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OmniVap XL Titanium

OmniVap XL Titanium

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With the exception of the “Cap”, the OmniVap XL is made entirely of titanium so it does not get hot even with prolonged use
  • Small and portable
  • No batteries needed
  • Works With torch or lighter
  • Longer 109mm length
  • Adjustable bowl sizes
  • Pure flavor, true vaporization

DynaVap OmniVap XL Titanium Vaporizer

The OmniVap XL Titanium Vaporizer is the premium version of the popular DynaVap “M” Vaporizer.  DynaVap is a company specializing in battery-free dry herb vaporizers.  First introduced was the DynaVap M Vape (The M).  The M quickly became a popular choice due to its high-quality vapor output along with its ease of use.  The OmniVap XL Titanium uses the same technology as The M however it has been designed and built entirely out of titanium, (*Cap excluded)  The main benefit of the titanium construction is titanium is an excellent thermal insulator meaning it does not conduct heat as easily as other metals making it cool to the touch.

The OmniVap XL Titanium Vaporizer system has a specialized design to allow for simple adjustment of flow restriction, allowing complete control of the vapor to air intake ratio. Adjust by simply twisting the mouthpiece, which extends/retracts the condenser into the back end of the tip. It is not compatible with the M Tip or stem midsections.

XL means this vape is 17mm longer than the regular OmniVap Titanium.  The added length will increase the ability for the vapor to cool on its way to your mouth

How To Use Your OmniVap XL Titanium Vaporizer

  • Most Important! Before your first use, please read all of these instructions and then do at least two, preferably more than two, dry runs with nothing in the VapCap! This is very important to become familiar with the operation of the unit and prevent unintentional combustion residues.

  • The VapCap is unlike any other vaporizer, so give it a few tries empty to get the feel of its unique temperature-indicating click. Heat the VapCap in a quiet area, listen and feel so you know what you are looking for. If you are using a torch lighter, this should not take more than 5 or 6 seconds. Heat the middle of the cap not the end and rotate while heating. If more than 6 seconds go by and you don’t hear the click, stop heating and let it cool down.

  • If you severely overheat your VapCap it can be permanently damaged. It is very important you hear the cooldown click or allow it to cool to the touch, before heating for the next cycle. Repeat this procedure several times to get the feel of how this little unit operates.

  • When you are ready for the first use, let it cool down, then remove the cap from the VapCap.

  • Fill the VapCap chamber with your material of choice. This can be done easily by pushing the VapCap into a container of your material and twisting. Pre-grinding your material is NOT needed like when using a bat or hitter. If you prefer to grind, go coarse. Finely ground material will get through the diffuser disc and into the unit.

  • Place the cap back on the VapCap.

  • Heat up the metal cap of your VapCap while rotating it, with the flame or heat source applied to the last third of the metal cap. Try to only apply heat to the side of the cap and NOT the end. This is not like lighting a smoking device.

  • Continue rotating and heating the cap until you hear and or feel a click – this means the VapCap is ready!

  • Puff on the mouthpiece. Experiment a little here. If you draw with the air hole completely plugged the flow will seem somewhat restricted. This is normal. Some find they get the best result by taking a long, slow steady draw with the hole completely open, and others will intermittently or lightly cover the air/vapor mix port. The way air flows through the VapCap cools the vapor to provide a smooth experience.

  • Keep drawing as desired until you hear the click again, this means the VapCap has cooled down.

  • When the vapor production diminishes, it is easy to reactivate. a. Make sure the VapCap has re-clicked “to cool” before reheating for the next cycle. b. If you are not sure if it has re-clicked, gently blow on the end to cool it. It may take up to 1 minute to reset.

  • When there is no longer any desirable vapor produced, and the cap has clicked “to cool”, remove the cap. The consumed material can be either blown out the end, or the little tang on the cap is also a wonderful “digger outer.”

Reload for another round of simple and wonderful vapor.

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