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Why You Should Dry Herb Vape In The Cold Weather

Why You Should Dry Herb Vape In The Cold Weather

Dry herb vaping in cold weather is the best way for you to decongest your throat. You might have got used to falling sick during this time of the year, however, you can now avoid all these problems by just dry herb vaping. If you do it right, you can get away from this sickness that comes with winter. You will need to set up your vaporizer with a herb that will make you feel comfortable during the cold winter months. Dry herb vaping does not mean that the air will be dry.


You will need to ensure that you use herbs that have a lot of essential oils. You should not vape it dry since it will make the air around you dry. And that is a problem since it will make it hard for you to breathe. Some of the herbs that have essential oils include thyme and rosemary.

During winter, it is a known practice that for one to enjoy a cigarette in a majority of locations, he/she must step outside. As a vaping fan, the same rules apply as you can still vape indoors while keeping yourself warm without having to step out as you would have if you were a smoker.

The worst feeling for a majority of smokers is having to go outside for a moment to take a puff, but for vaping enthusiasts, they do not have to do this. The anticipation of getting your coat, putting your shoes on, grabbing your scarf and hat to go outside for a smoke is a thing of the past.

When smoking in cold weather, smokers tend to rush or put out the cigarette earlier than normal. This leads to wastage. When it comes to vaping, this does not occur since you can save your herbs, and enjoy vaping till the concentrate is depleted. You have full control over how much you vape and how long you wish to vape.

Winter Vaping Tips

Living in a country where the temperature can significantly drop during the winter months means that you will run into some problems when you try vaping. Some of the top vaping destinations during winter include:

  • Tokyo
  • New York
  • London
  • Paris

The drastic drop in temperature can have a negative effect on your equipment and vaporizer. While they are flame and butane powered vaporizers on the market currently that are purposely designed for cold weather, the battery-powered portable vaporizers are the most popular among vapers.

With this in mind,

I will share with you a few tips that you can keep in mind when dry herb vaping during the cold winter months.

How Cold Weather Affects Your Vaporizer’s Batteries

During winter, your energy costs skyrocket. This will always happen, whether because you are using central heating more, or in case you switched lights earlier in the day because of the less sunlight or due to the increase of electronic devices’ use. Likewise, your vaporizer will react to the cold weather. When the temperatures drop below a particular point (approximately -20 degrees Celsius), a majority of batteries will stop working.

The energy levels of the batteries will tend to reduce in colder environments because of the chemical process which significantly slows down in cold weather.

This normally results in a combination of a slow down of performance and a decreased battery life. To prevent this, you can keep the vaporizer warmer inside your inner pockets. Additionally, in areas where the temperatures can drop down below freezing point, do not leave the vaporizer in the vehicle overnight to avoid the thawing out process.

Avoid Using Drip Tips/ Metal Mouthpieces

Standard mods and vaporizers can hold quite a huge amount of heat, and this is important to get the best from the device. The vaporizer takes a substantial amount of time to fall to the surrounding’s temperature, especially if it is cold. This can be a big problem in case the vaporizer has been equipped with a drip tip.

Normally, the drip tip is made from steel and is used as a mouthpiece on a lot of vapes and mods. This can catch a lot of users off guard since the vaporizer may be warm and nice when it is in your hand, and then when the drip tip is in contact with your mouth, your lips stick to the drip tip. This can be an issue for vaporizers in colder parts of the globe.

Skin tends to stick to the metal once its temperature drops below freezing point. When you consider the fact that the skin on the lips is particularly sensitive and vulnerable to this, this means that the experience will be extremely painful. During the cold, harsh winter period, you can switch to a non-metallic drip tip, ideally ceramic, plastic or wood!

Keep Your Vaporizer Away From Moisture

During the winter, it is easy for everything to get wet due to the condensation. Your vaping gear will be at risk from this particular threat. While traveling, it is very important for you to keep the device stored in a bag or case. Ensure that the vaporizer stays warm, and is well-covered so that it is protected from moisture. Excessive condensation can harm your vaporizer.


By following the tips above, you will have an enjoyable vaping experience during the cold weather.

In addition, it will help you in keeping your vaping gear and the herbs safe and improve your device’s functioning. Therefore, while you are preparing your wardrobe for winter, do not forget to make preparations for cold weather vaping.


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    Use of vape and dry herb in cold weather is a great question in the mind of people so from this post they would have got much information.

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