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The Latest Trends in the Vaporizer Industry


If someone told you years ago that you would smoke your cannabis out of a tech device, you would have thought they were either crazy, lonely, or both. Yet again, here we are. In the last ten years, the vape industry has made very significant steps in terms of innovation and technology. It only makes sense that you can now smoke with the same device that you use to play music and receive phone calls. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, the Supersmoker allows you to connect to your Android or IOS devices. Not only can you safely smoke your weed and play music from the latest devices, you can also choose between the wide range of shapes and colors  for full customization.  Keep reading to learn more about the most recent technological trends in this ever-changing industry.

Advanced batteries

As the new portable vaporizer devices were being introduced, the primary challenge was the source of power. This challenge was addressed with the introduction of the lithium batteries into the industry. However, there has been a consistent need to find long-lasting and larger batteries for improved and extended vaping sessions. Most of the earliest versions of vaporizers relied heavily on the standard 18650 battery which was rechargeable. These were replaced with the 26650 batteries which are larger and offer longer services on a single battery charge.

The latest versions of vaporizers are using more advanced inbuilt batteries that are capable of powering the coils for a more extended period on a single battery charge. These batteries are also taking very little time to charge as compared to their predecessors, and this, combined with their large capacity allows you to have an out of this world vaping experience. The best example of a pocket-size vaporizer using such advanced battery technology is the Hera 2 vaporizer. This vaping device not only comes with a 2680mAh battery but also has an inbuilt Micro- USB charging system that allows you to quickly charge your device at home, in the office or even in your car!  No one wants to keep taking breaks off their vaping sessions to go and charge their batteries, right?

Improved Mod Kits

With the advancement in the battery technology comes enhanced mod kits. Initially, mod kits used to be big and bulky to accommodate the batteries. However, this is no longer the case, and mod kits are getting more efficient in terms of size and ease of handling. Small kits are easy to handle and allow you to carry your vaporizer for your outdoor activities without really needing a big, unique bag. This has made the vaporizers very popular among users since everyone loves something that they can easily handle and carry around. Can you imagine a situation where you have to hire an Uber guy or take a taxi just because your vaporizer is too big to be carried? No one wants such setbacks, and the improved size of the mod kits has really addressed this issue.

Still, on the issue of mods, more advanced mods are being introduced, with some of them, such as the Mig Vapor Neo producing more than 80W in terms of power. This, combined with the use of the recommended coils and tanks allows you to produce massive and thick clouds of vapor and allow you to enjoy the full taste of your Ecig liquid.

One of the most significant innovation in the mod kits is perhaps the introduction of variable voltage mods. With this innovation, you can easily regulate the power of your vape. Variable voltage vaping batteries have become very popular among many users simply because they allow you to adjust and customize your vaporizer for a more personalized vaping experience.

More durable coils

Nothing is as annoying as damaged coils during a vaping session. Initially, the atomizer coils could only last for a few weeks, some even days! However, in the recent past, a lot of intensive research has been carried out to find how different metals influence the lifespan or durability of coils. Already, some significant steps have been made towards achieving durable atomizer coils, one of them being the introduction of temperature control feature in vaporizers such as in the VaporFi Rocket 3 Vape Starter Kit. This feature allows you to regulate the temperature when the coils start burning and hence extending the durability of your coils.

Sub-Ohm tanks

Sub-ohming has become a very popular trend among users, and this has forced many manufacturers to introduce very high-quality sub-ohm tanks to deal with this increased demand. Initially, if you wanted to produce those thick and billowing clouds of vapor, you had to make a sub-ohm coil manually. This used to be a tough task as you had to pick the right nickel or copper coil and do it on your own. Very few people could manage this, and so sub-ohming was left for the Ohm’s law experts alone. However, all this has changed now, and you can enjoy the same experience using the modern, high-quality Sub-ohm tanks.

The latest sub-ohm tanks have significantly advanced in terms of power efficiency. These tanks come with new coil designs that allow them to maintain their resistance at very low levels. Some of them such as the Vapor2 Trinity kit keeps the resistance as low as 0.5ohm or even 0.15 ohms! This means that these sub-ohms tanks can use 55-250W of power to vaporize your e-cig liquid perfectly.

As if this is not enough, the air-flow systems have been improved and are now allowing drag adjustments. This means that you can adjust the drag level to meet your personal needs. If for instance, you love a heavier drag, you simply need to adjust the air-flow controller.

Introduction of more flavors

According to a research carried recently, there are more than 3200 E-cigarettes flavors in the United States alone. In addition to this, more than 300 new flavors are being introduced every month. E-cigarette liquids are becoming more advanced too. Please note that your vaping experience highly depends on the flavor and the liquid that you select. More accurate and elevating flavors are being introduced into the industry each day, and you can always choose the best liquid for your throat and lungs.

These trends indicate that the future of the vape industry is bright and promising. Although faced with some challenges now and then, the vape industry seems to be in the right way and it is clear that the best is yet to come. This year, we are expecting to see even more exciting trends and innovations.


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    Firefly’s mobile app is also a dope new advancement. Lets you control the temperature settings of your vape from your phone, so cool

    July 24, 2018

    very cool article, lots of new stuff on the horizon

    July 26, 2018

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