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List of Leading Magazines in the Weed Vaping Industry

List of Leading Magazines in the Weed Vaping Industry

The colossal cannabis industry has created room for various side markets, including weed vaporizer industry. Vaping is considered to be one of the best ways to consume marijuana.

A study carried out by Darthmouth researchers confirmed that people who preferred vaping reported it to be more satisfying, produced better effects, better tasting, and healthier.

Getting involved in the weed vaping industry can help you achieve more goals and experience an appealing lifestyle. The weed vaporizer industry is growing so fast due to various factors ranging from the trend towards marijuana vaping to rapid technology growth.

Due to the fast growth in this industry, many weed vaping magazines have emerged to teach their readers more about vaping.

We took our time to research deeply; hence we’ve compiled a list of leading magazines when it comes to weed vaping industry.


  1. Vaping Daily

Vaping Daily is an awesome weed vaping magazine that you should probably check out. This magazine is well-known for helping people learn about the benefits of vaping. The magazine can help you get answers to some of your difficult vaping questions.

Vaping Daily provides research-based and high-quality information on vaping to help you have an easy time while vaping weed.

Yes, you will find valuable information to help you live a healthier and better life while vaping. The magazine believes that vaping is a great alternative for smoking and that it prevents millions of deaths.

The magazine also boasts a couple of weed vaping guides that can be easily understood by any newbie.

  1. Vapouround

Vapouround is well-known as UK and Ireland’s leading vape trade magazine. It boasts an elegant and stylish design. You will get the feeling of reading a real magazine when you open one of their issues. The issues can be easily in form of PDF.

The magazine was launched back in 2015 and is operated and owned by Forex Media Ltd.

Vaporound has helped many vapers get the most and the best from the industry, thanks to their TPD compliant Vaporound Sample Box. It is delivered bi-monthly to vape shops worldwide.

They distribute their magazines through major trade shows around the world to more than 1,500 businesses and vapers.

The company has managed to not only cover Ireland and the UK, but also major world market, thanks to its online presence.

  1. Leafly

Leafly is another elegant weed vaping magazine that makes it easier for you to search the latest cannabis strains, news and vaping trends. It also features a page that lists various medicinal marijuana dispensaries; hence you can easily search for one near your local area.

In fact, Leafly is considered to be the world’s largest weed information resource. They make the process of finding the right vaporizers and strains for you fast, comfortable, and simple.

The magazine is a great resource for vapers because it shows them the best strains to use and their purpose. For example, they have strains that will put you in different moods and activities. There are strains that will help you conquer social anxiety, get active, motivate the mind, have a good night sleep, stay productive, and even lift your spirits. That’s great. Isn’t it?

Leafly is the perfect destination for you whether you’re a seasoned consumer, a medical marijuana patient, or totally new to vaping weed.

  1. DOPE Magazine

DOPE magazine has been in the cannabis industry since 2011. Did you know that the word DOPE is an acronym? It stands for Defending Our Plant Everywhere. Yes, now you know.

The team at DOPE Magazine has been offering great tips regarding weed consumption through their monthly events, social media handles, digital platforms, and print magazines. The magazine also covers other great topics around cannabis, including entertainment, how to grow weed, health benefits of vaping weed, law and politics, lifestyle, recipes and reviews.

DOPE magazine issues are printed every month. You can easily read the magazine issues from their website and get a peak on what’s going on in the cannabis industry.

  1. Cannabis.net

Cannabis.net Magazine offers a fully integrated media platform that supports the growth of the expanding cannabis industry; while providing comprehensive resources to entertain, employ, educate and locate service industry professionals and marijuana connoisseurs.

On their home page, you can see a slide showing active members on their social network. This is pretty unique as compared to other magazines in weed vaping industry.

Cannabis.net Magazine is best known for providing great resources. For example, it has a page that has the best strains you could ever think of.

The Magazine is striving to provide universal outlet to promote, organize, and make accessible businesses, doctors, dispensaries, and medical facilities to legal visitors worldwide.

  1. Cannabis Culture

Cannabis Culture is another leading marijuana magazine with great database of information regarding cannabis. The topics covered in this magazine include vaping weed, growing weed, activism, medical marijuana, arts, hemps, seeds and dispensaries.

It also offers great news on what’s going on in the weed industry. It’s in this magazine that you will get to know emerging entrepreneurs in the weed vaping industry and even the latest laws regarding marijuana.

As of spring 2009, Cannabis Culture Magazine seized from producing printed publication. However, it is still recognized as the one of the largest source of information regarding marijuana, thanks to their highest standard news delivery and journalism.

  1. Vegas Cannabis Mag

Vegas Cannabis Magazine makes it into the list of leading magazines in weed vaping industry.

Vegas Cannabis Magazine produces monthly issues that cover various topics including latest Cannabis news, people and influencers in the Marijuana industry, products, culture, and education regarding Cannabis.

The magazine also boasts valuable resources for you as a weed consumer. One of the best resources includes Vegas Cannabis Magazine Medical Marijuana Assistance Program – where you can get a medical card if you are a medical patient with a qualifying condition. Other resources include Patient Support and Information, Medical Marijuana Doctors, Cannabis Attorneys, and best Insurance for Cannabis users.

  1. Vape News

Vape News is an engaging magazine that shows different vaping techniques and styles on how to vape like a pro. It provides trending news in the vaping industry.

Vape News Magazine releases their issues every month. The topics covered range from trending vape news across the globe to the best vape shops worldwide.

The Magazine is well-designed to meet the readers’ needs and make it easy for them to navigate from one page to the other.

What I love about Vape News Magazine is that it has a special page dedicated to showcase vape events every month. Hence, this gives me an easy time to figure out great vape events where I can interact with my fellow vapers and have fun together. They have even made it easier for vapers to find vape events around their location. You only need to enter the date, keyword and your location. Check this out if you would wish to find vape events around your area.

  1. Magnetic Mag

Magnetic Mag is an awesome magazine that shows different types of cultures and how they embrace arts and music to build a productive society. It also has plenty of information regarding the Cannabis and vaping industry.

It covers vaping topics from ‘how to buy the best vape pen’ to ‘discovering discrete high-end vaping experiences.’

Magnetic Magazine boasts a stylish web layout that keeps you engaged and yearning to read more.

  1. High Times

High Times is considered as one of the biggest veterans in the Cannabis industry. They started way back in 1974 and since then they have been in the limelight for providing credible cannabis information.


From hard-hitting news exposing the War on Drugs, to culture and entertainment, to cultivation and legalization, to trending vape news, High Times Magazine is considered as the definitive resource for everything that involves cannabis.

The magazine also features High Times TV (HTTV) that provides entertaining and educational videos on everything to do with marijuana.


  1. Cannabis Now

Of course, I wouldn’t have winded up without mentioning this elegant magazine that features great news and information about cannabis.

Cannabis Now Magazine has won multiple awards for providing reliable news that helps millions of weed consumers across the world.

They always dwell on responsible content that entertain, educate, and enlighten their readers about the trending news in marijuana industry.

Cannabis Now focuses on the most relevant medical information, economic trends, social change, horticultural advancements, cannabis legislation, political happenings and news.

Also, the digital edition of their bi-monthly publication is available on Playbook, Android, and iTunes.


Winding Up!

In conclusion, here is a list that shows what each magazine specializes in doing best. This will help you choose the right site that can solve a specific problem or get the right answers to some of your burning questions regarding a given topic.

  1. Vaping Daily – Best for helping people quit smoking
  2. Vaporound – Best vape trade publication with a fast growing B2B distribution base.
  3. Leafly – Best for ranking the top trending dispensaries and retail stores in each of the major US cannabis markets.
  4. DOPE Magazine – Best for providing news that focuses on how cannabis unites different cultures all over the world.
  5. net – Best for connecting vapers online and connecting them with industry professionals.
  6. Cannabis Culture – Best for providing credible information about marijuana and hemp around the world.
  7. Vegas Cannabis Mag – Best for connecting lifestyle in Vegas with the marijuana industry.
  8. Vape News – Best for providing credible information about vape events across the world.
  9. Magnetic Mag – Best for connecting weed vaping with music and arts.
  10. High Times – Best for hosting a TV show that provide entertaining and educational videos on everything to do with marijuana.
  11. Cannabis Now – Best for providing cannabis legislation news globally.



I am that passionate, versatile and fussy writer who enjoys writing about vaping and its depths. Writing is my passion and I dedicate ample time to write high-quality content that addresses the needs of my audience. When not writing, you will find me in the kitchen trying out a new recipe.

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