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Firefly 2 – Shining brig

Firefly 2 – Shining brig

The Firefly 2 is the second vaporizer released by Firefly, making some significant improvements on the first model. With removable batteries, a powerful on-demand convection heater, and admirable aesthetics, the Firefly has plenty to offer. We’ll go over all the little quirks and features this vaporizer has, and if it’s worth the significant $329 price tag!

Performance 9/10

What the Firefly will lack in some categories, it completely makes it up with the vapor quality! Though there is a learning curve to mastering the draw technique and has a pretty restricted draw to start with, the buttery smooth hits are well worth the effort.

With the all-glass vapor path, each hit is cooled down significantly without impacting the flavor, leaving you with a mouthful of delicious vapor with each hit. The cloud production is solid, though not the biggest ever, partially due to the restricted airflow.

For those who absolutely love to taste the terpene profile and complex flavors from their strains, there are not many better vaporizers than the Firefly. With such rich and accurate flavors, the Firefly easily scores amongst the best of the best for vapor quality.

You’re given the ability to customize 6 presets to whichever temperature settings you like, as well as an extra one for concentrates at an impressive 500°F/260°C. This is really refreshing to see, as many dry herb vaporizers don’t get nearly hot enough to effectively use waxes and resins. The Firefly 2 doesn’t suffer from that symptom, and is a very good pairing with concentrates.

Quality 9/10

The construction of the Firefly is top notch!

It feels like a premium vaporizer when held in the hand, and you certainly get what you pay for in terms of construction. Each piece feels well machined and precisely crafted, with nothing left as an afterthought.

The only place the Firefly 2 loses out points on is in the quality of the battery. Many users have experienced problems with battery cells dying prematurely or malfunctioning, impacting performance or not working at all.

As the Firefly 2 has been out for quite a while now, we’re starting to see that it’s quite a reliable piece, with not too many people experiencing dead units.

Ease of use 5/10

As previously mentioned, the Firefly 2 certainly has a learning curve associated with it.

From the draw technique required to the method of packing each bowl, it’s certainly not a vaporizer you can pick up, pack and use within 30 seconds.

If handing it off to a friend for a quick toke, they’ll need some coaching to really nail the draw technique and get optimal results. Not ideal if you’re in a rush or don’t have the time to thoroughly explain things.

However, for those who prefer the ‘ritual’ of rolling some herb, the Firefly may actually be preferred. Sitting down, freshly grinding some herb and carefully packing a bowl before having a session is an experience in itself, and some may like that aspect.

Overall, the Firefly 2 isn’t the best beginner vaporizer, and is far from being one of the easiest to use.

Design – 8/10

Though it’s by far not the most convenient vaporizer to use, the aesthetic and experience of using it certainly makes up for the clunky user experience. It’s a very attractive unit with an admirable design philosophy behind it.

It doesn’t exactly fit well in the pockets and if left uncovered in a bag may leave the beautiful finish with some marks or scratches. It’s certainly portable, but not a pocket carry or one you’d throw into your bag at the last second.

Maintenance – 8/10

Surprisingly, the Firefly isn’t all too difficult to clean. With the top half sliding off quickly and exposing the majority of the glass vapor path, a simple alcohol wipe will get rid of any residue and build-up. A simple cotton swab soaked in some isopropyl alcohol will quickly clean off the bowl as well, leaving it squeaky clean in no time.

It is a good idea to be on top of maintenance though to ensure optimal performance of the device. If left un-cleaned, the draw resistance gets even tougher, making it practically unusable. It’s a quick task though, so it’s worth the little bit of effort!

Value – 7/10

Though I certainly love the performance and overall experience of the Firefly, the price tag is a bit steep for what it is. With that being said, it’s possible to find it for a fraction of the cost – even under $200 when on sale, which makes the unit a much more attractive purchase!

With the powerful on-demand, convection heater, it’s extremely conservative with the material you use, saving you some coins in the long run by providing you with stellar efficiency. There aren’t many more devices that get more out the material you use than the Firefly 2.

To add to that, you’re given a healthy plethora of accessories including a second battery, 3 concentrates pads, full cleaning kit and charging dock. Not to mention the stellar compatibility with concentrates, the Firefly 2 eliminates the need for a separate wax vaporizer, as you won’t have any problems getting great results with it.

Final rating: 48/60 – 77%

The Firefly 2 is a very niche type of vaporizer. The experience isn’t for everyone, and it has a few downsides to it, limiting its everyday practicality and portability.

If you’re looking for a ‘ritualistic’ type of experience and a big flavor chaser, than the Firefly 2 certainly delivers on that front. It’s a very unique device with none other like it, and generates terrific results!

I absolutely love the experience of it, though I certainly wish it had a more open draw, which was also less finicky with the way it’s packed.

The experience of the Firefly is like none other, and watching the bowl light up and physically watching the trichomes vanish before your eyes is a sight to behold. It’s a vaporizer you really focus on, slowly enjoying your session rather than just huffing away as quickly as possible!

If a Firefly 3 is set to come out, I’d love to see a more open draw which didn’t require any technique. The ability to use pre-filled pods would put it to the next level, at which point it’d certainly become one of my favorite dry herb vaporizers around.




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    seems way too pricey for something so tricky to use

    July 24, 2018

    I love mine! definitely recommend it

    July 26, 2018

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