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FlowerPot – The Vaporizer that Leaves You Craving for More

FlowerPot Twax Vape product is an innovative and elegant design by the New Vape Company based in the United States. Coming in two basic varieties, the product has a lot to offer to enthusiasts for their custom vapor needs. From the compact design to quality vapor experience and durable build-materials, FlowerPot makes a significant mark in the vaporizers industry. The varieties include the VROD and the Showerhead model. We’ll go through all the models to help you pick your best choice.

Performance – 9/10

The FlowerPot’s outstanding performance deserves a rating over 90%. Y

ou will barely see such a versatile Vape product offering you the best of both herbs and concentrates. The release of both variances, viz. the VROD and Showerhead was inspired by the personal preferences of vapor enthusiasts between oils and flowers.

If you are more into herbs, then the Showerhead FlowerPot with its maximum airflow and unique flavor experience can be the best choice. It has a consistent heat to give you an amazing flavor transfer. But, it can also work well for both the flowers and the concentrates. Surely, this twax vape product will have you tuned to your couch while enjoying amazing flavors of concentrates and flowers.

For a multi-dish variance, the VROD has you covered with a stellar performance too. Essentially, there’s only a subtle difference between these models particularly in their heading design. The VROD is often referred to as the Wraparound (WA) by many people. It features the EZ-Change for oil lovers. Also featured are the SiC, Quartz, Ti and Sapphire dishes.

Thanks to the e-nail PID controller for the effective performance of the FlowerPot vaporizer. It lets you control the device to your liking with arrows and power buttons. Simply set your preferred temperature and enjoy drawing. But, I would advise you to stick to moderate or lower temperatures to avoid overheating when you are still learning the drawing technique. Higher temperatures will heat your mixtures faster and will also need you to draw quicker.

Quality – 7.5/10

NewVape: FlowerPot with Showerhead 

Made of titanium and some parts of aluminum, the product provides a great quality. My quest to unfold some drawbacks in the design of this vape product has failed. Each part of the FlowerPot was made to the high standards in the United States, and so it’s worth the exorbitant price tag is currently has.

The bowl gives you options to choose the stainless steel, double weave titanium and the titanium. If I were you, I would try all these options just to see how they fare. Regardless of the bowl type, the flavor quality remains amazing. Since there is only a subtle difference between the two variances, quality is also similar and uncompromised.

Ease of Use – 8/10

FlowerPot is not really a complicated desktop vaporizer that requires special draw techniques. The only electronic component is the e-nail controller. As long as you can master how to handle it then you’re one step to enjoying your flavorful vapors hassle-free.

It’s a great pleasure to use this twax vape product. The controller lets you set the temperature and then let the head to heat up until the vapor evolves. The good part about the FlowerPot is that, unlike other typical vaporizers, it does not put strict limit on the amount of herbs and concentrates to put. You may put from 0.05 grams to 0.5 grams in the bowl. And it takes only a few minutes to heat up the mixture.

After filling the bowl, put the head on it. Then draw for about 10 seconds then take it off. Not complicated, isn’t

Design – 8.5/10

Design-wise, all the FlowerPot models are perfectly crafted. However, if you wish to walk around while drawing the vape, it may be a mission impossible. But, all the components needed to make it easy to draw are included. For instance, the Showerhead includes the following components:

  • FlowerPot stand and Debowler
  • 20mm coil and coil nut
  • Bowl with 18mm Post and solid handle
  • Carb cap with 4-inch scoop dabber
  • Coil cover
  • E-nail handle
  • Fine grinder
  • E-nail unit and the female glass rig

Whereas the VROD contains the following components:

  • FlowerPot 18mm Female glass rig
  • Stand and debowler
  • V-rod carb cap
  • V-rod head and diffuser
  • E-nail unit and 20mm coil
  • E-nail handle
  • Fine grinder
  • Bowl with 18mm Post and solid handle
  • 28mm Quartz dish

All these components contribute to the best design of the FlowerPot vaporizers.

NewVape: FlowerPot with Showerhead

Maintenance – 8/10

FlowerPot doesn’t require much of regular maintenance except occasionally cleaning its components so that dirt does not accumulate. Soak the cotton swab in the alcohol to wipe the components, especially the bowl to ensure a lasting performance. Any residue build-up can compromise the quality of the flavor, so ensure that the bowl is perfectly cleaned. Also, the product is easy to disassemble in case you want a thorough cleaning.

Value – 8.5/10

Overall, I love how this product performs and how it has been designed. However, its price tag can be a drawback to many people. But the enthusiasts will find it worthwhile to pop out over $350 to get the starter kit and over $600 to get the bundles. If you get the bundles you will have invested a lot because all the components are included in there.

Given its stellar performance and quality design, the FlowerPot is worth the price value of money. If you want to get to the heart of your partner, buy him/her this high-value twax vape product by New Vape.

Final Rating – 49.5/60 (81.7%)

All in all, the FlowerPot is a great product. It accommodates both concentrate and herb lovers, so it’s worth the rating of over 80%. It has an amazing performance with an easy to use design. Even the amateurs can enjoy the quality flavors imparted by this product.

Thanks to the e-nail controller that makes the vape virtually effortless to use. No need to worry about maintenance as the components are easy to clean up just to avoid residue build-up. However, the design may not be convenient to those accustomed to pocket-friendly vaporizers. Nonetheless, it’s a great product in its class.

One other drawback could be its price tag. Although it comes in bundles with all components included, popping out over $600 is not an easy commitment unless you are a real enthusiast. Given the plethora of dishes that the models accommodate, I wouldn’t hesitate to get it off the shelves. Thanks to the New Vape for this amazing product available in two variances. For multi-dishes, go for the VROD design and for inherent passion of flowers, go for the Showerhead design. Nonetheless, the both accommodate herbs and concentrates simultaneously. 

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