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Tips & Tricks with a Twist: How to Master 12 Smoking Tricks and Vape Skills!

Tricks and Vape Skills!

Vaping has never been so exciting! It is not all about complex equations involving voltage and ohms and meticulously coiling wire, vaping can be fun, exciting and simple. Although most people are familiar with the historical smoking tricks such as the French inhale and the smoke ring, you will agree with me that the vaping community has taken everything a step further with the introduction of even crazier and out of this world-vaping tricks. For this article, we will showcase new and exciting vape tricks for both vaping oils and e-liquids. Read on and discover why blowing the biggest crowd of vapor possible is no longer considered a vaping trick!

  1. The ghost hit

What it is – The ghost hit is one of the existing vape tricks that anyone can master. Also referred to as the mushroom cloud or the snap inhale, this trick involves releasing a large ball or cloud of vapour, then snapping the cloud back in.

Here is how you can do it– Take a long inhale from your vaping device and allow it to linger in your mouth. After a few seconds, forcefully exhale all the vapour from your mouth in a ball. Quickly inhale the vapour back.

Here is a video guide

  1. The dragon

What it is– This is another amazing vaping trick that you can easily master. Have you ever seen someone blowing clouds out of four holes on their face? Well, the dragon makes you look like a real pro as you blow clouds of vapour out of your nose and mouth.

Here is how you can do it– Take a long drag out of your vaping device without inhaling. Give it some time until your mouth is full vapour (best when thick). Now exhale forcefully through each side of your mouth while at the same time exhaling through your nose. There you have the four holes on your face!

Here is a video guide

  1. The waterfall

What it is – Another great trick to impress your peers when hanging out in your regular vaping den! The waterfall trick turns your vapour into a heavy substance that is almost viscous in nature.

Here is how you can do it– First things first, gather a bottle and add some frozen water. Now take your half-empty bottle and carefully blow your vapour into it and then pour it out. Relax and watch as the vapour slowly cascades out like a beautiful, slow waterfall.

Here is a video guide

  1. The Tornado

What it is – The tornado is another amazing vape trick that you should try to master. All you have to do here is to whip a flat pool of vapour. This will allow it to spin up forming a tornado shape. Master this trick and leave everyone mesmerized during your weekend vaping sessions!

How it is done– Slowly and carefully exhale your vapour onto a flat, clean surface. Make sure that the vapour is still and thick as practically possible. Use your hand to chop at the table. Then in a one, swift moment, flick the wrist up and quickly lift your arm. Your vapour will be converted into a beautiful, tight twisting spiral.

Here is a video guide

  1. The French Inhale

What is it? – This trick is very popular among vapers especially after being featured in the classic Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dog video. Also referred to as the Irish Waterfall, this trick allows you to release vapour from your mouth and then inhaling it back through your nostrils. A reversing waterfall, right?

Here is a video guide

  1. How to blow O’s

What it is- The O’s forms the basis of many popular vaping tricks. These tricks are based on the olden smoke rings tricks. Although very common, these tricks require a bit of practice for perfection.

Here is how you can do it– Take a long drag from your vaping device and allow the vapour to flow down your throat. Let your tongue stay at the lower part of your mouth, leaning towards the back of the throat. Try and form a round or an ‘’O’’ shape using your lips. Use your throat to push a small cloud of vapour in a short pulsing motion, similar to a little cough. Depending on how big your ‘’O’’ is, you can produce several rings of vapour with varying sizes.

Here is a video guide

  1. The Bull Ring

What is it? –This is another amazing vape trick that you can easily learn and master. The trick allows you to produce a non-permanent and non-pain ring through the nose.

Here is how you can go about it– This trick is best done in front of a massive mirror. Release a thick cloud of vapour. Ensure that your lips have formed a medium sized ‘’O’’. Using your nostrils, inhale the top portion/part of the ring so created. This creates an illusion of a ‘’bull ring’’ through the nose.

Here is a video guide

  1. The Vape Bend

What it is– Just like we have already mentioned, the O trick forms the basis of many other popular vaping tricks. Through the vape bend, you can showcase your knowledge of the O ring by manipulating your O by directing it in wherever direction that you wish.

Here is how it is done– Cup your hand and place it near your mouth and then release or blow an O ring. Use your hand to slowly follow the ring. Gently direct your ring to any desired direction. With more practice and experience, you will be able to spin your O ring and perform more advanced vape tricks such as the Shark and the Infinite Bend.

Here is a video guide

  1. The Jellyfish

What is this? – Best performed in front of a crowd. Also referred to as the Force Field or the Atomic Bomb, there exist variations of this amazing and exciting vape trick. However, the basic principle is that you create and push a small O ring through the centre of a massive O ring. This allows the two rings to combine and produce a massive cloud of vapour resembling mushroom or jellyfish. The jellyfish requires patience and persistence as it is a bit challenging.

How it is done– Start by blowing a large O ring and place a hand behind it (Time is of the essence here, so be quick!). Use your hand to slightly push the O ring and force it to slow down. Now blow a smaller O ring through the center of the larger O ring. The 2nd O ring forces the 1st O ring around it, leaving a trail of smoke that resembles a jellyfish. For the best show, lean and inhale the created lot. Tempting, right?

Here is a video guide

  1. The Triangles

What it is- Are the O rings not exciting enough? Well, simply use your hand and turn your vapour into triangles!

How it is done– Start by blowing a thick O ring (Make it milky). Using your hand, push the ring and quickly tap it from its side in two quick successions to form a triangle. In this trick, timing is very important and you should be able to perfect it with some practice. Ready for more challenges? Perform the Jelly-fish for even more vaping points!

Here is a video guide

  1. Double and Triple Vape Rings

What is this? – Just like the name suggests, this trick involves blowing two and sometimes even three O’s at the same time.

How to do it– If you have mastered the mystery of blowing the O’s, then this is quite easy. Place your finger over your mouth. Using the finger, slightly split the opening of your mouth and form two sections. And now ladies and gentlemen, those are two Os right there! Want to make three O rings? Simply use two fingers to split your mouth. For best results, open your mouth wider.

Here is a video guide

  1. Vapour Bubble

What is this? — Last but not least on our vaping tricks is the vapour bubble. This trick is quite simple to master and allows you to produce a huge bubble with your vapour trapped inside. Exciting, right?

How to do it– Take a small plastic bottle and cut off its bottom. Using some soap and water, mix up a bowl of bubble solution. Dip the end of your bottle into the liquid and then slowly and carefully exhale your vapour through the nozzle. Relax and watch the magical vape bubble.

Here is a video guide


As you can see, it is all about what you can do best. However,

with practice, anyone can easily master most of these vaping tricks.

What other vaping trick do you know? Let us know in the commenting section below!



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