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How to Dry Herb Vape Like A Pro

Dry herb vaporizers come in different sizes, shapes, and several internal options. Nonetheless, one thing that a majority of them have in common is how they work.

In this article, we will show you how to vape like a pro step-by-step. In this guide, we will also look at the basic mechanics of vapes.

How Do I Vaporize Weed?

Step 1: Choose Your Flower/Herb

To get started, select the flower that you will use.  Sativa is energizing and inspiring, and this makes it perfect for socializing, creativity, productivity or exercise. On the other hand, Indica is great for relaxation, whether you are using it to chill out in a bubble bath or just using it as a nightcap. There are also other hybrids that are available that provide distinct blends of Indica and Sativa strain properties.

Step 2: Crush Your Flowers

You will need a fine and even-sized grounded material for your vaporizer. Ensure that the grinder is spotlessly clean and dry before you start grinding. You don’t want moist buds, as this will significantly affect the vaporizer’s performance. Once you have selected your perfect herb, you will shred it with the use of a grinder. Crushing the herb ensures that the most surface area possible can be vaporized, and this results in the maximum use of the product and little or no waste at all in the end.

A majority of the grinders are usually multi-chambered, and they can gather the ground herb in the second chamber as it falls through the uniform holes from the top. These holes are there to ensure that only properly sized herb pieces pass through to the second chamber.

Step 3: Pack the Chamber

Before you load the fresh herb into the vaporizer, ensure that it is clean. After removing the cap, gently load the grounded material into the chamber of the vaporizer. You should not pack it tightly or fill the chamber since air is needed to flow freely through the channel. You can then, shut the chamber and returns its lid.

Step 4: Heat It Up

Turn it on, and heat up the vaporizer. The heating process is extremely fast, and it should be ready in less than 10 seconds. A majority of vaporizers come with temperature options or allows the users to set a specific temperature. Unlike pens, desktop vaporizers usually come with multiple options. Dry herb is best vaporized between the temperatures of 360- and 430-degrees Fahrenheit. In case you are vaping marijuana for the first time, you can start low, and then increase the temperature slowly. The recommended temperature to vape weed is around 395 degrees Fahrenheit. Any figure higher than 430 degrees Fahrenheit, you will be risking combustion, something that you are trying to avoid.

Step 5: Take a Puff

Put the vaporizer’s mouthpiece on your lips and draw in a deep breath for 3 to 4 seconds. Now, exhale quickly and thoroughly.  Wait a minute or two before you inhale again. If you are using the vaporizer for the first time, you should wait 8 to 10 minutes and take several deep breaths. Do you now feel anything? If not, take a second hit and repeat the process. Exaggerated breathes are not necessary, and they can quickly tire you out. You should try and breathe normally.

Step 6: Safe Storage

It is highly recommended that you invest in a tiny odor-proof case to store your vaporizer. Specially made vape storage cases come with elastic straps to keep everything organized.

Vape pens are perfect for traveling, since they are portable, discreet, easy to charge, and also easy to use. However, since dry herb vaporizers have loose buds, there are few precautions that you can take to keep your vaporizer mess-free while traveling:

  • Grind and pre-load your vape before you travel, so that you will not have to deal with any accidental spills of marijuana pieces in a public place. It is wasteful and also illegal.
  • Make sure your vaporizer is fully charged before you head out. Nonetheless, you should take your charger with you just in case.
  • Purchase a grinder card in case you will buying weed and grinding them while going out. It is cheap, easy to clean and also fits perfectly into your wallet like a business card.
  • Get a vape kit to keep everything organized and neat. The vape kits look like pencil cases or personal grooming cases.

Vaporizers are perfect for at-home use since they are very clean and leave no residue around that you will have to clean later. Dry herb vaporizers, particularly are excellent for at-home use since you will get efficient delivery of vaping plus the rich experience of using weed. You can get the most of your at-home vaping routine by using the steps below:

  1. Dry flower vaporizes usually have a little bit more aroma as compared to oil vaporizers (which are usually odorless), therefore do not try to vape in a room where someone may not like the smell. In case you have a private yard or patio, you can go there. Alternatively, you can just open the window.
  2. Using the vaporizer at home does not mean that you can leave it around the house all day. Pets and kids can get to it, so it is vital that you put everything in the case, and keep it away in a drawer or a cupboard.
  3. If you have some extra money, you can get a desktop vaporizer. Though it is not travel-friendly, it offers more output compared to other vaporizers.
  4. Although, you should not tightly pack the chamber to the extent that air cannot flow through it, the exact heaviness of the packaging will depend on your individual preference for vapor strength and the vaporizer. You can experiment with several packing intensities until you get the perfect one.
  5. Even if you have been vaping for years, it is recommended that you take your time between the puffs.
  6. To clean your mouthpiece, dab a q-tip with alcohol and then rub it over the mouthpiece. Do not use water and soap.


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