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Top Celebrity Vapers

With paparazzi flashing cameras, new celebrity TV shows popping up every day and the ever updated social media platforms; it is hard to ignore what our celebrities are up to. Who is trending and what controversial thing they have done is always the eye catcher. Today we will have a look at the different celebrities who rock in the vaping world.

Well, as we all know, the vaping culture is fast overtaking smoking as it is safer and classy and even celebrities have been unable to hold the temptation of joining the trend. Here are our top celebrity vapers.

  1. Johnny Depp

Yes, ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ tops our list of celebrity vapers. Johnny Depp who has starred in several other high profile films apart from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ such as the ’Lone Ranger’, the ‘Tourist’ (where he uses a vaporizer inside a train) and many other classic movies, has been spotted vaping in clubs and at his home. He is surely going to be a point of reference for the future generations.






  1. Katy Perry

Katy is famous for her hit songs such as ‘Dark Horse,’  ‘I Kissed a Girl’ and “Shake it up’. What you might not know is that Katy is a vaping fan. Yes, the one Katy Perry was photographed puffing during the Labor Day party. The news has it that she has her favorite purple vape pen which she never let go of.





  1. Simon Cowell

Who ever thought the America Got Talent super judge was a vaper? Surprisingly, the 56 years old is a staunch marijuana vaper. The talent shows’ critic confessed when queried that “it tastes nice and sweet and that it was a good one” considering that Simon Cowell was a smoker initially, we hope that vaping will be a change for his betterment and a step to the right direction.



  1. Samuel Jackson

The actor with many feathers might not have revealed all of them to us yet as he confessed that he loves the weed smoke around him as he loves acting.  Samuel Jackson has acted the bad guy roles in Pulp Fiction to the Academy Award Winning role in Django the Unchained. He commands respect from all quarters.

Samuel was initially a pong guy but it appears that he has considered the best option available for him and has shifted to vape pens.




  1. Leonardo DeCaprio

‘The Titanic’ Romeo is another public vaping celebrity. He has admitted in interviews of using vape pens and he is proud of it! Even the Wall Street Wolf ended up publishing an article stating that Leonardo was the lord of vape pens if we were to compare celebrity e-cigs. His fans actually believe that he has a vape pen hidden under his ever stylish hair. He has been spotted in the street of Manhattan vaping by the daily mail while a photo of him taking a puff at the Rao restaurant in New York made its way into the social media platforms.







  1. Jack Nicholson

Jack is giving young blood celebrities a run for their money when it comes to vape. The 80-year-old has been spotted using an e-cig in public while signing autographs. The media was taken by a surprise when a photo of the legend vaping next to his son in Staples Center in Los Angeles made circles on the media. Speak of a living legend!




  1. Willie Nelson

Next to Jack Nicholson in the old school, vaper’s list is Willie Nelson.  Willie is not only a staunch vaper but also a big champion of the vaping industry as a whole. He has been using pot since the days when it was illegal even to mention it.

Nelson is one of the celebrities with a huge stock of vape pens and desktop vaporizers. News has it that Willie will be launching his new brand of vaporizer products, a course which has been supported by Snoop Dogg.




  1. Lindsay Lohan

When it comes to controversial celebrities, Lindsay cannot miss on the list. She definitely had a rough time growing up and struggling with drug abuse as a teenager. Today, it appears Lindsay has decided to turn her life around as she has embraced healthy living habits, with vaping topping the list! Her vaping habit can be dated back to 2011 when her first photo holding a vape pen got into the media. This makes her one of the earliest vapers in Hollywood. 



  1. Snoop Dogg

This list will be incomplete if we do not mention Snoop Dogg who is a top musician and the face of marijuana globally.  As a marijuana enthusiast, Snoop took the invention and modification of vaporizers and vape pens in his stride. With several pot brands already running, he started the G- pen brand of vaporizers which included the creation of Snoop Dogg vape pen.

As a face of marijuana, Snoop Dogg does not hide his vaping habits and even showcases them in his music.



The list of celebrity vapers is endless although this marks the end of our top layer. There are other celebrities in the music industries, actors, producers, and authors who will not go a day without taking a draw from the Best vape pen.


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