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History of Vaporizers

Vaping has become very popular over the last few years. This is mostly because vaping provides a better and safer way of consuming Canabbis versus other traditional smoking methods. However, did you know that vaping goes all the way back to the ancient Egypt days? According to Herodoctus, a famous historian who is commonly known as the father of history, ancient Egyptians used hot stones to heat oils and herbs as a way of vaping. Then, more than a 1000 years ago, the first shisha was invented by Irfan Shiekh in Afghanistan. I bet that you didn’t know that your favorite vaporizer dates all those years back, right?

Evolution of vaporizers to the modern history

Although no one can claim to be the real father of the vaporizers, Eagle Amato has been given much credit as the man who revolutionized the vaping industry. While living in Amsterdam, Amato invented the first version of the modern vaporizer. This happened in the early 90s. Although very primitive, his first vaporizer formed a foundation on which all the other inventions have been based. His vaporizer was constructed using an enormous glass globe. This globe was connected to two stems, one acting as an inlet and the other as an outlet. His concept, although very basic revolutionized botanical consumption in the world. Soon afterwards, these vaporizers started to evolve and have become more frequesntly available across different stores throughout North America and Europe.

Stationary Vaporizers

The globe style vaporizer has since been over taken by the Volcano. The Volcano is a German manufactured Vaporizer which is far superior to its predecessors. Although the volcano has gone through many changes and improvements over the years, it has faithfully maintained its fundamental principle or approach. It has a sizeable botanical chamber. The chamber uses a fan to supply a bag with vapor. Although this vaporizer is relatively expensive, it has stood the test of time and is still very popular.

Most competitors have tried to knock the Volcano out of the market, but most of them have ended failing dismally. A few years ago, the Phantom vaporizer tried to penetrate into the market but it failed too. Competing in the same category as the Volcano, Phantom was going at a fifth of its price. However, when testing both of these devices it is quite evident that the Volcano is a far superior to that of the Phantom.

Box Style Vaporizers

Due to its popularity, the Volcano has completely revolutionized the vaping industry which has attracted many new people to this growing trend. This has led to the growing number of new manufacturers who have entered the industry who have introduced a wide variety of quality desktop vaporizers to the market.

Compared to the original globe-style vaporizers, vaporizers manufactured in today’s times are built with superior features such as better temperature control. These vaporizers can be said to be the 1st real home vaping devices. It is in this age that brands like Deluxe Daddy and Vapour Brothers made a name for themselves. Soon, more advanced vaporizers with extra features such as the Extreme Q were invented. Extreme Q is a vaping device that allows you to either use the bag system or the whip-style system. It is very popular among users even today.

Portable Vaporizers

Manufacturers soon saw the need to offer a more portable vaping experience to the consumer. This saw the birth of portable vaporizers which offers on-the-go vaping.

However, this idea was faced with some challenges, one of them being the source of power for the vaping device. This hurdle was overcome in 2008 when an Irish manufacturer came up with a solution. The manufacturer decided to try purified butane as a source of power for these portable vaporizers. This was probably the most significant breakthrough in the vaping industry.

It wasn’t until 2010 which saw the introduction of the Magic Flight Launch box. It was the first ever vaping device which used batteries. Since then, manufacturers have been producing hundreds of different style vaporizers that run off lithium batteries which offer consumers multiple vaping sessions off one charge.

In 2011, Arizer manufactured the Solo Vaporizer. This is simply one of the excellent portable vaporizers ever manufactured. Over the years, the Solo has been changed and updated making it more user-friendly and safe. It looks that, just like the Volcano, the Solo Vaporizer is here to stay!

As you can see, the history of the vaporizers is long. However, significant achievements have only been realized in the last twenty years. It is clear that vaporizers rely on technology and thrive on innovation. It will be interesting to see where we will be in the next ten or twenty years!


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    if boxy televisions with antennas can evolve into flatscreen TVS and thick, hefty computers can become thin, sleek laptops and iPads, I can only imagine where vaporizer technology will be 20 years from now

    July 24, 2018

    Who knew that this kind of technology went so far back? Pretty incredible if you ask me…

    July 26, 2018

    i hope we can speed up the normalization of vaporizers while we’re at it. need to get rid of the stigma

    July 30, 2018

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