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Vaporizers and the Laws around the Globe

Vaporizers and the Laws around the Globe

For those who truly love vaping, it is more than just a substitute for smoking; it is a way of life. Whether you are embarking on a tour across the globe, going out to the local supermarket, or just lounging around the house, you will need your vape close so that you can take your occasional puff. The issue of marijuana is controversial worldwide. When it comes to legality, each country has its own rules. The focus of this article will be on the regulation of vaping around the globe. Where are you allowed to vape? Since laws, regulations, and attitudes with regards to vaping vary from one country to another, it is good to know where in the world can you vape and where you cannot.

Vaping While in Transit

Irrespective of the country that you are traveling through or visiting, you will with no doubt use some type of public transport.

Air travel

Air travel is heavily regulated globally, and this is not different when it comes to vaping. In a majority of airlines that fly out of North America and Europe, vaping is banned apart from a few exceptions.  A majority of airports have banned vaping, while a few of them have vaping sections where travelers can puff as they wait for their flights.


Rail travel is one of the most common means of transport in many countries. Therefore, you should take note of rail travel vaping rules. In Europe, vaping has been banned in train cabins, and also on the rail platforms. The bans are well displayed in signs in the cabin and also in the station.

Rental Cars

Renting a vehicle is one of the best ways of getting around in a country with fewer restrictions. They are also a perfect choice for those who are habitual vapers. When signing the rental agreement, a majority of providers will not bring up the issue of vaping in the car. Since vapes do not leave a lasting smell, you can sneak a puff in the vehicle, providing that you will focus on the road ahead. In case you want to play it safe, you can leave the car’s window open.


Staying in a hotel overseas is a perfect way of enjoying the comforts of home while you are away. However, you need to know the vaping rules of the hotel to avoid penalties and extra fees. When it comes to hotels, there exists no blanket rule on vaping, and in a majority of cases, you can vape in your room since there is no risk of any lingering smells or accidental fires.

Vaping Laws, Attitudes, and Regulations around the Globe

Vaping attitudes, regulations and laws tend to vary from one region to another. Below is a breakdown of the several regions of the world, and few key examples of each region:


A majority of countries in the African continent have not yet taken any stance against or for vaping. Nonetheless, there are a few exceptions.

  • South Africa. Vaporizers are legal. However, there is a ban on e-liquids that contain nicotine.
  • The laws here are vague. It is okay to vape here. There is a massive smoking culture in the country so that you won’t be bothered with your vaporizer.


Of all the continents of the planet, Asia is a continent that you need to be wary of when traveling there. We have listed a few countries on the continent that you need to be careful when traveling to and planning to vape during your vacation.

  • Countries that have banned vaping: Indonesia, Singapore, Jordan, Cambodia, and Brunei. While these countries have official vaping bans, locals report that the enforcement of the bans varies, with open vaping taking place in some countries despite the existing bans.
  • There is no existing law that bans vaping. There might be a some tricky regional attitudes in the country, but reports from travelers indicate that they experienced no problems with the authorities when vaping.
  • While vaping is not illegal, there is confusion that surrounds this topic. There are few reports that the locals are against vaping.
  • The general attitude towards vaping in the country is unrestrictive. As long as you come with your own vaporizer, you shouldn’t have any issues vaping here.
  • There are no laws or regulations against vaping in the country. However, the general attitude towards vaping in the country is negative. It is recommended that you leave your vape gear at home when traveling to Thailand.

New Zealand and Australia

In New Zealand and Australia, there are no laws that are against the import, sale, or purchase of vapes. Generally, in case you bring your vaping gear into any of the two countries for personal use, you shouldn’t have any issues with the authorities.

Central and South America

In this continent, laws on vaping have not been put in place in a majority of countries. In some countries like Suriname and Brazil, vaping bans have been instituted. However, its enforcement is relaxed. Therefore you can bring your vaping equipment for personal use.

  • The manufacture and sale of vaporizers has been banned. When it comes to the importation of vaping products for personal use, reports show that the authorities have no problem with it. Nonetheless, you need to be careful.
  • There are no laws that ban vaping. Reports from travelers and locals suggest that vaping is acceptable.

North America

With the exception of Mexico, vaping attitudes in this continent tend to be tolerant, with numerous vape stores and shops available.

  • The United States of America. Personal use is permitted, with a few restrictions imposed by some states. A majority of federal parks have vaping Therefore, you should vape respectfully, and also follow the rules and regulations of the state that you are vaping in.
  • The import and sale of vaporizers has been banned. Nonetheless, you can bring your vaping gear for your personal use.
  • Personal use is permitted. However, some cities and provinces have introduced bans in beaches, parks, and pubs.


Europe is a constantly changing platform for vapers. In some countries, there have been strict crackdowns (with Lithuania putting in place a complete ban on vaping), while others have just started regulating vaping.

  • Here attitude towards vaping outdoor is lenient.
  • Vaping in public areas is banned. As long as you are bringing your vaping gear for indoor use, you shouldn’t have any issues with the authorities.
  • You can import and buy vaping gear with no restrictions here. However, vaping has been banned on all forms of public transport.


While this guide provides a guideline of the different obstacles that vapers face around the globe, vaping regulations and laws are constantly changing. It is recommended that you conduct a bit of research on the location before you take your flight so that you know what exactly is permitted and not permitted. Also make sure you do research on which vape is best to purchase for this purpose. Check out Get-Vape’s ranking of the top 10 Best Portable Vaporizers on the market.



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    Sydney Greenthal

    Question – regardless of whether or not there is a place for you to vape at the airport, isn’t it a problem to bring marijuana (in any form) into the airport/through security in the first place? It is one thing to try to bring an empty vape through security, but I don’t understand how you could actually smoke in the airport…

    July 24, 2018

    super helpful, will definitely be re-reading this article before my next overseas vacation, lol

    July 26, 2018

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