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MV1 Vaporizer

MV1 Vaporizer

Avg. Rating 4.72/5 (3 reviews)
A space age vaporizer with futuristic performance, the Ghost MV1 has everything a connoisseur could dream of. The near instant, on-demand heat-up time and powerful convection heater coupled with an intricate cooling system leads to incredible performance that’ll rival even desktop units. With swappable pods, or crucibles, the MV1 can knock out session after session with ease, thanks to its beefy battery. Not to mention full temperature control with the Smartphone app, great compatibility with concentrates and admirable aesthetic, is there anything the MV1 can’t do?

If you’re looking for the cream of the crop with serious knock-out performance and ready to embrace the future, then look no further than the Ghost MV1


MV1 Vaporizer REVIEW (3)

Overall Rating
4.72 / 5
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  • 94%Positive reviews
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Most positive review

Reviewed 9 months ago by Mv1lover

I\’ve been using vaporizers for 5 years now. I tried the leading devices in the market, but this device is unique. Perfect construction quality, technologically advanced. And most importantly for me the quality of vaping (and clouds…), This is the next generation of vaporizers. Highly recommended!!!


Most Negative Review

Reviewed 9 months ago by vape_jim

I bought the MV1 as I was wanting a true convection vape after smoking for a long time. First impressions were impressive – everything from the packaging to the build of the device! It took me a little fiddling to get the perfect vapour but after checking out their YouTube channel I found out I was grinding too finely. Once I had got over the small learning curve I now get the best extraction I have encountered. Really packs a punch and off only around 0.1g and great tasty hits!



Next Generation Vaping

Whether you’re a vaping newcomer or looking for an enhanced flavor experience, the
GHOST MV1 represents the very latest design and technology in portable electronic
vaporizers for both herbs and extracts.

The space-age Ghost MV1 is one of the heaviest hitting vaporizers available.
With innovative technology across the board and interesting visual design, it’s a remarkable piece in itself.

GHOST MV1 Feature List

  • True convection on-demand heat technology reaches optimal temperature for your
    favourite herb or concentrate in just a few seconds to produce a discrete, yet potent vapor
    of exceptionally high quality with no stirring required
  • 6 heat settings with precise temperature control for herbs and concentrates. Includes 2
    ‘favorite; settings which can be controlled via the GHOST App to program your own
    MV1 Temperature range:
    284 – 428° F
  • High performance ceramic heat-exchanger and heatsink produce consistent temperatures
    and cool vapor of the highest quality every time
  • High grade alloy construction with a tactile outer case
  • Haptic vibration feedback lets the user know when the device is ready to use.
  • Manufactured to medical device standards for purity of vapor & flavour
  • High Capacity, rechargeable and removeable battery pack comes with an embedded power
    management chip to provide massive power safely and efficiently for increased sessions
    between charges.
  • Bluetooth smartphone app enabled for enhanced features including advanced temperature
    controls and ‘Lock my vape’ security.
  • 4 fantastic colour finishes provide a style to suit you.
  • Black Chrome / Satin Silver / Rose Gold / Nickel (Current finishes)

Selection of accessories to complement your MV1 include:

  • Fast Charger
  • Battery Pack
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Crucible Kit
  • Glass Stems
  • Crucible Dispenser

What’s in the box with the GHOST MV1

  • USB charge cable
    Accessories pack including:
  • 1x spare crucible with lid
  • 1x concentrate pad
  • 3 x picks
  • 3 x isopropyl alcohol wipes
  • 3 x cleaning buds
  • Quick Start Guide


2-year standard warranty (extended to 5 years when you register your MV1 within 90 days
of purchase).


Fast Charger
Charge your GHOST MV1 battery pack with the 12v/ 1.5Amp Fast Charger.
Enables rapid charging of the GHOST MV1. Battery pack not included.


This product currently ships with a US plug and will require an adapter for
connection to the appropriate wall socket in your country.

Battery Pack
High capacity removable battery pack provides massive power, safely and efficiently
thanks to its own dedicated circuit board.
7.2v /2600mAh battery pack for use with the GHOST MV1.

Cleaning Kit
GHOST MV1 cleaning kit contains:

  • 3 x picks
  • 3 x isopropyl alcohol wipes
  • 3 x cotton buds

Crucible Kit

GHOST MV1 Crucible Kit contains:

  • 3 x crucibles
  • 3 x crucible lids
  • 3 x concentrate pads

Glass Stems

Contains 3 x borosilicate replacement glass stems for use with Ghost MV1

Crucible Dispenser

Pre-load your crucibles and carry them with you on the go. This handy dispenser
comes with 5 easy-release storage compartments, allowing you to carry your
favorite herbs, keeping them fresh and ready for use in the MV1 whenever you wish.

Includes 5 ceramic crucibles and lids.

Additional Information

  • Warranty:

    2 years, 5 years with registration.

  • Display:


  • Heating Time:

    5 Seconds

  • Temperature control:

    Full (Smartphone app) + presets on device.

  • Temperature range:

    300-470°F. 149-243°C.

  • Charge Time:


  • Automatic Shut-off:


  • Dimensions:

    2.17 x 1.78 x 4.9 in. / 5.5 x 4.5 x 12.5 cm.

  • Chamber:

    Ceramic, glass, stainless steel.

  • Weight:

    230 grams.

  • Bluetooth:



  • How hard is cleaning the Ghost MV1?

    Most of the parts which are steel, glass, or ceramic can be submerged in isopropyl alcohol and gently shaken to remove any build-up and residue.

  • Is the MV1 good with concentrates?

    The MV1 is excellent with concentrates! Definitely one of the best dry herb/concentrates vaporizers around!

  • How does the MV1 compare to the Mighty?

    They both have quite a few differences; though have some similarities as well. You can’t go wrong with either as they’re both powerhouses that give you heavy hits.

  • Is the MV1 durable?

    While it quite hefty and made from premium materials, the finish on the MV1 should be treated with care, as it is susceptible to scratches.


Credit to: GHOST Vapes
Comments 4


    Hi GetVape! There is shipping outside the US??

    August 8, 2018

      Initially GHOST will be distributing from the USA, but will be shipping orders internationally.

      August 8, 2018

    Can I still use my MV1 without the app?

    August 10, 2018

      Yes, however you will not be able to adjust the 2 favorite settings or access the other features available from within the app.

      August 10, 2018
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