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5 Things Teens Should be Told about Vaping

5 Things Teens Should be Informed about Vaping

As a parent, your hardest parenting period is when your kids enter their teen years. If you are reading this article, then your teen is 18+ years old and may be in the process of making important choices such as whether to vape or not.

If they are already vaping, telling them negative things about vaping won’t stop them from doing it. Think of it like you would with “the sex talk”.

The internet is full of all sorts of bad things and misinformation regarding vaping. At this sensitive time of your teen’s life, it is important for you to tell them the positives as well, as you are a much more trustworthy source who truly has their best interest at heart.

So here are those little-known positives you should tell your teen when having “the vaping talk”.

Vaping is viewed less negatively by society

Vaping doesn’t earn the same disdain as traditional smoking does by people like an employer, partner, neighbour or even a stranger. Since a vaporizer can be easily hidden, it is easy to stay beneath the radar.

Vaporizer manufacturers do their homework and know that their customers need something that gives them all the convenience and simplicity they need.

Vaporizers can be hidden in all sorts of convenient items such as keys, pens, memory cards, etc.

Vaping is healthier and better for the environment

A vaporizer heats marijuana at a relatively low temperature and then delivers it in form of vapor. Vaporizing cannabis prevents 95% of smoke from being inhaled. This means that the dangerous by-products of marijuana are avoided, and instead the medical elements are delivered. Your teen’s lungs, bladder, and heart are at significantly less risk if they choose vaping over other methods of smoking. They are safe from chronic bronchitis and they won’t wheeze, develop a hoarse voice, or have lung/chest pain.

Vaping doesn’t release smoke, and is therefore safer to the environment. It is also safer indoors because one can maintain good indoor air quality while vaping.

Second hand vapor has no health risks

Your teens don’t need to beat themselves up about vaping near others, and you should let them know that. Only a little smoke escapes into the atmosphere when vaping. By the time it spreads out, its effects have been neutralized.

French scientists estimate that vapor is dispelled within 11 seconds.

Vaping is less costly

While vaping, you don’t have to burn a lot of weed to get high. In her book, “the complete marijuana handbook for women”, Mary Jane gives tips such as using the remaining duff from previous vaping sessions to cook recipes.

Vaping gets you realllllly high

And here is one negative, or positive depending on what your child’s reason for vaping is. Vaping does get you high!

Tell them not to be deceived by the delayed onset, A few puffs and they will be dancing like ‘stoned’ Mr. Bean!


Once your teen is ready, have them visit Get-Vape’s vaporizer store & comparison tool to help find a vaporizer that works for them, and have them read user reviews on the products on get-vape.com.


I am that passionate, versatile and fussy writer who enjoys writing about vaping and its depths. Writing is my passion and I dedicate ample time to write high-quality content that addresses the needs of my audience. When not writing, you will find me in the kitchen trying out a new recipe.

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    I would sooner send my son a link to this article than actually have this talk with him, haha. tricky stuff

    July 24, 2018

    Not sure I would feel completely comfortable having this conversation with my kid, but it does touch on a lot of good points.

    July 26, 2018

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