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THE PLENTY Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel

THE PLENTY Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel

Plenty is a flagship of the Storz & Bickel ─ the designers that have become synonymous with vaporizers of premium quality. Remember the Volcano vaporizer? The Plenty improves on its predecessors from the design and overall quality of the vapor. There’s no doubt it outshines a handful of like vaporizers on the market. Let’s see more of the features it brings to the most enthusiastic person.

Plenty by Storz & Bickel  


The Plenty lives up to its promise with an outstanding performance in vapor production. Thanks to the exposed coiled metal which cools the vapor efficiently without compromising the vapor quality. This makes it one of the high-performing vaporizers you would put your hopes on. It provides an impeccable flavor with unique vapor clouds.

With the dial-up temperature setting, the Plenty takes performance even further to enjoy vapor at high temperature. It’s a scale rating from 1 to 7. This gives you the pleasure to spot your comfortable temp rating. Then the analog temperature gauge lets you see how hot the vapor could be. If it reaches maximum, the red light indicator will turn off but can be turned on with a shake of the orange handle.

There’s no drawback in the performance of the Plenty hence the price tag. I say it lives up to its promises. As long as you can have your hand clued to the handle then it will continue giving you the best flavors through its coiled metal.



At first glance, the Plenty looks like the handheld power tool. You’re forgiven if you really thought it’s a Makita screw gun. That aside, the vaporizer rates high with its top-notch quality. It contains no electronics or glass components.

It feels so classy when holding it in your hand, and each piece astonishes. From the temperature gauge, cooling coil, mouthpiece, filling chamber, to the grinder, it all feels to perfectly crafted. So, it’s worth price hence we rate it 9.5/10. To add on, it does not contain batteries, so we forget about a shortened life of batteries as we witness in other vaporizers.



With regard to ease of use, the Plenty still deserves a higher rating.

Thanks to its user-friendly components from the housing to the mouthpiece, even a beginner can draw vapor easily.

However, beware of touching the metal coil when in use because it can get very hot and burn your hands. Just a caution!

The one point I would take from the ease of use is the control of its handle. It needs constant holding to keep the device activated. Otherwise the heat may fade gradually. Press it to keep it activate.

Other than this little inconvenience, this Plenty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel is easy to use. Although it does not come with the batteries, its plug & play comes at a cost of mobility and flexibility. It’s typically for those not accustomed to changing spots when drawing their delicious flavors. It has a long cable, and so you can enjoy your herb drawing session at the comfort of your couch with this vaporizer.


DESIGN: 8/10

The design also fares well. Let alone its resemblance of handheld power tools, the Plenty looks so unique. It’s attractive with its black 7 orange aesthetic appeal. The coiled metal vapor cooler also looks so attractive.

However, the metal coil can detach easily if not secured firmly. Also, it is not touch-friendly when in operational. Other than that, the overall design is impressive and user-friendly. The handle is big enough to fit all types of hand sizes. Moreover, the temperature control wheel is visible in orange, and also the analog temp gauge.

Plenty by Storz & Bickel


There’s not much of the maintenance that the Plenty requires.

But, you need to occasionally clean it to prevent the accumulation of vapor particles that could tamper with the quality of the flavor.

To get your hands around it, there’s a cleaning brush included.

You can also refer to the provided user manual to learn how to take care of individual components. These include the liquid pad and the 3 pieces of normal screens.

The metal coil can be detached to clean it. Leaving it unclean for a long time can increase the vapor draw resistance. Do not forget the mouthpiece too.


VALUE: 9/10

If anyone asks, I would say the Plenty gives you the best value despite its minor drawbacks.

From the design to the performance, it’s a vaporizer worth the price of $299.

The cash-strapped smokers may find this too steep though. But, once you have it, it will last long due to it unparalleled construction quality.

It has a unique design with the coiled metal that cools the vapor efficiently to give you a rich flavor. Thanks to the temperature settings that you can customize your own from 1-7 rating. Meanwhile, the temperature gauge shows you once you have reached the top range.

But, I would wish the performance of the device never relied on how constantly firm you hold onto its handle. It has an automatic shut-off. There’s a red light indicator that can go off, especially after reaching the highest temperature. You can wake it up by pressing harder the handle.

The package of the Plenty comes fully-equipped. So, you do not need to purchase extra accessories separately. The cleaning brush, mouthpiece, filling container, grinder, 3 x normal screens, cooling coil, liquid pad, long and short tubes and the user manual are all provided. All these add to the best value of the vaporizer.


FINAL RATING: 49/60 (81%)

The Plenty by Storz & Bickel is really a great deal of a vaporizer to reckon for enthusiasts. It gives a rich flavor with huge clouds. Its metal coil cools the vapor so you can the best quality no matter at what temperature setting.

I am really impressed with its performance. All its components combined give you an uncompromised vapor.

It has its downsides, but the positives outweigh the negatives. If you do not like changing spots, the vaporizer is for you. It contains no batteries, so you can draw vapor continuously without being distracted by depleted batteries. However, if you need to draw while walking or driving, it’s unfortunate for you.

Be cautioned though, that the metal coil can get very hot at higher temperature settings. Do not touch it while still working with the device.

Handling the device also deserves praise. It is lightweight and gets activated by pressing the handle. But, it’s automatic shut-off may not be appealing to everyone. Temperature settings let you configure your custom temp.



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