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First Time Vaping Side Effects

first time Vaping side effect

For those who are going to vape marijuana for the first time, the experience is unique to you. Frankly, you may really enjoy it, walk away from the experience undecided, or you may feel you didn’t even get high and convince yourself that you were vaping basil. That said, first time vaping side effects may impact your mind and body.

While you don’t have to be scared of your first time getting high, it is best that you know what to expect.

Vaping can get you high quite fast, within about a couple of minutes, and it is possible to get a bit high without noticing, especially if you expected something more of a ‘life-changing’ experience so try to ensure you’re in a safe and comfortable place before you start.

What Should You Expect to Feel The First Time?

When you vape cannabis for the first time these are some things you’ll experience:

  • an increase in heart rate
  • more hunger than usual
  • red (bloodshot) eyes
  • dry mouth
  • dizziness (especially when you stand up)
  • time passing more slowly or more quickly depending on what you’re doing. This will greatly depend on the strain you’re using and what your mood is at the time.

It is important to note that whatever mood you are in before your session will be enhanced once you start vaping.

  • You’ll have a euphoric and relaxed feeling. Unfortunately, you may also feel paranoia. The reason is that marijuana’s cannabinoids (like THC) bind to your brain’s receptors.

Some of these receptors control your processing of emotions including your stress and fear response, as well as what you regard as a danger. Introducing your system to THC disrupts this balance, which might result in overexcited neural pathways that could cause paranoia.

  • Lack of energy.  You’re likely to feel lazy not wanting to do much of anything.  That brings me to the hunger point.  If you don’t want to put on weight think ahead and make sure you have healthy food you can get your hands on easily, because you aren’t likely to feel like cooking.

Some first-time vapers of weed do so while drinking alcohol which complicates things further. This isn’t a good idea, because consuming alcohol while vaping can make it harder to know where the high begins and the effect of alcohol ends.

A few other tips

Here are a few last tips for the first time you vape to help your experience be as enjoyable as it can be. As you prepare for your ‘journey’ try to remember to:

Vape with friends you can rely on (being high when you’re alone isn’t as much fun and can be more conducive to paranoia – giving you more time to think and worry).

Have black pepper on hand (it can help bring your high down in case you don’t feel right). Just as THC binds to Cannabinoid receptors so does Beta-Caryophillene (BCP) which is a terpene found in black pepper. In fact they connect to the same receptors. BCP, however, has a calming counteractive effect.

Keep CBD oil close by as it can also help you bring down your high. CBD oil is a non-psychoactive which activates a different receptor that also dials down anxiety.

Remember to not make plans….for at least a two hours after vaping weed depending of course on the strain which I mentioned earlier.

Remember, knowing that Marijuana may different first time vaping side effects can help you ot get a better and more enjoyable experience because you know what to expect and can prepare accordingly.


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