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Solo II

Solo II

Avg. Rating 4.39/5 (3 reviews)
30 Second Heat Up Borosilicate Vapor Path Precision Temperature Customization Settings LED Display Upgraded Battery

Solo II REVIEW (3)

Overall Rating
4.39 / 5
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  • 88%Positive reviews
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Most positive review

Reviewed 1 year ago by bob44

Loved the original Solo but this new version is better yet and worth the investment. First of all only seconds for heat to reach desired temperature, easier draw, more precise temperature settings, and can be used while charging. Can’t say I’ve tried all the vaporizers on the market but for home use it would be hard to beat Solo ll.


Most Negative Review

Reviewed 9 months ago by Marcus

This vape performs extremely well and has some great features. However, it doesn\’t quite qualify as a \”portable\” vape, in my opinion. If you are looking for a device that you can take on-the-go and whip out and take some hits off of throughout the day, you would probably do better with another vape. If you are looking for a great, quality vaporizer to use at home, look no further.


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MV1 Vaporizer
MV1 Vaporizer GHOST
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A space age vaporizer with futuristic performance, the Ghost MV1 has everything a connoisseur could dream of. The near instant, on-demand heat-up time and powerful convection heater coupled with an intricate cooling system leads to incredible performance that’ll rival even desktop units.

With swappable pods, or crucibles, the MV1 can knock out session after session with ease, thanks to its beefy battery. Not to mention full temperature control with the Smartphone app, great compatibility with concentrates and admirable aesthetic, is there anything the MV1 can’t do?

If you’re looking for the cream of the crop with serious knock-out performance and ready to embrace the future, then look no further than the Ghost MV1

Crafty Storz & Bickel
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The Crafty Vaporizer is built for pure convenience. Power it up, and within just a few seconds, you are vaping at the optimal default temperature of your choice; it is controlled via a free mobile app supported by both iPhone & Android. A consistent thick vapor is guaranteed every time because the device is heated using full hot air convection and conduction.

CFV Vaporizer
CFV Vaporizer Boundless
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A sidegrade from their existing models like the Boundless CFX, the CFV is a full convection vaporizer aimed to provide the best efficiency and flavor possible. With full, digital temperature control, pocket friendly size and power and interchangeable chamber rings, you get quite a bit of kit in a small package.

The chamber rings all offer a slightly different experience. Not only do they slightly effect the flavor, but also density of the hit. Due to the thermal properties of the quartz insert, you get a touch of conductive heating toward the latter part of a session as the ring heats up.

Not many vaporizers offer that touch of versatility, which is really nice when you want to switch things up or finely tailor your experience to your preference. Not to mention Boundless’ proven track record, the CFV is a great mid-price entry with terrific performance.

PAX 3 Vaporizer
PAX 3 Vaporizer Pax Labs, Inc.
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The Pax 3 is the newest dry herb vaporizer by Pax Labs. Improving over the Pax 2 with an improved heating system, more powerful battery, smaller size, and haptic feedback to let you know when the device has reached the desired temperature.

With smartphone app integration over Bluetooth, the Pax 3 offers you tons of control over your experience, allowing you to get the best vaporizing experience possible. The Pax 3 is also compatible with wax concentrates with the optional concentrates insert.

With an extremely good battery, 15 second heat up time and great vapor quality, the Pax crams a lot into a tiny package. If you’re looking for an ultraportable vaporizer that’s beginner and group friendly, then buy the Pax 3!