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How To Keep The Vaporizer Chamber Spotlessly Clean

When your vaporizer is brand new, it performs at its best. You will usually get an optimal and clean experience. However, just like other devices that heats up organic materials to the temperatures of 100 degrees Celsius or even 200 degrees Celsius, your vaporizer needs to be maintained now and then.

Whether you are using a portable or a desktop vaporizer, you need to regularly clean it so that it can last and save money in the long run. Cleaning your vaporizer regularly will also save you the cost of replacing parts after every few months. It does not matter the types of herbs that you use in your vaporizer, they will all produce resin which can build up on the device’s working parts, and this will result in inefficiency. Resin will make your vaporizer look old, and also clog up your mouthpieces, whips, and screens.

Get To Know Your Vaporizer Before You Start Cleaning

Vaporizers can vaporize wax, herbs or oil. There are different cleaning approaches that you can use when cleaning your vape depending on the material that it uses. You will first have to know the different parts of your vaporizer. This will help you in understanding how to disassemble the vaporizer. A majority of vaporizers have a mouthpiece, a battery, and a heating chamber.

At times, vaporizing herbs can get messy. Nonetheless, cleaning a vaporizer after use is a very simple thing to do. The chemical that you will use for cleaning should not leave any adhesive residues in the vaporizer’s heating chamber.

How To Clean a Dry Herb Vaporizer

To keep the chamber spotlessly clean, you should take the steps below:

  1. Detach the heating chamber before you start cleaning the vaporizer
  2. Empty out the fillings, including the ashes of the vaped herb. You can do this instantly by just tapping on the device lightly, and dispose of the ashes in a trash bin.

After each use, you should clean the chamber. To remove any dry particles that may be present in the chamber, and also on the screen, use a q-tip or a small cleaning brush. Doing this regularly will extend your atomizer’s lifespan.

Almost all vaporizers come with cleaning brushes in the same boxes. You should refrain from using water to clean the interior of the heating chamber. This is because the component is made out of compact wiring. The component is an electrical device, and therefore it will lose its functionality in case water is used in the cleaning process.

You will also need to clean the external section of the vaporizer with a cotton cloth. Nonetheless, with the mouthpiece, you can clean it with running water.

Wax or Oil Vaporizers

They are the most difficult ones to clean; this is because they have sticky residue in their heating chambers. However, the process of cleaning them is simple and easy.

The design of the wax/oil vaporizers usually depends on the brand and model. Nonetheless, the vaporizers consist of the same parts that play the same role.

For oil vaporizers, you will have to be careful, so that you do not wet its interior. You should not use alcohol or water when cleaning the chamber with the wick. You will have to open the heating chamber, and then detach the mouthpiece before you begin to clean the vaporizer. Use a Q-tip, cotton bud (if possible in isopropyl alcohol), or a dab tool. The materials mentioned above are used in scrubbing the rim and the inner layer of the heating chamber and the mouthpiece. Usually, the dab tool comes with the vaporizer. Repeat the above procedure until the heating chamber has no visible residue.

While cleaning the chamber, do not apply excessive pressure on the heating coil. This is because the coil is one of the most delicate components of the vaporizer. In case you break it, the vaporizer will no longer work. Also, ensure that all the parts of the vaporizer are dry before you use it again.

Concentrate vaporizers are a great way of enjoying your essential oils and legal flowers. In contrary, smoking a pipe will not provide you with the maximum result of a concentrate dab. Vaporizers will give you a maximum output of your concentrate while at the same time giving you a smooth smoking experience.

Why Is It Important To Regularly Clean Your Vaporizer?

One of the reasons why it is imperative to clean your vaporizer regularly is because of the contact between the cooler elements of the vaporizer and the warm vapor, the vapor condenses, and this leads to the formation of sticky and resinous sediment. The problem here is that as more sediment gets formed, the slower the vaporizer gets. In the beginning, the quality of the vapor will drop, and then the airflow will be gradually blocked.

In case it is not properly cleaned, in the worst-case scenario, the vaporizer may be permanently damaged. The sediment which gathers in the vaporizer can be removed easily with the use of a small amount of isopropyl alcohol which will dissolve these impurities. You need to be careful since the dissolvent is very strong, and not all the components of the vaporizer can come in touch with it.

Cleaning Vaporizers: General Tips

  • Warming the vaporizers makes the cleaning process both simpler and faster. Higher temperatures will also help in loosening the residue in the heating chamber.
  • Never spill water or alcohol on the vaporizer when cleaning. This can result in a leak into the core circuitry. You can instead use a dab tool.
  • In case the vaporizer has an oil attachment, you should detach it first from the heating chamber. Then, you can begin cleaning the external components with the use of a soft and damp cloth.
  • Cleaning the vaporizer regularly is very imperative. Doing this will extend its lifespan, and keep it running smoothly.


Do you have cleaning tricks and tips that you find more interesting?

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