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Why does my vape taste bad?  

Why does my vape taste bad 

Have you ever tried vaping your herb not only to find you’re getting a really bad taste?

We’ve probably all experienced this at some point. We all had to start from the beginning, making silly mistakes which made our weed vaping expensive and not as pleasurable as it should have been.

Well, there’s no need to worry.

Fortunately, vaporizing has been around for quite some time so we can make the most of the knowledge of hundreds of vapers who have been through it all before and use their common weed vaping mistakes as well as their solutions.

What Can Cause This?

There are some issues which can result in your vape flavor being compromised. These can range from something you have or haven’t done with the vaporizer. So let’s break down the problems and find out ways to fix them.

Hot Spots

Herb exudes resin gradually and consistently.  Over time it can adhere to the sides of the vaporizer’s air path and chamber.  If this builds up it can gather grime and grit which can lead to hot spots and blockages.

When you vape, these hot spots can warm up and harm your vaporizer and extreme cases could cause combustion.  This occurs when the trapped heat in hotspots gets so intense it results in the surrounding herb becoming inflamed, releasing nasty, thick smoke.

To battle hotspots, you just need to clean the chamber by using a soft brush and cleaning solution. When your air path and chamber is cleaned you can look forward to your tasty vape again!

Plastic Airpaths

Sometimes the nasty taste is not your fault, but the actual vape. This is a result of vaporizers that have plastic air paths releasing some of the plastic properties when they’re heated. This means when you inhale you will experience an awful, plastic taste, which can be really nasty.

There’s just one solution to this problem, and that is upgrading to another vaporizer. Change your old vaporizer to a new one with borosilicate glass. This type of glass doesn’t expand the way ordinary glass does and it resists change in temperature.

Set Your Vaporizer to an Appropriate Temperature

There are different temperatures for different vaping requirements. In general, if you set the temperature dial on high, you will experience stronger effects from your vapor. However, with about 90% of vaporizers, when the temperature is set higher there will be more deterioration of flavor.

If you’ve vaped marijuana before you might be aware of that taste which resembles burnt popcorn. Well, when you go higher in temperature this taste becomes more prevalent; you’ll also notice a harsher vapor. But what exactly is a high and low temperature?

When it comes to vaping marijuana, available studies indicate that the ideal temperature range is from 175 C – 200 C.  This is the best balance for Terpenes and Cannabinoids extraction. 

Anything below this and you won’t be making the most of your herb; anything over this, and there’s a possibility you will burn your herb, which will result in an awful taste.

Keep Your Vaporizer Clean

This may seem like a really obvious tip, however, it’s easy to be lazy or just forget to clean your vaporizer, and then blame it for tasting bad. It’s common to open a vaporizer and find the screens clogged with residue from the herbs.

If you are using your vaporizer regularly it is bound to get dirty faster than if you are using it less often.  The build-up of residue can cause your vaping to have an awful taste.

Whether you’re using a desktop or a portable unit it’s best to look after your vaporizer on a regular basis.  This doesn’t mean you have to clean it after each session – that would be a bit excessive. 


Make sure you wipe the chamber after emptying it.  This could be done at the end of the day so it’s clean and ready to use next time.

After about five sessions (or after one week, if you don’t vape heavily) it would be beneficial to give it a thorough clean.

Here is the procedure for the best results:

  • Start by dissembling your vaporizer
  • Take out any dry herb that’s inside
  • Read the manual
  • If allowed, soak the vaporizer parts in water or ISO alcohol
  • Thoroughly clean each component with a gentle brush or Q-tip
  • Leave all parts to fully dry and then wipe with a clean cloth.

It’s important to keep the herb chamber, vapor path and screens clear.  Most vaporizers can be cleaned easily with Q-tips after dipping them into ISO alcohol and then cleaning each part.  Make sure you never tip the whole vaporizer in the alcohol.

Not Knowing What Makes Your Vaporizer Tick

It would not be realistic to assume that all herb vaporizers are the same.  Each brand, type and make will behave in different ways.  That said it’s important to know how your own vaporizer performs and use what you learn in a way that will maximize its performance.

For instance, the vape quality on some desktop vaporizers depends on how you inhale – the faster you inhale means the fewer vapes you’ll get.  That’s due to the temperature not reaching high enough for cooking the weed because of the lack of time.  That being said, on some vaporizers inhaling faster is best otherwise you’re at risk of getting hits that are dry with a bad taste.

So, ensure you read through the specifications about the device you’re using and find how to effectively vape for that device.

There are certain tips for each vaporizer, but whichever one you use, these tips will make sure you’re on the right track.

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