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How the Use of Vaporizers Affect Your Lungs

How the Use of Vaporizers Affect Your Lungs

The question of whether vaping is bad for your health or not is a very complicated one, and it can only be measured relative to your present health and habits. The best method of addressing the health effects of vaping is by breaking down its impact on the human body. For example, how does vaping affect lungs? The question of whether vaping causes damage to the lungs is a common question which the general public and vapers ask frequently. The answer to this particular question usually depends on who you are asking. In case you take a poll among some of your friends and parents, I bet that the results will show that a majority of them think vaping is as harmful as smoking. This is the message that special interest groups have been for a while force-feeding the mainstream media, and their message is getting out.

Several years ago, a majority of Americans considered vaping much safer than tobacco. However, a survey that was carried out in 2015 by Harvard University showed that public opinion has changed and more people now have a negative view of vaping.

This negative trend will continue as long as millions of taxpayer dollars are being used to conduct anti-vaping campaigns countrywide.

Biased Vaping Research

There have been studies that have been carried out which shows that the use e-liquids may result in lung infection. In one of the studies, the e-liquids were interacted directly with the lung cells in liquid form and not in vapor or aerosol forms. They really took lung cells and poured e-liquids on them. Another research analyzed lung cells after they were exposed to 60 minutes of vapor and 60 minutes to cigarette smoke. The study showed that vaping was between 97 percent to 70 percent less toxic as compared to smoking. The point that I want to put across is that there are several studies with regards to vaping. The current position of the USA health authorities is that no one can definitively claim that vaping damages lungs or that there is any benefit from switching to vaping from smoking.

So, Does Vaping Damage The Lungs?

The results of the vaping study that was published in the journal “Toxicology Letters” found that vaping does not cause any damage to the lungs at the genetic level. The study was carried out with the use of Vype e-cigs which is a basic electronic cigarettes design. The vape devices were used as human vapors as opposed to the biased researchers who use variable power mods which are set to extremes that no one will ever vape at. The results of the researcher were astonishing.

The researchers compared the effects of cigarette smoke on the lung cells to the effect of vapor on the lung cells. The damage which was caused by the toxins that are present in cigarette smoke was evident. Nonetheless, the same tests demonstrated that vapor from vaporizers did not cause any damage. The researchers exposed the lung cells to 28 times more vapor than cigarette smoke and no harm was detected.

Cigarettes Cause Genetic Damage to Your Lung Cells

The researchers observed that cigarette smoking caused substantial genetic damage to the lung cells. They discovered that the more cigarette smoke they exposed to the lung cells, the more the damage on the cells. The results of this study confirm that cigarette smoking is toxic and causes genetic damage.

When the DNA molecule’s strands are broken, it will try to self-repair using the available proteins that are available. This is where mutations and problems occur, and therefore result in diseases.

Vaporizer Chemicals to avoid & Lung Damage

There have been several researches that claim that vaporizers’ flavors may result in lung damage. In case you ask these researchers if they believe that vaping causes lung damage, they will say yes. So, what makes them believe that vaping is toxic. To begin with, the research began when they found diacetyl in some of the e-liquids that they tested. Diacetyl is an approved food additive which tastes likes butter. It is considered safe, however when it is inhaled it is considered to be a toxin and it has been associated with lung damage. This effect was first observed by popcorn factory workers who developed a condition referred to as bronchiolitis obliteratans which is also referred to as popcorn lung. Popcorn lung is a serious lung disease.

What a majority of smokers do not know is that there is more diacetylin in cigarette smoke as compared to the vapor from a vaporizer. There is also no known cases of any individual getting bronchiolitis obliteratans from vaping. With that said, we recommend that you do not use acetyl proprionyl, acetoin, and diacetyl. The good e-liquids companies list their ingredients and it is very easy to avoid these types of additives by sticking with e-juice brands that are of high quality. Alternatively, you can use weed on your vaporizer which is safe and has no added additives or chemical compounds.

All Vaporizers Are Not Equal

You cannot even start to speculate if vaping causes lung damage or not unless you can differentiate between the different vaporizers in the market today. A majority of researchers have no real understanding of the vaping products in the market, and they just consider one brand or type of vaporizer to be like any other. This is a ridiculous assumption. All vaporizers are not equal. There are several trusted brands in the vaporizers market. Some of the top trusted brands include the following:

There is also a big issue with counterfeit, clone, and fake vaporizers. It is recommended that you check your product’s authenticity code before making any purchase.


Vaping is a pretty new phenomenon. Long-term studies on their use are still in their infancy stages and therefore it could take several years before we get all details on whether vaping affects our lungs.

If you are vaper, what you can do at the moment is to make sure that you are using the best quality products and are using them as directed.

You should avoid e-liquids which have diacetyl and also avoid counterfeit or cloned electronic cigarettes which have currently flooded the market. If weed is legalized in your state, it will be much safer for you to use weed on your vaporizer as compared to the other e-liquids which may affect your lungs.



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