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Is your vaporizer not producing enough cloud?

Is your vaporizer not producing enough cloud

Thin, wispy clouds which are typical with some vaporizers could be frustrating. Whether you’re dedicated to chasing clouds or just want a decent amount of vapor production, blowing clouds is not difficult. Regardless if you’re using a high-end vaporizer or one that is less expensive, there are some important steps you need to follow to get substantial vapor production.

Make sure your herbs are dry

You’ll find you produce a lot more cloud if you dry your herbs before vaping.

If your marijuana is well-cured it shouldn’t need to be dried…this will have a negative effect on the taste. However, if it’s moist and fresh, it will need to be dried up a little…

Some methods to quickly dry weed:

Generally, it’s best to buy herbs that are properly cured to start with for a number of reasons. However, if they are not already dry, you can do so by following the steps below. There are shortcuts and different methods you could take, but when you take the time to dry your herbs properly, the more they will retain their smoothness, potency, and ability to produce ample clouds.

Depending on the moisture in your herbs, you might need to use one of the following methods.

  1. Plastic or paper – actually both. Place herbs in a plain paper bag from 6 to 8 hours. Then, remove them and place in a plastic bag from 5 to 7 hours. Alternate between the two while lessening the amount of time you leave the weed in each bag. By alternating bags, the moisture is kept evenly throughout the herb (so the center doesn’t dry quicker than the outside). Repeat as needed.
  2. Glass Jar – place your weed in a glass jar without the lid. Place tissues both on top and below the herbs. The glass and tissues will help deter mold.
  3. Rice Method – rice is known for absorbing moisture. Place your marijuana in a container along with some rice until there is no moisture left – just make sure you pick off remaining rice, if any, before use.

Use an herb grinder

Once you’ve determined your weed is suitable for vaping then it’s time to grind.

Grinding your weed helps to transfer the heat both more effectively and efficiently. This helps produce thicker clouds and evens out heating of the herbs. You may have appliances or sharp tools lying around that you could use, but finding a good herb grinder would be the way to go.

Grinding helps increase the surface area of your weed. In turn, allowing the vaporizer’s heat to pass through the plant and deliver a tasty, thick vapor. If you haven’t got access to a grinder, chop or grind your weed as you usually would. Just remember to make the grind even.

It’s crucial to grind your herbs before packing them to make sure your bud heats consistently and evenly. This is essential for not only the vapor’s thickness but for each draw’s flavor and potency.

Check your vaporizer is clean and fresh

Like with most things, to keep your vaporizer functioning at its best so it can produce potent and large clouds, you should clean it regularly. Make sure this is no build up of resin in all parts of the vapor and in particular keep your bowl clean.

Pack just tight enough

You’ll want to find the sweet spot of packing your chamber with enough weed so as to generate a good amount of vapor, without going overboard. At the same time, you’ll want to avoid over-packing the chamber, as this could affect the vapor flow.

The vapor is coming from the dry herbs, so, naturally, when you pack more, you’ll produce more vapor. However, due to the fact that vaporizers are designed differently – some require that you not over-pack the chamber. If your vaporizer is portable the airflow could possibly get blocked from the chamber being over packed, then you might want to be aware of the balance between tightly packing the device without over packing.

This could be more of a problem if the device’s heating chamber is just under the mouthpiece, which means the vapor you’re breathing is directly out of the chamber.  This is when the airflow extending from the mouthpiece to the chamber could become blocked by the herbs. When airflow becomes blocked, then so does the vapor, so you won’t get substantial clouds. Vaporizers that have the mouthpiece up the top and the chamber at the bottom tend not to have this issue.

So, if you’re not blocking the airflow from the mouthpiece, just continue packing tightly. If your vaporizer’s mouthpiece sits right above the herbs, just leave some breathing space so you’re still able to inhale.

Inhale slowly and lightly

Inhaling slowly keeps the weed and heating chamber at the best temperature. By inhaling too often and too rapidly, you could cool down the chamber, limiting the amount of vapor you have from a hit.

A vaporizer only produces a certain amount of vapor each second, and by taking frequent hits you’re not giving the vaporizer the time it needs to work sufficiently. In order to get enough vapor, give the chamber some time to heat before taking hits.  Steady and slow puffs are best.

All these tips contribute to the hard-hitting and thick clouds in one hit.



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