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What is Sub-ohming? Understanding the New Trend in the Vaping Industry


Have you heard friends talking about sub-ohming and wondered what they meant? Sub-ohm vaping is the new trend that has taken over the vaping industry by storm, and it is very important that anyone planning to get into this industry understand the pros as well as the cons of this trend. What is sub-ohming? Is it safe? How is it done? Why is it so popular? In this article, we will answer all these questions as we try and make you understand what this new vaping trend is all about.

What is sub-ohming?

Sub-ohming, also known as sub ohm vaping refers to the process of using coils or vaping devices with resistance levels of less than 1.0 Ohms. There are so many reasons why sub-ohming has become very popular and here are some of the reasons why you might want to try this trend out:

  • Massive clouds of vapor– If you are a cloud chaser, then sub-ohm vaping is designed specifically for you! Sub-ohm coils are designed in such a way that they have a larger surface area than the regular vaping devices. Because of this, people can produce huge clouds of vapor. This is the main reason why sub-ohming has become very popular among vapers since it always feels great when such huge fumes of air come from you. If you want to be the next famous guy in your regular vaping den, then try sub-ohming!
  • Intense flavor– Another reason why sub-ohming has become very popular is that of its ability to allow you to enjoy more and intense flavor. This is because, when sub-ohming, you consume more vaping oil as compared to the regular vaping. Although you will need to replace your vaping oil more regularly, you will have an out of this world vaping experience, and you will notice a significant difference in the taste of your flavor. However, please note that you must choose the right flavors for sub-ohming since some of your favorite flavors might taste awful when used on low resistance devices.
  • Warm vapor– Are you that person who fancies that warm vaping sensation hit on your throat? Then sub-ohming is for you! During sub-ohming, the oil is heated and delivered faster. This means that the vapor reaches your throat when it is still warm and sweet. However, always be careful to ensure that you allow for enough airflow to cool down the super-hot vapor as it might burn your throat or lips!

Disadvantages of sub-ohming

Although sub-ohming has a lot of benefits that vapers love, it is also critical to note that nothing is ever perfect. Here are some disadvantages associated with this vaping trend:

  • More expensive– Although all the vapers are talking about the goodness of sub-ohming, still a good number of people are complaining of how expensive this habit is. Please note that, when vaping at a lower wattage and a higher resistance, five milliliters of vape oil can easily take you through the whole day. On the other hand, you only need an hour or even less to burn five milliliters of vape oil in sub-ohming! If you are vaping as a way of saving your money, then sub-ohming is definitely not an option.
  • Reduced battery life– To produce more vapor, you have to use more wattage. This, in turn, means that your batteries will die or get damaged faster. If you have not tried sub-ohming and are already complaining about your battery life, just wait until you use a 0.5 coil! The battery runs out very fast, and this means that you have to frequently re-charge it. This means that your batteries are going to die faster and so you have to keep replacing them.
  • Not suitable for newbies– As you have seen, sub-ohming requires some level of expertise to ensure that you stay on the top of the game and that you don’t do something that could potentially harm you. If you are just getting into vaping, then sub-ohming is not something that you can just start with.

Is Sub-ohming safe?

Like everything else, the safety of sub-ohming highly depends on the user. If you are just getting into sub-ohming, it is critical that you educate yourself on the fundamental principles of electronics and Ohm’s law. It is also essential that you understand your battery’s amperage limit since if you put too much strain, the battery can explode!

Sub-ohming can be very safe, but also potentially dangerous when done carelessly. Always use new and undamaged batteries when sub-ohming to minimize the risks of accidents. Ensure that you are using certified quality coils from known manufacturers. Remember that, although you are after ‘’big and massive’’ clouds, an e-cig explosion is something you can do without!


As you can see, there is no way that we can say with certainty that sub-ohming is safe or unsafe. Neither can you know whether sub-ohming is for you without giving it a trial. Although sub-ohming can be very enjoyable, it all comes down to the user and their experience. This is not a trend that you can follow blindly, simply because everyone is doing it. Just make sure that you do your research, compare products and prices using Get-Vape’s vaporizer store & comparison tool, know why you are vaping, follow the right instructions and you will never go wrong.


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    is sub-ohming a thing for cannabis vapes or only for e-cigs?

    July 24, 2018

    This seems a little bit too much for my lungs to handle, but if it is your thing, then…

    July 26, 2018

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