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To Vape or Not to Vape?

Tobacco takes the lives of about six million each year. Despite Health Care’s efforts to inform people on the consequences of smoking, many youngsters take up smoking and allow it to continue posing a threat to not only their health, but the health of others. In third-world counties, restrictions are limited and tobacco control is not enforced as powerfully.

According to recent studies, vaping is not as harmful for you as smoking is, since it does not involve burning materials, which allow toxins to reach your lungs.

Vaping – a trend or a growing movement?

An increasing number of people have been throwing away their pipes and rolling papers in favor of the innovative, battery-powered vaporizer. Why it is that so many vapers feel passionate about the topic, and forcefully protect the pocket machine? It is most probably because the invention gave them a significantly better control on their nicotine consumption, and ultimately helped them stop smoking, allowing better health and brighter physical future without being dependent on medication.


E-cigarettes and vaporizers are closely related. Since there are a smaller number of chemicals in the e-cigarette relative to tobacco smoke, we can be assured that vaping is considerably less harmful than smoking.

It was found that the cells of the coronary artery responded differently when exposed to e-cigarette vapor, compared to cigarette smoke: the cells presented more stress with the cigarette smoke, and showed no stress from the e-cigarette – which suggests that tobacco is more harmful, and might be switched to e-cigarette in order to reduce immediate harm.

Although this is not yet confidently approved, vapers consume a reduced amount of nicotine and slowly move to near-zero nicotine.

The importance of not inhaling smoke

We know that smoking is bad for us, whether it is lighting a joint or blazing a cigarette; the toxic fumes have detrimental health effects when inhaled into the lungs. In contrast, and with their innovative engineering, vaporizers provide a cleaner experience.

Reflection on Vaping

Anyone who smokes should try using a vaporizer. Undoubtedly, the experience is feels cleaner, clearer, and is definitely healthier than smoking.  The strategy is to heat up the plant just enough to let the good chemicals be released to your ingestion system, without inhaling the rubbish. Additionally, smoking weed with the vaporizer gives a somewhat different high – but you’ll have to figure that part out for yourself. Using this new portable blazing machine will make the rolling papers and other materials look totally unnecessary. Check out our list of the top 10 best portable vaporizers on the market.

Okay. I got it, but is there any conclusion?

Some experienced vapers claim that tobacco tastes slightly strange when vaped. Still, using a vaporizer is a phenomenal path to make the transition into a way of life which doesn’t involve setting your plants of fire. What’s more is how nifty you are going to look like as you pull out this innovational vaping device in your next social event or night-out. Get started on your vaping journey at Get-Vape.com.


He has a bachelor's and master's degree in Earth Sciences and Atmospheric Sciences from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
He plays piano, flute and guitar. Ahh and most import thing Tal likes Vaping 😎

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    I agree that anyone who smokes should try this, it has changed my life

    July 24, 2018

    important to always be aware of health impacts. good article

    July 26, 2018

    definitely….TO VAPE!!! :)))

    July 30, 2018

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