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  • Grasshopper: The Pen-Sized Power House

    The Grasshopper is an innovative vaporizer created by a small group of engineers that wanted to bring something new to the industry. Powerhouse vaporizers tend to be large and bulky, and the

  • How to Clean Your Vaporizer

    There are a few ways to clean a vaporizer, and they’re all incredibly easy. The first thing we need to talk about is which section of the vaporizer to clean. The only


Philip Thomas

Phil Thomas is a content creator from Pensacola Florida. Not only is he a long-time member of the vape nation, but he’s an artist with a lot of passion. He writes for vape sites and pop culture sites because of his love for those topics, but he writes graphic novels and music to satisfy a real need for creativity without boundaries. He has a mind for both creative and technical writing, and he needs an outlet for both on a daily basis. According to Phil, “Everyone finds their balance eventually. This is just my balance.” In addition, Phil enjoys building computers, messing with Android software, and taking in as much art as he can (especially from talented newcomers.)

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  • Job TitleBlogger / Creative Writer
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  • Type of WorkWriting
  • LocationPensacola, FL, United States
  • Favorite Topicsaping, Gaming, Cannabis (if that's okay for the site), Pop Culture, PC hardware and software installation
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