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Herbalizer: The Volcano Killer

Herbalizer: The Volcano Killer

Herbalizer – a dream come true to many enthusiasts! Regarded by many as the Volcano killer, you would imagine how impressive it is as Volcano itself is a marvelous vaporizer that has taken the world by storm. Alongside the Extreme Q, Volcano has been a number one favorite of many vape hobbyists; but, they are facing a tougher competition today.

Herbalizer is a modern vaporizer engineered by two former NASA engineers after a 4 year of trial and error effort until they maneuvered a customer-centric vape product. I must affirm that Herbalizer is a great vaporizer at first glance. However, its price tag of over $500 might seem so ridiculous to many until you get a feel of it.

Let’s unfold its features to see if it’s worth it…


Without further ado, let’s delve into the performance of this majestic vaporizer. Herbalizer leaves many enthusiasts amazed by its unprecedented performance. It gives you the intensive vapor you need and you’re actually in the driver’s seat of how you get the flavors. The vaporizer comes with a variety of heat settings which you can customize how you get the vape according to your mood swings.

Whether you understand Fahrenheit or Celsius, the device’s LCD display enables you to tap your favorite temp, and the temperature settings are possible in an interval of +/-5 degrees.

Central to the performance of this device is the integrated 16-bit 32MHz microprocessor which enables the Herbalizer to perform better than many. While still at it, thanks to the variety of modes: aromatherapy and vaportherapy. Have you seen such variety in any other device? Well, I bet you’ll still figuring that out. To relax with the diffusion of essential oils, tab the aromatherapy mode and get going with therapeutic benefits. No wonder many patients have expressed their interests in this vaporizer. And, to get the rich flavors of your herbs or concentrates, tab the vaportherapy button. They are adjacent to each other on the device.

Herbalizer cuts your wait into seconds to get the vapor.

Unlike many vaporizers,

it uses the halogen heating element which heats up the mixture in a few seconds for all the modes. Prepare your blend in the magnetic bowl, set the timer and let the Herbalizer do the rest. Its stainless steel airway does not compromise the quality of the vapor and neither is the innovative and intuitive Steamroller accessory – sold separately.

I can say a lot with the performance of this vaporizer. Well, so far, I’ve said a mouthful.

QUALITY – 7/10

Herbalizer is made of quality materials and thus it feels so premium in hands. It surely lasts for many years but you have to continue maintaining it to retain its quality. Its whip tube is made of silicone while other components are made of glass and stainless steel.

While it feels so premium, others may be disappointed by the frequency to change the balloon bag, which, according to the manufacturer, has to be changed every 2 months

EASE OF USE – 8/10

Following the sterling performance is the ease of use of Herbalizer which serves as its hallmark. You need no technical experience nor reliance on manuals to get this vaporizer running. It is user-friendly and so even a beginner can maneuver it.

The digital display lets you configure the device with ease from the temperature settings to mode selections.

Who still relies on old-fashioned vaporizers anyway?

Herbalizer keeps up with the contemporary trends. I love how the design was optimized for its user-friendliness. This reminds me why it took so many years until the former NASA engineers get this design right. They were busy collecting information from users on how they’d prefer this vaporizer.

The next ease of use consideration is the delivery methods:

Unlike other innovation-bankrupt vaporizers that force you to use a single vapor delivery method, Herbalizer exposes you to a ariety of delivery systems. Whether you prefer the traditional whip, balloon bag, steamroller system or the freestyle mode, you’re covered hence I said you are at the driver’s seat of how you get the vapor.

Herbalizer Vaporizer

The whip method lets you draw the vapor using the silicone tube while the balloon bag lets you use the forced-air system to fill the bag. Volcano excels here as it fills the bag to capacity while Herbalizer has a certain limit. Nonetheless, you can still draw enough. Using its squeeze valve, you can attach the balloon bag to the end of the magnetic bowl. Your purchase comes with 3 balloon bags which makes it convenient to vape with friends or change every 2 months.

The steamroller has the glass airway which gives you intensive vapor experience.


the freestyle mode allows you to fill the room with the vapor for everyone to get that taste they crave for. I love this method when I’m around friends to avoid the inconvenience of drawing individually. The freestyle mode is like the diffusion of essential oils which let every occupant of the room to have the therapeutic benefits.

For other finer details about the use of this device please consult your user manual. This will help you on how to fill the magnetic bowl or how to put drops of essential oils on the aroma pad, and how you should align the bowl.

Nothing is complicated with the device hence I gave it 80% rating.

DESIGN – 6/10

Herbalizer has a unique oval-shaped design that has been perfected. However, that does not necessarily make it the best in the industry. If I were to choose with regard to the design, I would opt for the Extreme Q. See the pictures below for comparison:
Extreme Q by Arizer

Herbalizer Vaporizer

But, in terms of portability I have to say Herbalizer is the winner. It’s easy to grip, and, when in use, it has no components that can burn your hands. Herbalizer is, despite not being the best in the design, one of the best and most attractive designs on the market. The engineers’ efforts were really rewarded with a premium design revered on the market.


Everyone wishes to just use the vaporizer without being bothered by the need to frequently maintain it. Looking at the white appearance of Herbalizer inside, there’s no way you can be off-the-hook with maintenance. It’s easy to see the residues piling up if not well-taken care of. But, nonetheless, warm water and soap should get that wiped off.

Also, the balloon bag has to be replaced every 2 months. Initially, you are supplied with 3 bags. Herbalizer is expensive. So, by projections, you would realize that it will certainly get expensive to replace any broken part.

VALUE – 7/10

While I love the overall performance, ease of use and versatility of the Herbalizer, I have to admit that there is a plethora of vaporizers that still provide the best value at cheaper price tags under $500. If you are up for a huge investment, it shouldn’t be cumbersome to pop out hundreds of dollars to get this vaporizer.

Herbalizer comes with the powerful and effective halogen heating element that heats up your herbs or concentrates in a few seconds. Given its aromatherapy and vaportherapy modes, you would agree that it is surely one unique device you wouldn’t want to miss out. It is so versatile which justifies its price tag.

The variety of vapor drawing method is a great take-away too. That’s a great value rarely seen in a broad range of vaporizers.

The lid has the storage compartment for accessories. It’s kind of hidden from sight. This is an added advantage of choosing the Herbalizer for your vaping or essential oil diffusion needs. Moreover, it has a unique handcrafted design by former NASA employees. Adding all these gives you a justifiable value versus the expensive price tag.

Herbalizer is a must-have vaporizer even though it is expensive. If you are tight on a budget you may consider our Top 10 Best Desktop Herb Vaporizers of 2018 where you can find the vape that suits your budget. Though some people regard Herbalizer as the Volcano killer, it hasn’t really reached the standard where it surpasses the best features of the VOLCANO VAPORIZER.


Herbalizer is a compact, aesthetically-pleasing and versatile vaporizer that any enthusiast would appreciate. It gives you a great vaping experience using any drawing method of choice. Only a few would match this convenience hence Herbalizer is one hell of an expensive vaporizer. Nonetheless, I assure you that you will love this experience. It’s a worth-taking investment.

Its versatility is also on another level. It lets you diffuse essential oils for relaxation in the room or inhale intensive vapors with your friends in the room. Controlling the vaporizer is an absolute breeze with its digital display. Isn’t that simple? Prepare you mixture in the magnetic bowl, set the temperature and let the device do the rest with its halogen heating element in a few seconds.

Now, let’s see what you have in mind with Herbalizer…



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