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Haze Dual V3 Review – Twice the chambers double the fun!

Haze Dual V3 Review

The first vaporizer launched by Haze, the Dual saw three iterations/improvements leading up to the third generation. With the main selling point being dual chamber functionality, the Dual V3 was the first of its kind! With an excellent warranty, customer support team and business practices, Haze left a strong impression on the industry with the Dual V3. Read this Haze Dual V3 review to find out how it performs now in 2018 – if it still holds its own, or if it’s overshadows by newer releases!

Performance 7/10

You have a lot of versatility with the Dual V3. Unfortunately, you can’t use both chambers at the same time. If you could, this device would be an instant winner, no doubt! You can however use it with concentrates and dry herb, as well as use is at a conduction or convection vaporizer! This added versatility is huge, as you’re able to really tune your experience as to how you really want it.

Though one mode is marked as convection, it is more of a hybrid heating system, since the entire chamber does warm up significantly, giving it those conductive heating properties. That’s far from being a bad thing though, as the beloved Mighty vaporizer works off a hybrid heating system too.

Cloud production at higher temperatures is definitely above average, however it doesn’t really compete with the cream of the crop. The vapor is relatively smooth, and the draw resistance is also slightly above average. Use with concentrates is good, but not anything great. I’d much prefer to use a dedicated wax vaporizer instead, though the Dual V3 works well in a pinch.

The lack of precise temperature control isn’t so great either. Though you’re given four pretty good presets to choose from, it’s always nice to have full control. Especially for those who like to vaporize other herbs like lavender or peppermint, complete temperature control is a large factor that I always look for. To add to that, the Dual V3 takes around a minute to get up to your chosen temperature, below average compared to many devices on the market today.

Back when the Dual V3 released, it’d earn an easy 8/10 in the vapor quality aspect, but with so many new and amazing products that’ve released lately, it’s hard to give it more than a 7. If you’re really looking for the best vapor quality in a portable vaporizer, you’re probably better off going for something like the Mighty or Firefly 2.

Quality 8/10

Courtesy of its stainless steel housing, the Dual V3 is an ultra-durable unit capable of withstanding anything you throw at it! If you’re really not one to baby your devices or you’re on the clumsy side, the Dual V3 is a quality pick then. Backed by Hazes’ solid customer support and healthy reputation, I for sure trust this device more than the majority of vapes on the market today.

The cans work quite well, however packing them can be a finicky process, and the little lids don’t exactly stay on very well. For someone with mobility/fine motor issues, packing, inserting and emptying the little pods can be quite a challenge, so keep that in mind if you’re a medical patient.

Having one packed and ready to go in each chamber though can give you a ton of variety and get you sky high with ease

Easily it earns a healthy 8/10. Haze sorts you out handily with a laundry list of included accessories as well. The only aspect where the Dual V3 drops points is the lack of digital display and lack of battery life indicator. Those are just some minor faults however and far from being a dealbreaker.

Ease of use 6/10

Haze thankfully includes a comprehensive user manual with the Dual V3 – which is greatly appreciated. There are some little quirks when it comes to using it at first, though you’ll get the hang of it rather quickly. The hardest part really comes down to actually loading the baskets up and putting them into the device itself. There’s really no best way to load them up, and I find myself making a small mess often when doing so.

As for use with concentrates, you have to be selective about the amount of material you put in. Unfortunately, you can’t load the can up to the brim with material, and if you hold the unit improperly, your liquid wax will begin to leak! Though there’s no specific draw technique you need to use, there are a few factors that influence how easy it is to use the Dual V3.

Design – 8/10

Haze designed the Dual V3 with the adventurer in mind. With the sturdy build quality, swappable batteries and ability to pre-load as many pods as your heart desires, it’s perfect for long excursions and social gatherings. The Dual V3 is a prime candidate for someone who likes to go hiking with groups, festivals, or engage in general shenanigans!

Thankfully, the Dual V3 works off a standard 18650 battery. Non-proprietary batteries are a godsend, and being able to swap out on the fly is great! Being left with an expensive paperweight when an internal, non-replaceable battery inevitably fails really sucks, and Haze doesn’t leave you out for dry with this one.

With these stock 2600mAh batteries, you can expect anywhere around 60 minutes of on time, depending on your temperature settings/material used. That leads to about 4 sessions lasting around 15 minutes each. Having a fully charged battery always ready to go sets you up for a whole day of vaping without any worries. You can use batteries with a higher capacity; however that isn’t suggested by the manufacturer of course.

To charge from flat until full takes about 2-3 hours with the included wall charger. Unfortunately there is no pass-through charging, nor is there a battery indicator located on the device. In order to charge the batteries you must remove them from the device itself, which isn’t always as convenient as just plugging it in.

It’s small enough to conceal relatively well in the hand, though not quite as tiny as something like the Pax 3. When in use, it doesn’t really look like anything recognizable, and will gather a few more looks just for that. It’s not awful for discretion, but there are definitely better picks out there.

Maintenance – 7/10

Cleaning it isn’t the easiest compared to many vapes. Though you can submerge the baskets and stems in some simple isopropyl alcohol to get them squeaky clean, the internal air path is a bit harder to maintain. Using a small cotton swab or pipe cleaner with a tiny bit of iso works decently well, but getting all of the grime out takes some more effort. With all of these factors in mind, the Dual V3 only earns a 6/10 in ease of use. 

Value – 8/10

Though the Dual V3 is $249 directly from Hazes’ webstore, multiple sales and promotions from various retailers have been run, seeing it cost even less than $150! Originally, the Dual V3 had strong performance for the cost, however it has dropped off over the years. At ~$150, the Dual V3 is a great pick up and it’d bump the value up to an 8/10 instead.

If found on sale, the value of the Dual V3 bumps up to a solid 8/10, but at $250 it’s really hard to recommend it since so many amazing devices have come out lately, like Hazes’ newest Square, which starts at just $160!

Final rating: 44/60 – 73%

Throughout the years, vaporizers have advanced tremendously. The Dual V3 is a great mid-level choice still and if found on sale for less than $150, you certainly couldn’t go wrong! If you’re looking for something that works really well for adventuring and long excursions, look no further. If pure vapor quality and raw power are at the top of your priorities, you probably should look elsewhere instead.

The Dual V3 hits a nice niche for me personally. I like to load up a few cans beforehand, have a couple of spare batteries topped off and ready to go, and go out for a hike with a couple of friends. Just this one device makes it a perfect session vaporizer for groups and you can just hit chamber after chamber with it. If you’re more of an at-home user, the Dual V3 won’t really be the best choice for you.


As an active cannabis enthusiast and medical patient, I took up a huge passion towards the forward movement of vaporizers and their potential in the future of cannabis! Between having worked closely with many cannabis related companies, living in Amsterdam, and of course a lot of practical usage, I’ve developed a lot of industry knowledge that I’d love to share!
If you’re looking for honest, non-biased dry herb vaporizer reviews, check out what I have to say! I like to leave no stone unturned to help you find what the best dry herb vaporizers are. If you have a unit you want to see a review on, toss a comment on any of the reviews and I’ll try them out and get to it!

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    My friend has this vape and I always look forward to using it whenever we hang out. I love the design and build of it, it is definitely fun to smoke out of

    July 24, 2018

    as they say, two chambers are better than one!

    July 26, 2018

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