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G Pen Elite

G Pen Elite

Grenco Science
Avg. Rating 4.28/5 (3 reviews)
The G Pen Elite Vaporizer by Grenco Science is their latest portable dry herb vaporizer. It features a stealthy body, LED display for precise temperature control and a ceramic chamber that can reach up to 360 degrees within 30 seconds. It is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. The vape has a stealthy and futuristic look and is small enough to fit in a pocket. Temperatures range between 93 - 220 degrees Celsius.

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G Pen Elite REVIEW (3)

Overall Rating
4.28 / 5
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  • 86%Positive reviews
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Most positive review

Reviewed 1 year ago by It's medicine

This is a great vape for the price and the look and feel are A+! This is my 3rd portable vape and I rate this one behind my vapir prima due to the limited airflow, hot mouthpiece, and easily clogged screen. Not sure if it will make it into my daily rotation

The store package arrived on time with bonus gifts. I will use VaporNation store for future vape purchases.


Most Negative Review

Reviewed 11 months ago by JNAZ666

I like this vaporizer but it leaves lots to be desired as far as vapor production, taste, and draw. Once you fine tune the unit to whatever herb you have in there (depending on how moist +/- a few degrees) it either tastes really good and produces light vapor, or is blasted and hits strong for a few minutes before tasting burnt. When I’m in the mood for a harsher smoke its great, but when you get something real tasty it doesn’t come thru that well. And loading a full .02 gram bowl is very inefficient and wastes about 30%-50% of the flower. Little bowls are best. Finely ground. On the other hand, it is a tank and can say I’ve used & abused that thing and it’s still truckin. Still holds a steady temp and a strong charge after using multiple times a day for almost a year. It’s a cool unit but for the price there’s so much better out there.


G Pen Elite

  • Warranty:

    1 Year Warranty (Electronics)

  • Display:

    LED display

  • Heating Time:

    30 Seconds

  • Temperature control:

    Precise Temperature Control

  • Temperature range:

  • Charge Time:

    2 - 3 Hours

  • Automatic Shut-off:

    Yes/40 Seconds

  • Dimensions:

    4 1/2 inches tall, 1 ½ inches wide

  • Chamber:


  • Weight:

    88 Grams

  • Bluetooth:


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