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Arizer Extreme Q – A Versatile & Remote Controlled Vaporizer

Arizer Extreme Q – A Versatile & Remote Controlled Vaporizer

Arizer Extrem Q is one of the most powerful vape products produced by Arizer. It comes with great improvements from its predecessors, and has since been the talk of the day among vape enthusiasts. What caught my attention is its versatility, usability, and affordability; the product imparts quality vapor from dry herbs. Let’s see more features of the Arizer Extreme Q to see if it’s worth your take. 


Performance is perhaps the single-most factor that could inspire your purchase.

Arizer Extreme Q has a stellar performance, from the preparation of herbs to the provision of vape. Every control is digitalized, so no guesswork of the temperature settings.

With its ceramic heating element and glass tubing, you are sure to get the best vapor experience you’d imagine. The product is metallic, and so it does not compromise the vapor quality like plastic components would.

Moreover, Arizer Extreme Q is versatile with its balloon and whipping system that make performance even more unparalleled by others in the same range. Vapor collection is made easy. Also worth noting is the fan speed selection from F1 to F3 ꟷ all changeable with the help of the remote. For a denser vapor, go for F1 which is the slowest. Of course, the higher speeds will make vapor production faster but will compromise the density of the vape.

Quality – 7.5/10

Extreme Q by Arizer

I have nothing against the quality of the Arizer Extreme Q except its susceptibility to break due to its fragile glass tubing components. Other than that, it has an impressive quality with its shiny metallic material and the ceramic heating element.


It seems well-built with no compromised materials. Also, its accessories are well-built. The digital display is also on point with no component appearing as an afterthought. I applaud Arizer for pulling its socks with this unit. Quality is top-notch, notwithstanding the glass tubing components.Extreme Q by ArizerExtreme Q Balloon







EASE OF USE – 8/10

Arizer Extreme Q is not really a beginner-friendly vape product; however, with guidance as in the user manual, you can decipher its operations and start enjoying its rich flavor. The unit comes with the remote and is controlled digitally. Your key to mastering it lies in the understanding of the digital settings.

Once you master the digital control, the vape collection should be easy. You can either attach the 3ft whipping tube or the balloon. What excites me is the balloon which can be filled with vapor to suck anywhere else. However, be prepared to bend your thumb as it does not have any valve system.

With the whipping system, you can suck individually or share with friends easily. This adds to the ease of use.

DESIGN – 8.5/10

 Extreme Q Accessories







You are forgiven if you once thought Arizer Extreme Q is a coffee blender. From a distance, it looks like a coffee maker, but nonetheless an attractive design with a metallic shine. It could be an ideal definition of a desktop vaporizer with a unique design.

Look at the Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, you may relate to the design of this vaporizer as though it is one of coffee makers at a distance.

This design is not really the best designer in the market, and it is also not the most portable. Thanks to the remote control which makes it easy to operate the unit from a distance. Also, thanks to the balloon option and a long whipping system which make it convenient to use the unit farther away.

The shiny aesthetics of Arizer Extreme Q can blend well with your kitchen gadgets and furniture; this, therefore, makes it so eye-catching to have this vaporizer.


Maintaining Arizer Extreme Q will ensure that you keep getting quality vapor from a clean unit with no residue built-up. It will also extend the durability of your product. However, Arizer EQ is, after all, not the easiest to maintain. Its glass components have to be constantly cleaned whereas they are too fragile to handle. Bear in mind that the 3 year warranty excludes any breakage on the glass component, which I find somehow unfair because these glass components can fall at any time.

You may use effective solution such as alcohol solution to clean the unit thoroughly. You can disassemble the unit and clean individual parts. Other accessories such as the balloon bag and the whipping tube can be replaced if they had worn out.

VALUE – 9.5/10

Is Arizer Vaporizer really worth it to cost around $200? Well, from its overall performance, quality materials, ease of use, and design, I must say it is one of the most affordable yet versatile vaporizer in the industry. It is worth the price of money. Note that portable vaporizers would even cost more than $300, but this big design does not.

How many vaporizer can you recall having a simplistic operation with the remote control and a user-friendly digital display like this one? The remote makes it worthwhile to use this unit. Set temperatures, fan speed, set sound, and many more functionalities. If you’re not in fond of using the remote, then you can control the unit at your fingertip by pressing the dials on the display.

Moreover, Arizer Extreme Q provides many options of drawing the vapor. Use the whipping system or the balloon at your convenience. On top of that, the unit comes with lots of accessories: remote control, glass stir tool, glass whip mouthpiece, flat and dome screens, glass potpourri with potpourri sample, glass cyclone bowls, all glass mini whip, 2 balloons and 2 mouthpieces, and the user manual. All the accessories justify the price value of money.

FINAL RATING – 48.5/60 (80.8%)

The overall rating amounts to 80.8%, which still reflects the best overall performance of Arizer Extreme Q. It is a great and versatile product you can give a try. Although it is a bit bulky, it gives you the freedom to vape anywhere with the balloon bag. The whip tube is also long enough to draw quality vape.

Looking at its digital controls, Arizer Extreme Q is a must-have affordable vaporizer. With the help of the remote you can enjoy maneuvering the settings from the fan speed to the temperature settings. This product is indeed an improvement from its predecessors.

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