs. Price – Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizers

Quality Dry Herb Vaporizers

The question of cheap and quality vaporizers solely lies in your mind. Vaporizers are the ‘iPhones’ of this century. Usually, they come equipped with the latest technology and apps which improves their performance.

Expensive also means quality. Spending a fortune on a vaporizer may guarantee durability. Most of the modern vaporizers are made using quality materials. They are also designed stylishly to offer you a great deal of satisfaction.

The sturdy design in quality vaporizers makes them ideal for the ‘modern’ vaper. Most people prefer carrying around good-looking devices, and an ugly or bulky device is unwelcome.

Also, numerous health benefits are associated with high-quality vaporizers. In fact, most people have reported improved health after using vaporizers. This is to be credited to reduced carcinogens intake which is common in smoking.

Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizers

As in the cases with most products, flexibility is essential. Cheap vaporizers offer a certain level of flexibility since they can be easily replaced.

Cheap vaporizers offer less flavor and are less customizable. Most of the temperature in these vaporizers is also fixed which means that you can’t pick your preferred vaping temperature.

Since not everyone can afford the luxury of quality, these pens allow you to vape even when on a budget!


  1. They are affordable
  2. They are accessible


  1. They are less-durable
  2. Offers a less great vape

Do Vaporizers smell

Some of the vaporizers on the market do smell while others do not. Smelling also depends on whether the herb is low, middle or high grade with high-grade marijuana producing more smell.

There are also odorless vaporizers on the market which you can use. These devices have a unique design which prevents odors from leaking.


Having an odorless vapor pen is important for many reasons. First, it enables you to consume cannabis even when in a restricted area such as a hotel. It is also suitable for when you want to keep your vape session under ‘wraps’ or when you want to vape in a public area.

Odor vaporizers

Sometimes, you may prefer vaping while also inhaling the herb’s odors. For this case, you should find a vaping pen which does not conceal the odors.

If you prefer vaping while on the go, then portable and compact vaporizers may work for you. However, if you are that person who prefers vaping while in the comfort of their home, then a heavy vaporizer will do. One of the main advantages of desktop vaporizers is that they come in different sizes with each having its own set of unique features. This means that you can always get your ideal vape device for that outstanding vaping experience

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